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A Life Well Lived.

In the beginning, there was a man who had lived several past lives but, of course, he couldn’t remember any of them. His name was Janus and he was a silversmith, making jewellery for very wealthy patrons. 1,675 more words

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The Vain Rook.

Once upon a time there was a very vain rook. He spent most of his days gazing at his reflection from a branch high up on a tree that grew on the side of a very large river. 2,300 more words

Stories For Children.

STORY: My Hair Grew

What if you could grow your hair to an astounding length, just by thinking about it? That’s just what happens in “My Hair Grew,” my latest story for LADYBUG magazine. On newsstands now!


Hurray, summer holidays are here. Yes it is very hot, but with the schools closed its time for fun for kids. It’s time for seasonal evening fun fares and summer activities. 2,019 more words


Birthday crepes

Once upon a time there lived a young boy who was born in Paris. His name was Henri. Henri had big brown eyes and a big, happy smile. 838 more words



Written by          : Saima Khan

Illustrator            : Maria Ahmed

In this book we see celebration of Eid through eyes of a child. It starts with description of Eid. 243 more words

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Melting Snowman

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Melting Snowman

The snowman wanted to get on the trolley to meet Mary who was expecting him at the stoplight of Mosey and Carrie. 331 more words

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