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Stopping Prazosin

Wondering if anyone has stopped taking Prazosin? if so was it difficult? I stopped a couple nights ago, and have had the worst nights sleep since. 15 more words

Is this normal?  

Quitting smoking has been interesting…there are definitely some perks…hangovers don’t seem to hurt as much when I wake up being able to breath and the lingering smell of smoke is slowly starting to leave my belongings… 369 more words

Judgement Free Zone

H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

The Three Little Pigs

While I have I been working with second graders at B.F. Day Elementary I have come across a number of students within the class who speak a different language at apart from English, one spoke Somalian, another Dutch and another Spanish. 381 more words

So, what's stopping you from taking the rest you need?

“He said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.'” (Mark 2:27) Why is it that we typically use this verse to justify doing whatever we want on the Sabbath? 164 more words


This Parenting Thing: A Father's Love

Sometimes it appears my husband and I have different children. I first noticed it around a year ago. I was passing through the living room when I glanced over at fun-loving daddy with his offspring playing silly games on the couch. 661 more words


Fixing Water Damage in Atlanta: Stopping Mold Hiding in the Shadows

An Atlanta, GA water damage repair crew will have the extensive resources to eliminate the contamination. The work involves determining the overall scope of the mold deposits and being able to isolate the affected areas from the rest of the house. 86 more words

The Cost of Stopping Evil

Chapter One

The sun was slipping away below the horizon of Khanduras and casting an eerie crimson light through the trees. Deep red leaves twisted around, holding on to their branches as if fighting for survival as a light breeze threatened to send them tumbling to the ground. 5,483 more words