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Windows Server 2016

Lots of good stuff. This video about Storage Replica from the guy who heads the Storage team up, Ned Pyle, is definitely worth watching. Informative and funny. 9 more words


This Week in the Shop: Stackable Storage Boxes #Woodworking Project

This week, I built a 8 box set of stackable makerspace boxes.  This design can be accomplished using three power tools (router, miter saw and jigsaw) and the design can be adjusted to fit your space and needs. 479 more words


3 Key Areas of Concern for School Meals

Some things in school foodservice are constant – like the enduring popularity of pizza. But some things change with time and as our knowledge about nutrition increases, such as the importance of allergy awareness. 174 more words

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The Smart Path to More Storage Space for Healthcare Foodservice

Healthcare foodservice has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the 2015 healthcare census, 45% of the hospitals surveyed specified offering some sort of on-demand room service to patients. 200 more words

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Incorrectly Reported Separated Network Partitions in VSAN Cluster

I’ve been playing around with VSAN, automating the build of a 3 node Management cluster using ESXi 6.0 Update 1. I came across and issue where I moved one of my hosts to another cluster and then back into the VSAN cluster, and when it came back it showed as a separate network partition, and had a separate VSAN datastore. 497 more words


Tap Into Your Storage Solutions Team

Even with the right staff helping to minimize chaos in the kitchen, it’s important to have a solid basis of food safety systems and processes tailored and designed to provide you the results you need to successfully run your operation from receiving to sanitation. 427 more words

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