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The Unhappy Weeping Willow Tree ( A story for young girls, 8 to 12 yrs to combat the trend of dissatisfaction with looks, photoshopping, skinny models, and cosmetic surgery

The Unhappy Weeping Willow Tree

A young weeping willow lived on the edge of a riverbank. From her home she could see fields, hedges, a beautiful wood and a mountain. 604 more words

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The Dangers of Telling Half Truths (story to illustrate a common problem amongst young people today)

The Danger Of Telling Half-Truths.

A story requested by Anne, a teacher, concerned about her students’ dishonesty and lack of responsibility and how it will affect their future lives. 799 more words

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A day in the life of Sydney the cat ( About chocolate poisoning) Story for little kids and families with cats

A Day in the Life of Sydney the Cat  

When we go out in the morning our cat always comes to the car. He winds round my legs and rubs his back on my knees. 535 more words

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The Story of YY the Bear, a fun story for little Kids about Goals

The story of YY the Bear. April 16 2014  written for Reuben and the big bear he won at a raffle YY (a house)

YY was made in a bear factory in Oregon in America.They made small bears, large bears and many in between sized bears, YY was one of the largest, he was as big as a small child. 606 more words

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