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Leadhead and the Golden Rule

I first took note of Norman when the camp leaders took us all on a hike to Lebret.  He was a quiet boy, walking with us, yet alone.  545 more words


Why I Started Journaling, Hint: It Involves Robots

The following is taken from a post I made in some of the private masterminds I am involved in about why I started journaling.

So I consider habits to be the most important thing we can achieve in this world. 741 more words


choosing drama

Recently I was sitting with the 13 year old at a high school subject selection evening. She’s preparing for year 9, and has a couple of elective choices to make, so the school puts on an evening where all of this is explained to parents and students. 610 more words


If you're struggling with Self-Worth

For a chunk of years now I’ve been aware of some self-worth issues I have. The best I can describe it is having this underlying emptiness, as if I’m missing something and need to be or do something (i.e. 675 more words

Stories From My Life

It's all my father's fault

It seems that I’ve been trying to learn French all my life, always getting a little closer but never quite arriving. I can speak French, but with a wooden tongue (that’s a French expression for someone whose pronunciation is somewhat lacking). 609 more words

Stories From My Life

Pumpkin thoughts on Joy and Fulfillment

This last Sunday I went to my families’ annual fall festival. Some of us carved pumpkins. Others got to play in the crisp fallen leaves that so beautifully blanketed the backyard. 748 more words

Stories From My Life

Are you watching closely?

This last year has been accented by a state of uneasiness. There’s a couple events that might have been punctuation marks within it all, but the steadiness of this awkward gap in my soul is what’s been getting to me. 525 more words

Stories From My Life