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Dancing around

Well, have you ever stopped for a second, turned on the radio and started dancing to a song like you really did not care? I mean, honestly, it is one of the best feelings in the world. 167 more words

Daily Rambles

Chasing the Sun

I’ve always thought of myself as a night person.

My mind comes alive when the sun goes to bed and the stars are privy to my best conversations (Yes – I think talking out loud to the sky is one of the best forms of therapy). 1,125 more words

Stopping Bad Habits

To effectively stop a bad habit, first you must pray for help. To be a bad habit, the behavior has been a long series of bed decisions that have been agreed upon. 402 more words


Alexander Technique Myths Part Two -My Head Will Fall Off!

For the second of my Alexander Technique myths, I want you to imagine a lesson where I am working with a student on letting go of the oh-so-tense muscles in the back of their head and neck.  321 more words

Asking Questions

Starbucks to Stop Selling CDs

Starbucks, the coffee giant with over 21,000 retail stores throughout the world, will stop stocking and selling physical compact discs, Billboard has confirmed, with the CD clean-out due to start next month. 549 more words

Pop Culture

The 801 Beacon

I have finally reached my latest goal of 800 posts. With this post being post 801.

With every goal that I have set out for myself with this blog I have managed to accomplish them all.  1,810 more words

Aimless Heretic

Breaking the Shell of Introversion

When I was in second year college, I took a psychological test that caters introversion or extroversion. I got a score of exactly 1 point away from the perfect score to be an absolute introvert. 237 more words

Actual Existence