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The boy who wanted to be strong

In a small town, there lived a boy whom everyone was afraid of. This boy was tall and well built (with strong arms and legs) and became angry very easily. 323 more words

Little Blessings 1

Happy Thoughts - Christmas Story No. 2

Hello again!

More holiday greetings to you. Here is the second Christmas-themed story for you. This one is called “Little Piccola”.

It’s about a young girl who discovers friendship, love & the answer to the question, ‘What is a Christmas Present?” It’s a joyous tale! 63 more words


Happy Thoughts - Christmas Story No. 1


Christmas and Holiday greetings. Thank you for reading my blog over this past year. :)

Here is a video of a traditional Christmas story for you – “A Visit from St Nicholas – narrated by myself! 46 more words

Positive Affirmations

Why the birds went cuckoo

This is the second of three children’s stories by John Griffiths. The third one will follow shortly.

Why the birds went cuckoo

This story concerns what happened when a Mobile Phone Company decided that they needed to place another of their transmitter masts close to a busy motorway, on the edge of a small woodland inhabited by a wealth of wild-life. 693 more words

Stories For Children

Mandy's Christmas Present


Mandy walked barefoot down the cinder track leading to Aunt Muriel’s farm cottage. The sharpness of that path hurt her feet, but she determined to be just like the other kids who removed their shoes as soon as they left school running as fast as they could to homes scattered around this rural village. 1,849 more words

Stories - Fiction

The Myth-adventures of Hengist Thriceblest, Manxman.

This is children’s story written by John Griffiths. He is not sure what age it would suit, perhaps 13 – 15. What do you think? 1,505 more words

Stories For Children


Writing for young people is always a challenge, but writing for reluctant readers is even more so. Lois Elsden taught English to young people not in school, but who had to take GCSE English which obviously involved reading. 626 more words

Lois Elsden