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Hooray! It is raining!

Look at the raindrops in Little Monkey’s water bowl.

Those of you living in wetter climates, with so much rain you are waterlogged or even flooded, may not appreciate the joy a good rain can bring. 73 more words



By this chapter I really do hope I will get to finish this story to the end. Hopefully. And so, here’s a short one for Chapter 3. 684 more words

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The Wooden House

The wooden house sat in the corner of Billsboro and Fallbroader streets in the Kingdom of Euboiro, up in the hill behind some oak trees, surrounded by nosy gossip du jour deliver neighbors, bordered by trees and calm ambience, humid weather and raggedy terrain, characteristic of the tropical climate. 56 more words


Oriental Jewel - Chapter 4


Mom, what’s the name of the other English woman you work with at school?” Andy asked as they travelled home from school on their first day after vacation. 803 more words


Tuesday's tale, 12/6/2016.

Alright, another week and I’m here! Such a sight is getting rare anymore, I admit… I’m going to have to work on that. But for now, five minutes on the clock and away we go! 254 more words



So, another chapter is here. What do you think? Should I continue this story? Hopefully I can find the inspiration and motivation to do so! In the meantime, enjoy CHAPTER 2. 1,478 more words

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Death Becomes Her

“Why?” she whispered more to herself than to the shadow. It moved, shifting around her bedraggled body. “Why me?” she asked, a whimper distorting her words. 141 more words

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