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It's Time To Sell

After talking about the full-time RV lifestyle for a few years now and actually acting on it for over a year, the time has finally arrived to put our home on the market.  370 more words

Long Term And Short Term Storage

Busy shifting from the current apartment, or thinking about the renovation of the whole house. In both instances the furniture and items present in one’s house has to be removed. 330 more words


Temporary Interstate Storage Solutions

Cartons needed for packing items and storing them should be procured after careful consideration. Storage boxes or containers are of different sizes and if suitable boxes aren’t chosen then it can damage the articles during movement and/or storage. 291 more words


Storage Space For Rent In Adelaide

Moving things from one place to a new location can seem to be a difficult task because one has to take care of a lot of nitty gritties during movement. 324 more words


The Adventures of Graduate Life: Moving In

The Problem: Not enough storage space for all my things.

The Solution: At least a week of clearing out rubbish I haven’t needed over the last four years from my cupboards and replacing them with things I actually need. 650 more words

3 Basic Steps To Free Up Storage Space On Windows 10 PC

Memory space management might be a big issue for many Windows user(s) because of the number of photos, videos, songs and other files that we keep on our computers. 325 more words

Storage for this Minimalist

Frank Lloyd Wright supposedly said that if a person needed a basement they had too much stuff. We’ve gone far beyond the need of basements for storage we now have an entire industry just to hold the things we can’t part with. 701 more words