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I was returning back from job,as i reached home i rushed to my room and sat at my desk with my dairy. It was 26th of march, the day we met. 624 more words


First Days of Winter..

It was a good day..

The sky was blue, the air was dry and dusty but the weather was cool; the harmattan seemed to be having mixed feelings this time around and most days i didn’t know weather to dress like i was going snowboarding or dress like i was going to the beach such was the dichotomy of the harmattan… 417 more words

Stories About Love

How to win my heart.

“…Buy me a book shelf and store it up with great books, you’d win my heart till time ever lapses”. I told him.

“You read?” A frown creased his brows. 9 more words

Adenike Adekoya

In memory of your love.. (Final part)

So i bought a ring..

I was going to propose to Liz, i was going to “ Be a man and make an honest woman of her” maybe it was the leftover razzmatazz from my friend B’s wedding that got to me but in my head it was time. 710 more words

Stories About Love

In memory of your love (continued)

..To my friends i had lost my “god status”

I had come down from mount Olympus and was now mixing with mere mortals but they weren’t seeing what i was seeing, how could they? 465 more words

Stories About Love

In memory of your love..

So there came Liz..

Brown eyes, dark hair, nice teeth, soft lips, face as fine as that of Calypso and all these are not even her best qualities. 517 more words

Stories About Love

Flash Fiction: Keepsake.

“Dami!” Professor Dele yelled. It was her turn to present. She was quick to channel herself back to the class. She’d been staring at the ring that she was given by someone whose name she doesn’t even know. 309 more words

Adenike Adekoya