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Learn How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

“25 Million”, yes that is the number of businesses that are there are on Instagram, and you are still wondering whether to promote your business on Instagram… 575 more words

Butterfly Handpainting

Here is a new quick makingof I did yesterday painting a butterfly in my palm. Enjoy the stopmotion part!
This was a painting propsed by Reinhard Ringwald -> when you also want me to paint something for you, write me a message or comment on this page :) 22 more words


Pop Cube

A PES inspired stop-motion animation.

December 15th (Project Review04; Stopmotion)

I feel the animation was lacking a backstory of the characters, but I think we were able to convey the message that the man had his great buddy next to him. 231 more words

Stage 2

December 11th- December 14th (Studio Practice19; Stopmotion)

This was the most stressful days to finish all the shooting on time and then start editing. At least we were in a hang of the shooting we finished on schedule. 194 more words

Studio Practice