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It’s no secret that government and religious organizations have urged people to prepare for future times of need by storing extra food and water. When you consider the recent downturn in our global economy, news of natural disasters around the world including extreme drought conditions, and the transportation vulnerabilities to which we are all subject, it’s easy to understand why we should follow this sound advice. 290 more words

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Feasting on Food Storage: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Title: Feasting on Food Storage: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Cooking
Author: Jane P. Merrill and Karen M. Sunderland
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1289-0… 402 more words

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Dependency vs. Preparation

This video is a commentary defending “preppers” (those prepared emergencies):

This point about emergency preparedness is well made.  However, it’s the opinion of this blogger that this opinion comes across as a bit too harsh and insensitive about the general situation of those people on the US East Coast and the Caribbean, who have been left unprepared during this “storm of the century.”  A few of those people were prepared for a long-term emergency situation.   223 more words

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Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

Inspired by the delight of the South, quick-and-easy buttermilk biscuits are guaranteed to impress! Serve these delicious, flaky biscuits for your next breakfast menu or dinner side dish. 11 more words

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Tennesee Cornbread Muffins!

Our warm, homestyle Tennessee Cornbread Muffins are SO GOOD they’re fit for ‘the King’. So experience a little Graceland and enjoy these scrumptious muffins for breakfast, afternoon or the perfect snack before you “shake, rattle and roll”. 9 more words

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Bare Cupboards at Food Banks

What happens when the Food Bank Shelves are bare? Read this By Steve Shenk, food security expert

One of the most iconic images from the Great Depression are those of down-and-out men, women, and children standing and waiting patiently in breadlines for a meager meal that was meant to provide just enough to get them through to the next day. 705 more words

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You Won't Go Wrong To Send Cookies As Birthday Gifts To Someone You Love

Your Mom’s cookies will always be the best for you. Or so you thought until you had your first taste of your wife’s chocolate chip cookies. 631 more words

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