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Antonio Showing The New Fall 2010 Collection

We are all in the factory today, working with Antonio as he takes us through the new Fall 2010 collection. You’ll notice a camera in here with us – we’ll work out the highlights and probably upload some of them in a few weeks.  It’s really impressive!


Ask Antonio: Fabrics From Soktas

One of our readers posted a comment recently, which asks:

“Have you every tried fabric from Soktas (a Turkish mill)? They have the best fabric + designs I’ve seen in a long time. 207 more words


MR Magazine, The Luxe Generation Issue: Antonio Valente

We are very pleased that MR Magazine noted Antonio on page 12 of their most recent issue.  As we’ve said before, their coverage of the menswear business is second-to-none, and we certainly appreciate that they’re taking notice of our quality and garments. 76 more words


Antonio Valente Spring 2010 Look Book

We are very excited to begin the new Spring fashion season.

Currently, we are in the midst of manufacturing our Spring collection in Toronto. Check out our… 13 more words


The Retail Experience: What Does it Take to Satisfy Consumers?

In my opinion, quality service is built on a strong foundation of product knowledge, good timing and most importantly, rapport. If a sales person does her homework and knows her merchandise inside and out, she will be able to confidently discuss inventory and make appealing recommendations. 460 more words


News Blast: CIT's CFO Follows CEO In Retiring

Reuters is reporting today that CIT’s CFO, Joseph Leone, will follow CEO Jeffrey Peek in leaving the company. The article also reports the CFO’s salary rate has doubled for the balance of his exit (to $1.3 million / year), and that the company will return to a focus of providing loans to small and medium-sized businesses. 71 more words


Chambray (End-On-End) Fabric: Defined and Explained

Chambray (otherwise known as an end-on-end) originated in Cambrai, Northern France, where the fabric was first designed and used to create sunbonnets. The warp thread is of one color and the weft thread (running selvage to selvage) is always white. 20 more words