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Sa panahon ngayon, madami nang hindi naniniwala sa forever sa kadahilanang hindi nagtatagal ang relasyon nila. Yung ‘i love you’s, nagiging ‘okay’ nalang. Yung ‘ingat ka lagi’, nagiging ‘ge ingat’ nalang. 69 more words


My Mom Has Become Very Ill After Stopping Zyprexa

Her doctor and herself have ecided to stop taking zyprexa. She s been on it for about 2 years and was taken off it for a little while where her dose was decreased a little week by week, well this time he had her cut down in just a couple days. 65 more words

Stopping Seroquel

Hi, Does anyone know if you are on 200 mg of seroquel a day plus other meds if you stopped the seroquel, how long before its out of your system ? 7 more words

I should have stopped

This week I’ve had and still do have a stinking cold, enough to stay at home and miss a few days at work, but not enough to miss my Alexander Teacher Training; how wrong was I! 147 more words

Alexander Technique

My groundhog day

My 2nd February has probably lasted as long as Phil Connors, the synopsis IMDb > Groundhog Day (1993) > Synopsis recons Phil’s was around 10 years; i may be still be in my Groundhog Day loop how knows. 356 more words

Alexander Technique

Five Signs It's Time To Move On

Alternative titles: ‘On Letting Go’ or ‘How to know when you’re riding a dead horse’ 

This isn’t something I’ve talked about much, not even on Twitter, but I’ve recently stopped working on a novel I’ve spent just over a year writing. 592 more words