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New STYX gif

I wasn’t very happy with what I’d created for my styx layer. It was ok in composition and colour, and I’d liked the boat and the character, but the background had been way too flat and light, and the stalagmites weren’t brilliant. 257 more words


After a talk with Amelia I decided that I should have lights in the boxes with models in. A lot of my work is about the strong contrast of light and shadow, and the models speak best when they are lit dramatically. 78 more words



I wasn’t sure how these boxes were  going to turn out, but I’m fairly happy with how they look. I like the fact that they were 3D, then they were 2D, and now they’re almost 3D again. 216 more words


Free and Exclusive: When too many things happen in the one week (Lego Creator App and Poe's X-Wing Polybag)

Polybag Fever

So, last monday the word began to spread around the inter webs:Lego (TM) Starwars (TM) Poe’s X-Wing Fighter(TM), free but only if you buy this month’s K-Zone. 1,598 more words


Every Second Counts (Dance Video)

Last year I made a stop-motion dance video titled Every Second Counts. I wanted to incorporate my biggest passions – dancing and creating. Combining dance, music and video production, for the first time, was going to be a new challenging adventure for me!  59 more words

The Faces Of Reality - Evaluation

So this an overall review on my process went whether that is my stop motion,animations or the interactive book itself and how i would change it or improve it if i had more time. 1,012 more words

Spring into Spring

At breakfast I whipped together this little stopmotion animation for the first day of spring. I used Paper 53 on my iPhone and drew 3 trees, then made 4 separate illustrations of dots with the halo effect (watercolour brush). 107 more words