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Stopping Suicidal Actions While Dissociated?

I disappeared for a while, but now I m back, apparently. I m struggling with losing track of time still, something that hasn t really changed over the years. 77 more words

Tw Stopping My Emotions

Trigger warning, this is the first post I ve talked about my assault, I feel like I need to. I have been seemingly doing really well lately on the outside but I know that doesn t bode well for whatever s going on in my subconscious, for one thing my nightmares have been coming back. 46 more words

Taxi, Taxi.....TAXI!!!!

It’s raining, it’s late afternoon and you are trying to find a taxi. Finally, you can’t believe your luck, a taxi with a green light.  He stops and opens the window. 739 more words

Drop Off

10 Show Stopping Walk-In Showers | Apartment Therapy

If you're looking for a spot at home to add a touch of luxury, the master bathroom is it. The feel-good effects of a beautiful bathroom stay with you all day–from the moment you get ready in the morning until just before you hit the sheets for the night. 36 more words

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on your toes

Never stop anyone in his tracks who’s stepping on your toes.


"Stop" in the brain

A lot of the neuroscience focuses on “what happens in the brain when/before/after subject does/thinks/feels x“. A lot, but not all. So what happens in the brain when subject is specifically told to NOT do/think/feel… 218 more words


stopping and welcome


and all it was

the  setting

and knowning

and said of the front

and catch of the  final

and those of the point

and heard it said… 47 more words