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Wait Till the Cows Come Home

What a treat it was that the cows came in to be milked, while my sister and I were having lunch at the farm in Yorkshire. 223 more words


The Flying Duchess

So, for a few weeks now I have been attending creative writing evening classes and each week we get set homework. Either we are given a topic or a title and told to write a short story around that incorporating what we discussed in class.

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β€œHe fashioned his loom

Out of earth and sky:

He plied the sun and moon simultaneously

As his twin shuttles.” ~ Kabir

Three years ago, David Ambrose, Artistic Director of Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival and I began a quest to develop a Wales – India storytelling collaboration to be presented at our festival next year.

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I've been reading the wrong books

Actually I haven’t read a book for a month: I’ve been binge watching The Good Wife and like some of the writers in the New Yorker I’m a bit gob smacked (although they wouldn’t put it that way). 304 more words


Blank Mastermind: Book Trailer Script

Well, something a little different for Thursday this time. There was this fun project thing going around on the OYAN forum of writing out little movie-trailer things for your books. 828 more words


Tuesday's Tale, 10/10/17.

Alright, I’m here, five minutes on the clock and away we go.

There were no more survivors left in the tunnel; not even at the last stop. 136 more words



Here’s some lyrics to a song I wrote for a story where a rock star falls in love with a Mormon and is inevitably dumped by her because his standards aren’t the same as hers. 234 more words