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life; part 4

An ode  to the postmodernist inside my skull, a note, a digression, impressed, pressed, seared into my imagination: When you’re in pain, you suffer alone.


feeling low. the antibiotics i am taking are rough.

can certainly feel my age in moments like this. the wound has already healed, most of the pain has gone. 17 more words


in the moment of acute— anything, there is  a clarity that is lost, almost, forgiven in it’s wake.

when you have a heart attack, it’s clear you need to walk more, eat less red meat, cut out salt. 87 more words


Tip of the day 20

Tip of the day 20 – Know when to stop.

If you are not sure if your project needs anything else adding to it the best thing to do is to leave it alone. 75 more words

Prayer 151: Nowhere to Go

Dear God

For about half an hour yesterday, I sat beside the lake at work in glorious sunshine and watched a heron. Lots of people walked by me, but nobody stopped. 60 more words


Ex-Smokers without the Anti

"Smoking is now Stoppable . We found a cure for it, we just stop and the healing begins. " No hard facts needed to prove that one, we can regenerate ourselves, cells, on a molecular level.  1,213 more words