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"Interview with Aernelous"



“How are you doing today?”

“Fine, thank you. You?”

“Fine. Fine. Shall we get started with the questions?”

“Fire away.”

“Who are you to the writer Miss Fres Wicker?” 1,134 more words


The Everyday Sacred

I once had a vision in which I saw that much of life’s arc is fated. In the vision, a spirit pointed this out to me, then advised me that the one thing I had some control over was my response to what happened. 934 more words


Three Little Clays

I dug up this old short story thing I wrote five years ago (eep!) and decided to share it with you. It also is mightily pompous, because that’s how I wrote back then, and also because I was deliberately channeling it for the style of the story. 1,445 more words



In celebration of a long life, well lived.

Today we remember your cheerful nature, generous spirit and indomitable character.

May your loved ones gone before, welcome you with open arms. 25 more words


Sunset Fly-by


Egyptian Geese fly by in a wedge formation, heading into the setting sun.

I know the photo is a little blurred, but the light was rapidly fading and my trusty point and click Canon did its best, at least capturing the spirit of the evening flight. 28 more words


An Eye for an Eye - Conclusion

Levelling the Score

After work next day Frank paid a visit to his daughter’s home. Sal was wearing a coat covering her bruises as she opened the door. 1,901 more words


Javed & Illona

(English translation below, Traduction Française plus bas)

  • Rakont nou kisanla zot été.

Ilona : Mo mwatie morisyen, mwatie swiss e sa fer byento 4 an ki mo res Moris. 3,235 more words