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Another sign of spring

This is income tax month in Canada, the deadline for filing is April 30. I am affected by this deadline in three ways. First, there are the people for whom I prepare and file personal income tax returns, then there are my business clients for whom I have to get files ready for their tax accountant, and lastly, I have to do my own income tax return. 402 more words

Stories From My Life

Maybe I'm the Villain

Have you ever thought about how, in their own mind, everyone views their self as the main character? For example, in my narrative all the events revolve around me. 524 more words

Stories From My Life

Back to work

Early in the fall of 2007, I became aware of distorted vision in my right eye. I went for an eye exam and was referred to Doctor Kevin Colleaux, a specialist in Saskatoon. 323 more words

Stories From My Life

About Me

I am a fifth grader, and I live in St.Louis, Missouri. I have found my passion this year actually, and never new, that I would end up to care this much about women’s equality. 76 more words

Stories From My Life

Business and Church

I grew up in a small Saskatchewan town with four grocery stores and three churches. One store was owned by a cousin and another by an old friend of the family. 818 more words


On the Aesthetic Appeal of Corpses

In junior high and high school, a lot of my friends were the stereotypical “bad” kids. You know, the type that periodically sneaks out of their rooms in order to drink, do drugs, and hook up with guys 6+ years their senior at parties. 132 more words

Stories From My Life

The Father himself loves you

My father was a man with high principles and good intentions, but a short fuse. And when he blew up, he would stay angry for days while my mother and I tip-toed around to avoid further aggravating him. 447 more words