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Five things you should never keep in your storage unit

This is a guest blog post from Price Self Storage.

Whether you’re relocating, downsizing, or just need a place to hold onto a few of your things, a personal storage unit often serves as the best option. 778 more words

Spring Cleaning? Organize your Home and Storage Unit

Clutter just seems to appear during the year. No matter what you try, as winter ends, suddenly it seems like a tornado came through your home. 516 more words

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Destruction Day

I had the best day yesterday! I destroyed all the furniture in my house!! Hahahaha. To be fair, most of the furniture has lasted me a good 8 years so it has definitely had It’s money worth. 305 more words

5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Storage Unit

Once you’ve decided to purchase a storage unit, it’s time to find one that’s right for you. Choosing a storage unit that’s right for you is important for keeping your belongings safe, in the right condition, and available when you need them. 518 more words

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Cleaning Out Storage Units in 5 Manageable Steps

Even long-term storage isn’t meant to be forever. Eventually, you’ll need to clean out your storage unit. These steps will help you streamline the process. 982 more words


Summer is coming...please clean out your closets!

I swear when the days get longer, so do kids legs. I don’t know if there is some statistic, but I would love for those of you who may know this to give me the details, because all of our kids from all of our families in all of the shelters seem to grow like weeds starting in April all the way through August. 245 more words

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