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This incident happened a while back when I had the three dogs, Madam, TJ and Little Monkey.

The old dogs, especially TJ, were only able to manage short walks, and I often took them on their own slow walk then returned and took LM out on a faster long walk. 429 more words


Around the campfire

the campfire
we share our truths
held strong,
as Agni dances
to the tunes
of our rights
and our wrongs,
our loves,
our fears, … 14 more words


A not so relaxed Friday afternoon

Friday afternoons at work are supposed to be quite relaxing. It’s almost the weekend, there’s no point in starting any big projects and most of work of the week is usually done. 660 more words


Zanya's Decent by Dawn

(not my image, not sure who did this but great picture).

Filled with despair, Zanya walked to the edge of the rocky cliff.  She stood there, looking down at the dark water, the light of the full moon reflecting off it.  219 more words

Flash Fiction

How she killed a bumble-bee (fiction)*

It was the morning of the next day, the day she was going to meet him. She woke up unusually early, made coffee and went into the garden. 1,490 more words


Offensive Alien Life Forms

Last night, I was contemplating writing a satirical piece about the Tories or specifically the latest wristband fiasco. Are the Tories an experiment that has gone disastrously wrong, put here by an alien race that are now ready to cut off the oxygen supply to the defected clones they believed could provide a new directive for humanity. 404 more words


Richly Storied Places

Indigenous people give value and preference to story. Stories arise from place; it is often said they come from the land, but it is more accurate to say they arise from places, which might include the water. 1,096 more words