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The Versus Games

A short stop motion animation we worked on for fun.


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For those of you familiar with 'A day in the life of Kylo Ren', you may be pleased to know that Darth Awesome and I have collaborated again on a new project... and that he now has his own blog too! Okay, it's not so much a project, more like a bit of fun on a rainy day, but I know one person who follows this blog who may recognise the trophy used in the video! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICLgHB4KS-w]

Pekochan is Here!

My pre-order of “Peko-Chan” from Amiami is here…

Peko-chan is the mascot character for Fujiya Co., Ltd. famous makers of Milky Candies. You can read more about her… 115 more words



According to Aristotle, I’m pretty sure that the objects of imitation are men in action.

here: imitation

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Stop motion

This week in ICT we created our own stop motion videos, as you can see above. For this particular short film we focused on the traditional use of Claymation to tell a narrative or story (Kearney & Schuck, 2005)however adapted this by using real world objects rather than clay. 131 more words

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

#Stopmotion #Thelastknightstemplar Short film #Puppetshow

So here we have a puppet show about a knights templar, actually the last one alive and then pope clement V. They are battling it out. 93 more words

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