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Tuesday's tale, 1/17/2017.

Alright, another Tuesday, another five minutes, you all know how this goes by now. Away we go!

There were three rovers on their way to him. 299 more words


Re: Missing Ferrari

Mrs Carmine Incendia
988 Perplex Place
Perdue, AZ

Dear Madam,

Your letter of complaint arrived with the incoming post this morning and was immediately drawn to my attention. 461 more words


Troubled Waters

Good news this morning – I have a new short story available at Pulp Metal Magazine.

‘Troubled Waters’ (the plural is deliberate!) is set in Liverpool during the recent riots, with flashbacks to the Toxteth riots in the early 1980s.  88 more words



This seething storm inside could sometimes dominate me,
Unusual, I follow and submit unwittingly

Maneuvering my heart, manipulating my mind
Unclear thoughts, answers I will never find… 87 more words


Mystery Visitor

I spotted this bird on my garden face recently. I grabbed my camera and managed one shot before it flew off. As usual, I was inside the house in the lounge and shooting through the window. 307 more words


People my people wanna read a unique story?
Of Mercury so elegant and enchanting real deadly,
Caught a dying star escaping the gravity of a black hole… 365 more words



They looked at each other,
A distance of some was between them,
And as eyes stumbled upon each other’s,
They knew the distance didn’t matter……