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It still hurts.

It still hurts when I hear your name. All of the memories comes flashing back; the smiles, the good times you’ve spent together and the heartbreak. 291 more words


"Do You Like Chocolate?"

*I thought I’d go ahead and share with you a story about how love found me.

In difficult and challenging situations, not once has the love of my life… 1,166 more words


Falling out of Love

Slowly I’m becoming distant to the point where I may fall out of love. It just doesn’t feel right anymore. I have gone to the point where I always question myself, am I enough? 189 more words



By Dion Evans | @dionisms

I sat down with Overseer Wiley Thomas to discuss allegations he’d made against “Apostle” Bobby Smith of Refiner’s House in Sacramento, CA. 1,172 more words

Church News

Love lasts for 24 hours

It was the most memorable day in my life. Ann and I met each other at the station. She was waiting for her mother and I was waiting for William, my friend.- Harry told me when only we stayed at the table. 1,356 more words


New essay live on Medium: "Ghost Pains, or, Unsummable Parts."


We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn’t even really date. To be cheeky, after our disaster, I used to call him my “ex-nothing.”

First I saw him around, and then we drank and slept together, and then we talked and went out to dinner, then we slept together, and then one night he slept in my bed but wouldn’t touch me, then I wrote him a long letter, then we didn’t talk, then we talked and slept together, then we didn’t talk, then we talked and kissed, then we didn’t talk.

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Beneath the Storm

It all started when she looked over her shoulder. She saw him walking slowly, idly as if tracing her footsteps. He must have been watching her walk, her hips move and her hair sway, because when she turned to look back, he quickly looked away. 979 more words