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When your Apple Cider Vinegar shot goes "down" wrong...

Recently I held a Bridal Shower for a childhood bestie of mine. At it, her Grandma was wilin’! In the middle of spewing hilarious stories and one-liners, she shared with us how she’s been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar “with Mothers” for her metabolism and energy. 454 more words


Camp NaNo, July 107

I made a decision a few weeks ago that the only way I am going to get to do what I want in life, as opposed to a series of pay-the-bills jobs, is by creating the job I want to do. 385 more words


We Were Genuinely Crying Out to God

Josh White has faced difficulties that few will ever know. He served a tough tour of military service in Iraq where his Humvee took a direct hit, fought the night terrors of PTSD, and battled depression and addictions through the years readjusting to life in a civilian world that he says has no rules or structure for war veterans. 875 more words

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Winter Skies

Sunrise on a cold winter’s day.

This is my neighbour’s tree, which I love because it is the only one near me that is deciduous and waves its bare branches in the pink winter skies. 81 more words


There shall be rest

Draped in red she leaned back onto the alter and lazily gazed at the brittle wooden door slowly splintering under the weight of tragedy outside. The flames licking through the cracks signaled the end of humanity. 139 more words


Rose Bud

Rose Bud does not care that it is the middle of winter here.

Nor that I hacked her almost to death very recently. (See  I Thought I’d Killed You.) 94 more words


Photos from the Book Trailer Shoot - Indefinably Changed

The first Pilgrim Strong book trailer titled, Indefinably Changed is almost complete. We’ll distribute via social media on July 4. These are a few photos from last week’s shoot. 34 more words

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