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Light painting.

Hi all, another Sunday and I’m back with a new post. Last week I tried some long-exposure photography and did some light painting. I have always been a big fan of long exposure. 292 more words


"Life is what you make it."

Great stop-motion short on passion, purpose and our fleeting lives, from Zealous Creative.

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UPDATE: Cinemagraph Adjustments

Theses cinemagraphs have been adjusted from my original attempts. Adjustments include the following:

  • Saturation and brightness on the above clock cinemagraph
  • Adjustment on frames to fix the “jumping chicken” from my original example…
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Color Me Educated (Reflecting on Readings)

What follows are my takeaways from chapter 4 of Liz Blazer’s “Animated Storytelling” and chapter 4 of Jon Krasner’s “Motion Graphic Design.”

Click here for my thoughts on chapter 3 of each book. 209 more words

GIF: An Intro to Cinemagraphs!

All images shown in this post were created by me, using original video footage.

Cinemagraphs are GIF images created from video frames. Using a layer mask, one can isolate specific areas of the image to keep in motion. 137 more words

Storyboarding: Enriching an All-too-familiar Process (Reflecting on Readings)

Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/153966880981960799/
(Alice in Wonderland storyboards are the property of the Walt Disney Corporation. Image is used for learning purposes and to illustrate content discussed below.) 381 more words

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