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Is Your Attitude Stopping Your Success? - Elizabeth Oliva

In network marketing, the biggest adjustment we sometimes have to make is in our attitude to achieve the success we desire.

What's Stopping You? - Elizabeth Oliva

What’s stopping you from success?  Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?  Here are some tips to keep you going in the right direction to what you desire…

Just passing through

I passed through the station today, as I am now obliged to do on a daily basis. It is usually a mindless trip: walk in, check the boards for delays and platform info, over the concourse, over the bridge and onto the platform. 60 more words


Time and Again

While you are running fast to catch whatever it is, I would like to remind you something. The earth still revolves around the sun, 24 hours still make a day and 60 seconds still equals one minute. 391 more words


Special Note About MOC Weekly Recaps

Hey guys, so I wanted to share a special note about the weekly recaps for wrestling shows, primarily WWE Raw.

MOC has been doing the WWE Raw recaps for a few years now and have come to a decision to stop the weekly recaps for now. 201 more words

Wrestling News And Events


Next time you get an email, a phone call, a question, choose to stop before responding. In a world where you can be reached nearly instantaneously, realizing that you have the option to pause can be mind blowing and freeing. 270 more words


Screeching to a Halt

I’ve started hacking this schoolmaster who’s done no hacking for the last three years, but in an attempt to get him competition fit I’ve been roped in to do some hacking and canter work. 478 more words

Horse Riding