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TIP TIME! Scarf caddy holds circular needles

This 28-circle scarf caddy on a wall in the upstairs all-purpose room is from IKEA – same place I found the magazine boxes that hold most of my yarns, sorted by color. 169 more words

Media shelf

Using an Oak kitchen worktop this media shelf was transformed. Oak and Beech worktops used in kitchens make for stylish shelves and benches this shelf once finished in oil will match the Oak floor.   

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Sole Searching - A Shoe Storage Solution

After a lot of ‘sole searching’ (the kind of searching you do when you can’t find the pair of shoes you really want to wear, that is), I finally came up with a shoe storage solution that works for me. 898 more words


The Studio / Guest Cottage

Are you just tuning in now? Scroll down to the Welcome post and read up – the rooms will be in sequence and the individual descriptions will make more sense! 263 more words

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Behind Closed Doors: Easy Dishwasher Tab Dispenser

I absolutely hate some of the packaging that’s out there for dishwasher tablets; it’s hard to get those pucks out when they’re in a ‘clamshell’ and trying to dig them out from under the sink can be a challenge in itself – even when they come in a resealable bag! 626 more words


How To Get Rid Of Storage Space Problem?

It normally happens that many business houses face a shortage of space to store their products. But, this problem can be effectively resolved by availing a suitable storage system. 288 more words

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Ikea Stenstorp Kitchen Cart Hack

We ran into a problem with our kitchen design when we couldn’t fit two pantries along the fridge wall due to traffic flow issues. Our renovator changed the plan on us and left us with an awkward blank spot to fill at the entry to our kitchen. 1,620 more words