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my daughter visited. i think i managed to see her for the adult she has become, and let go (a little bit) of the 5 year-old girl i constructed of her in my mind. 52 more words


What is Stopping You?

The meeting concluded.

Papers and seats moved and the rustling and sliding began.

Then came the questions.

“When can you schedule another meeting?”

“How about you get us back together again at the 6, 12, and 18 month mark?”

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Random Thoughts

Heart-Stopping Battle Between Man And Fish - GawkUpon

When you hear fish, the first thing that comes to mind is food but when you see this heart-stopping battle between man and fish, everything will change.

Thinking about 'Dose' and SLP Practice: Part III

Continuing my discussion about the concept of ‘dose’ as applied to speech therapy, I finally get to the heart of the matter which is the issue of the optimal ‘dose’ of speech therapy to achieve the desired outcome which in our context is generalization of a phonology goal to untreated words. 1,508 more words

Q is for Quitting

Celebrating the A to Z Blogging Challenge with quotations on the writing life.

Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul.

General Douglas MacArthur

There is a big difference between quitting something you dislike (piano lessons) and quitting something you truly love (writing). 113 more words

An Encouraging Word

How to kill installed windows service which is stuck at starting state

One day I have installed the windows service using developer command line tool. Service is installed successfully. After that I tried to start the service from command prompt, suddenly it got stuck at starting. 117 more words

SharePoint 2013

TCPKILL | Scripting mode - batch mode

TKILL_ID_SEM="/tmp/tcpkill.$(date +%s).$RANDOM"
test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM 

tcpkill -9 host $DEAD_HOST > $TKILL_ID_SEM 2>/dev/null &



while [ $CNT -lt $CNTLIMIT ]; do

#    echo $TKILL_ID_SEM

    sleep 1

    test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && kill -9 $KILL_PID && exit 

    CNT = $[ $CNT + 1 ]

#    echo $CNT

kill -9 $KILL_PID