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12:06 AM

When my old lady patient hugged me and told me she loved me today. It melted my heart because i hardly heard those words from people i love.


1000 Posts!

This is my 1000th post!


It has taken me very nearly four years to get here, but as the saying goes, it is the journey, not the destination, that is important. 39 more words


Write drunk, edit sober?

The idea of writing drunk and then editing ruthlessly while sober has always struck me as incredibly peculiar. Being drunk lends itself to a lot of things, one being brutal honesty. 223 more words


Summer Rain

It was a beautiful day – salubrious weather, a gentle breeze, quiet, empty streets – the calesas have all gone. Most of the produce merchants have sold their vegetables, fruits, and root crops. 255 more words


Monetizing a Dragon (part 3)

NOTE: Today my blog reached 100 followers! That’s so amazing, triple digits! Thank you all so much, I couldn’t imagine getting this many when I started this blog. 505 more words


Batch 1984 Reunion 2015

Reunions overflow with joy, mirth, nostalgia, and unabashed sentimentality. It’s good to see and catch up with friends, classmates, bosom buddies, and former compatriots in crime. 329 more words


Elephant Grass

You would never think that you could possibly miss seeing an elephant, but it happened to my husband and me in the Addo Elephant National Park… 128 more words