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Incorrectly Reported Separated Network Partitions in VSAN Cluster

I’ve been playing around with VSAN, automating the build of a 3 node Management cluster using ESXi 6.0 Update 1. I came across and issue where I moved one of my hosts to another cluster and then back into the VSAN cluster, and when it came back it showed as a separate network partition, and had a separate VSAN datastore. 497 more words


Tap Into Your Storage Solutions Team

Even with the right staff helping to minimize chaos in the kitchen, it’s important to have a solid basis of food safety systems and processes tailored and designed to provide you the results you need to successfully run your operation from receiving to sanitation. 427 more words

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Building a RackHD home lab

RackHD driver for Docker-machine allows a user to provision a Docker instance on bare-metal hardware managed by RackHD. This brings many of the advantages and flexibility of cloud-based infrastructure into your own data center. 705 more words


The Pan Every Foodservice Operator Should Own

Food safety is among the highest priorities for any restaurateur or foodservice professional. Storing, preparing or washing fresh produce improperly can leave residual pesticides, herbicides, microorganisms or other contaminants on the food and ultimately these can be consumed by your guests if not handled properly. 325 more words

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New Home Reveal: The Simple & Spacious Kitchen

The vibe: Open and orderly, simple and spacious. The cleaner and more organized my kitchen is, the happier I am.

The style: A mix of traditional and minimalist.  764 more words

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3 Tips to Work the Bugs out of Your Dry Food Storage System

Ah, summer. Long, sunny days, balmy evenings, lingering sunsets…and BUGS! Lots of ‘em! Air curtains, bait, traps and professional pest control are powerful and essential tools for protecting food service operations from annoying and often disease-carrying pests. 338 more words

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