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The Barber from Wales

Get ready to hear the strangest of strange tales,
About a pair of scissors, a cutting chair and a barber from Wales…

Lived a merry Welsh barber by the name of Mr Snips, 1,270 more words


The Missing Stream

A long time ago, there flowed a happy stream,
Life for him, was an endless dream…

He flowed merrily through woods, villages and towns,
Spreading smiles everywhere, wiping off frowns… 751 more words



I had another informative and inspirational weekend at the annual New Jersey Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference in Princeton, NJ this past weekend.  148 more words


Lily's house

An artistic fairy named Lily lives in this cozy house.

Every winter this brave fairy bundles up and ventures deep into the Dark Forest.

There she draws magical maps on tree trunks… 18 more words

Heather's house

A cheerful fairy named Heather lives in this house.

This lively fairy supervises the butterflies and bluebirds

that carry fairy children to school over the gurgling streams… 11 more words

Summer Activity Tool Kit by Vivian Kirkfield

I was watching ‘educational’ television the other day with my six-year old grandson and I couldn’t believe how many commercials there were.  It’s no wonder that kids, who are watching and listening and absorbing everything they see and hear, come to their parents with requests…and sometimes, demands, of what they want. 848 more words


Poppy's house

This bright yellow house is the home of a lively red-headed fairy named Poppy.

Because she is an awesome gardener, the other fairies say Poppy has a  28 more words