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Why Am I Here

I want to explain why I have started this blog.  I have a few friends who have told me many times I should have a blog.  248 more words

Blogging 101

Painting on Plastic

Hey all you Crafty folks,


In my craft room I’m always looking for new storage ideas that aren’t going to mean I have to go out and buy special boxes and what-not. 299 more words

How To

Easy Design Solutions We Love...

By definition, Interior design is “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building”. That definition hardly encapsulates the creativity and imagination that goes into designing a room. 207 more words


Ok Dad, here's your post about bike lockers

Since moving to the boat, my bikes have not been stored in a manner befitting their status in my life. My Bike Friday Tikit has been a little better off, folded carefully each evening and stowed in the cockpit under the waterproof travel bag–thank goodness I bought that thing, even if it’s never been used to actually hold the bike. 279 more words


A New Storage Shed Can Solve Your Storage Space Challenges

The lack of storage space is among the most common issues that homeowners struggle with. You may have downsized when you moved into your existing home, and you may find that you have more things than you have space available to store them. 559 more words

Out Doors

The Disappearing Desk

I knew when I embarked on this watery lifestyle in a 47ft x 7ft metal tube, I would have to make the odd sacrifice. (That’s doing without something, not slaughtering a child in a white frock on an altar at midnight.) 836 more words


Suprisingly Easy Necklace Storage

Tackling necklace storage can be tricky. Saving space, time and money is key, and I managed to find a great solution.

Smaller, delicate necklaces like this… 106 more words