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Famous Flies - Petiver

Yes. That is the title and this is a blog telling you about some of them. I was tasked with the job of hunting through the thousands of drawers, the hundreds of jars and the millions of slides to find the most famous or most infamous of specimens within the Collection at the Natural History Museum London. 807 more words


You Don't Have to Accept Your Current Levels of Food Waste

What if we told you that you don’t have to accept your current levels of food waste?

We’re not talking about minor improvements but substantial, business-impacting results. 216 more words

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Top Ten Most Read Blogs of 2016

2016 was a busy year for the NatSCA blog, we published 27 blogs from a super range of authors on an exciting variety of topics. When looking at the analytics of the blog to see what’s popular, it became apparent that people don’t just read what’s current in terms of publication date, they read what’s relevant to them at the time. 278 more words

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Elevating Temperatures with New High Heat X-Pans

We are excited to announce the introduction of our new X-Pan™ Series, the second generation of High Heat Food Pan technology.

While the overall application remains the same as the previous H-Pan™ Series, new material improvement, aesthetics and functionality will further facilitate ease of use for foodservice operators looking to safely and effectively, cook, hot/hold, steam and bake food products using one single food pan throughout various applications. 206 more words

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💫 How To Clean Out & Reuse Candle Holders 💫

As Christmas is less than a week away I thought I would share, what I hope, is a useful tip. Which is – how to remove the pesky leftover wax and wick from burnt out candles – so that the jars can be reused and turned into something new. 381 more words


How to Store Taxidermy

We all know that discussing issues with other museum professionals within Subject Specialist Networks is an efficient way of disseminating information within the sector, but the following article provides a perspective from a generalist commercial storage company; a voice we don’t usually hear from. 541 more words


Cold Case Curation

Museums have many curious objects behind closed doors. Recently, volunteers discovered some ‘cold ones’ at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust.

Behind Closed Doors… 723 more words

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