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Strange ideas about strangers

“If a white person marries a black person,” my father said to me one day, “their children will be born with one black leg and one white leg, one black arm and one white arm.” I was still in my early teens but I didn’t think such a thing was possible and I told my father so. 371 more words

Faith And Life

Story of my life

I started this blog to tell a story.  It is very long, and continues to grow everyday.  I wanted people to know who I am.  Maybe it won’t matter now, but someday I hope my story can save someones life.   76 more words

Stories From My Life

Half Dome Heaven - A Story about what's Right in the World

When I was about eight years old my family took a road trip out to California. My uncle lives out there. Being the local, he took us to all the beautiful and unique sites around the area. 602 more words

Stories From My Life

Soup on a Cold, Rainy Day – A Story about Honesty

My dad took me out to lunch the other day. It was a rainy and cold and gray day. We went to that little soup place with the free breadsticks. 571 more words

Stories From My Life

That feeling...

When you used to be friends with somebody, and you all of a sudden start thinking about them. This ex-friend of mine is a girl I valued. 178 more words

About Me's

Robins and skunks on O'Malley Road

The songbirds are back: robins, meadowlarks and others – spring has come to Saskatchewan. Sometimes we can even tell it by the weather. Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with a high of 22° Celsius. 344 more words


In praise of a good nurse

At first I was only dimly aware of a discomfort in my side as I chatted with our Sunday guests. I tried to keep up my end of the conversation as the discomfort made itself felt more keenly. 587 more words

Stories From My Life