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Good morning!

I tried my hand at stop motion last night. My previous attempts ended in miserable failure. This one wasn’t so bad. Will definitely be trying this again soon! 26 more words

Godzilla 2014 Vs Burning Godzilla - Stop Motion Test Debate Preview

Not the best but I still had some fun with this one. Just a little preview I whipped up for the future debate of these two legendary kaiju. Please enjoy!


The timeless art of stop motion animation

Video styles dip in and out of fashion, just like anything else. But if there’s one thing we love that rarely feels outdated, it’s stop motion animation. 185 more words

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

This adaptation of Mr. Fox feels a little hipster in the world of CGI. There’s nothing slick and shiny about it. It’s a stop motion, loaded with texture, right down to the corduroy suits. 221 more words

'Analogue Loaders' by Raphael Vangelis

Stumbled across the work of London based Director Raphael Vangelis a few months back. His work ranges from charming and quirky to cool and sleek. He uses stop motion, 3D animation and live action, or a combination of these, and this little video shows off his skills and creative visual mind quite nicely (in my humble opinion). 186 more words


As in all the storytelling/animation projects I’ve done with Awesome Arts, there was the great pleasure in witnessing everyone:

  • recognizing the essential nuggets in their own stories (and the parts that weren’t as important), how to put them together more effectively, how to make them sing — both of the people who ended up recording came with a strong sense of story and seemed to relish the refining process…
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Darkness Light Darkness (1989)

A human body gradually reconstructs itself as its various component parts crowd themselves into a small room and eventually, after much experimentation, sort out which part goes where. 39 more words