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Around the Store

Just thought we’d share a couple of pictures from the store to help you start your day with a smile.  And of course, pets are welcome any time.


I pulled a muscle

In the jewelry industry, if you are good, and a successful jeweler, you sell not only jewelry, you sell romance. You sell emotions, a story and if you’re really good, you get a client for a lifetime of special celebrations- anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, the just because gift and the oh shit I screwed up so bad I need jewelry gift. 402 more words

AfroMadu Online Store!

Hello AfroMadu readers! We officially have merchandise at your disposal for purchase! Help us, help the community. Our proceeds not only continues to build our great company, but it also allows us to fund our community service projects and events we serve for the public. 9 more words


Funny Picture of the Week

Saw this sign in my local DIY stockist.  Nice to see some shopkeepers still have a sense of humour…


place and store

only and the bubbles

and how it leaps

and those of the carrying

and  how it looked

and those of the catch

and  how it walked… 48 more words