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Flower Shop: Sketch to Final

Here’s the first illustration I completed using my new Wacom Cintq Companion. I’ve never experienced such a seamless transition from sketch to final. This tablet has really changed my whole process. 70 more words


Graffiti and Posters

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I have been looking through my archived photos of New York City street scenes. Most of them qualify for membership in my graffiti series.   196 more words

Personal Stories

7 Ways To Get Your Social Media Audience In A Physical Store

Most often people use social media to funnel traffic to their website, but that isn’t the only option you have.  Your storefront itself, is another viable option, and even though it could go against what you’ve been taught, physically seeing the people that make your company run could do your business some good.  614 more words

Multi Listing System

To sell more you have to make the navigation process more interesting for the visitors. Our multi listing system helps you list your products and services in many different ways for different customers. Find out more on this.


Fully Optimized Site

Our storefront system helps you create a fully optimized site which works just like other SEO optimized sites, so that you can get free traffic on your site from Google. 11 more words


Effective Selling Tools

Sell more using videos for all the products you offer on your site using our unique storefront system. Now the visitors can learn more about your products or services watching the videos and it is a great way to increase sales.