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A Minute to Last

Royalty, Ruins and Reminiscence
amidst haunted horrors which are now Effervescence.

The howl of the animal from the bushes
lead to a foul fart from his tushies. 216 more words


Wu Mei – Chapter 9

Temporary Reprieve

When Wu Mei arrived at the office next morning she found Grant sitting in her office waiting.

“May, we could have a solution for you. 1,658 more words


Dog in Backyard

Alright, I know that this isn’t interesting to anyone (but me) but I have to tell you about the 3-legged dog on Monday morning.

On Monday, @ 09:00 am, as our yard man, Mr Roebuck, was leaving, he phoned back into the house to tell us that he’d see a “large white dog, limping on 3 legs, who crawled back under my little “hobby greenhouse,” in the back of my property. 370 more words

Rough and Tumble

Last night I was at a dinner, and the (French) woman next to me asked me, “Vous allez regarder le match avec nous après?”

I was puzzled. 84 more words


A little story. 

​My story is not unique, then why would you be interested in reading it. I won’t tell you this, because then what difference would it make in your life, in my life. 500 more words


Pedaled Memories

a found penny
from 1868
in the penny jar

There is no escape from the mist and aroma of the familiar. The clamor of our pots ring the same tune. 314 more words


Walk on the Wild Side

Delicate lilac hues.

Shining in the evening sun.

Glittering like diamonds.

Tiny little wild things.

Are you supposed to be here?

Along with the Cape Daisies that I found in my garden recently, ( 67 more words