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Look Out World! She's Off the Leash

I use the term “leash” loosely as I have never tethered my children to anything. This is not to say that I have never considered it because EVERY parent has. 646 more words


Learn Sports: Hockey | Knowledge World

One kind of game was introduced like Hockey in the country of Persia, as far know two thousand years before Christ. After wards it was introduced France to Greece and Greece to Rome. 93 more words


Stopping For The Day?

For reasons I can t quite understand I can not concentrate today. I feel slightly ill and dissociated. I ve been fighting to keep my mind on… ANYTHING for most of the day and failing miserably. 39 more words


Hubby messed with me this morning….  I covered my eyes and told him to leave me alone.  I hadn’t even been awake 5 minutes and I was already having a full blown panic attack. 354 more words

Is This The Answer?

20th June

I can’t tell you how many times I have contemplated suicide. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat on the floor surrounded by packets of pills. 595 more words


12th of July 2015

Forced off the freeway
Warning lights all over
Service long overdue
Middle of nowhere
Ignition off
Smell of burnt oil
Engine ticking

Frantic traffic… 165 more words



Reprievement: n. temporarily delaying and/or stopping for duration criminal punishment(s)


Probably most important is a reprieve of the death penalty for someone. Judges usually grant reprieves and talented well paid lawyers also have a major role in getting reprieves for humans and corporations. 116 more words

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