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Project Life Storage

Hello Everyone!!!!

Are you like me and have purchased quite a few Project Life kits? If so, this post is for you! In today’s post I will be sharing with you all how I store my Project Life Kits in two storage boxes. 96 more words

Project Life

Building Ends

One of the beauties of a Multi Shelter is the flexibility of the ends. By building the ends according to your needs your new building can and will truly prove useful. 223 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

Storage solutions

Hi there everyone. Storage solutions have been tried, tested and built for a number of years and are very helpful. We collect a lot of stuff as time goes by and have to find places to put objects like magazines, without getting to much in our way. 143 more words

Interior Design

Hang it up!

Your garage is probably where the things you don’t use everyday go to collect dust.  The reality is you can’t just get rid of those items, but it doesn’t mean it has to take of all the space in your garage. 91 more words


Thrifty Chic DIY: Project Dream Closet

Remember when Mr. Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw and instead of an engagement ring, she told him, “Just get me a really big closet”? My favorite movie moment, second to when she actually gets to see the closet that Mr. 691 more words

DIY Make Up Storage Solution

If like me you often find yourself digging around in box or bag or drawer for you make up this little invention I slapped together might just be a solution for you. 875 more words


This Week in the Shop: Stackable Storage Boxes #Woodworking Project

This week, I built a 8 box set of stackable makerspace boxes.  This design can be accomplished using three power tools (router, miter saw and jigsaw) and the design can be adjusted to fit your space and needs. 479 more words