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Quote-spiration: Erin Morgenstern

I probably read 90% of this book in the last day or so, and it is brilliant! I’ll definitely reccomend this to anyone who asks.

365 Days

Mad Monster

The monster was crazy pissed. It hurled and contorted its bulk about the yard, bellowing with its freakish yowl as the children stood paralyzed in bewilderment. 369 more words

Creative Writing

Short Story: Elena My Love Part 15| By Ellie

George wandered off into town, some knew who he was as the former Bakery owner down the street. Others only saw him as someone with disadvantage of sight. 344 more words


Worse, scientists

A funny little story for a Friday…

We were sampling in the apple orchards a couple of weeks ago, and at one orchard, a manager approached us.  110 more words

Silly Fridays


I’m off on holiday overseas soon. Since it’s impractical for me to continue blogging while I’m away, I’ll be taking a short break.

I will see you all again at the end of June; with lots of new ‘tails’ and photos! 19 more words


Random Friday Ramblings: Satisfied

Today’s word is:  Satisfied

He tossed left and right until he could find a comfortable spot on his bed.  He was tired and felt sleep beckoning but each time he closed his eyes, he would find himself with his eyes open.   1,405 more words


Short Story: Elena My Love Part 14 | By Ellie

Drake found Elena at the public playground a block away from her apartment sitting on a swing. He walks to her and stand infront of her. 802 more words