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Watching Our Tempers

“The tongue is mightier than the sword.”

The sword can only wound on the outside, but with our tongue we damage on the inside. That was a lesson a father wanted to teach his son, a boy who had a very bad temper. 49 more words

Stories For Children

The Brotherhood and the Shield:The Three Thorns by Michael Gibney

I just finished reading a very entertaining middle grade fantasy that I want to share with you.

THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE SHIELD-THE THREE THORNS: by Michael Gibney, Tantrum Books 2014… 285 more words

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Stunning Sitharaam

‘Ah, it’s February, only two more months to go’ I thought to myself as I sat in the class one Thursday afternoon. I couldn’t wait to go to my native and hang out with my friends I thought dreamily. 335 more words


The Tale of the three little bunnies

The doorbell was ringing in Carnation Cottage. Ding! Dong! “I wonder who it is?” said little Lavender Rose. “Probably just someone trying to sell something,” said Mother. 1,012 more words


Interview With MG Author Kat Yeh.

Can You Write a Novel in a Month?  by Kat Yeh

When people find out that my upcoming middle grade novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT TWINKIE PIE, started as a NANOWRIMO book, they ask a lot of questions. 1,158 more words


My Socks That Magically Changed Colour

My Socks That Magically Changed Colour

This story, one of the earliest from my childhood days, is about my socks changing colour. Yes, they really did change colour! 6,179 more words

Stories For Children

What's On Your Picture Book Plate? by Beth Ferry

My Picture Book Plate
by Beth Ferry

Did you know that the food pyramid has been replaced by something called My Plate?
It shows what a plate should contain for a nutritious, filling meal.       236 more words