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Sebastian Faulks, William Boyd... and me

They’re all doing it. Writing books with James Bond as the hero. Well, let me tell you, that I was there among the first. 1970, it must have been when my 007 failed to grace the pages of the school magazine. 881 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

Crunch - a story for Halloween


I appear to be growing a tail.

It started a few weeks back, not long after I’d been passed over for promotion at work. I told myself then, I’d have to be tougher, more competitive. 1,325 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

My Nakedness

No, I’m not about to post pictures of me from the shower, even though Moby Dick might be fashionable at the moment. (My prone form has sometimes, unkindly, but probably accurately, been compared to that of the rogue leviathan). 154 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

A Story for Women's Day

It’s odd, but I find myself often writing in the character of a woman. That would of course confirm every prediction made by my (Welsh, in case its relevant) games master at school, who probably thought I would end up as a kind of Mr Humphries character, looking after the hankies probably, in a shop like the one referred to below. 408 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

Another Burst of Cowboys

Home, home, on the range

Cowboys is the title of my slightly surreal fiction of the Wild West and its myths. It must be time that the comic book tradition had a fresh approach, surely? 412 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

A universal love poem

There are some things that never change. Unsuitable girlfriends are one. But it isn’t often that you find yourself in company with a girl who has been seducing gods for a couple of thousand years, and more… 184 more words

Stories And Other Stuff

In old Belfast

I am so old now, that my time in Belfast seems like another life. And at the same time, it’s always with me.

Mostly, that’s because I was young, just becoming a man, and so much was happening inside and around that it still seems like a Technicolor time, even though I remember the place as unremittingly grey. 405 more words

Stories And Other Stuff