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Growing up to love

‘Swingers’ is a movie I enjoy every often. It’s almost an equivalent to ‘Chasing Amy’.

The movie beautifully treads on – what seems to be a huge chunk of my adult life. 250 more words

Stories From My Life

Finding Balance Between Our God-Given Callings

Well, here’s to another hot, scorching day in Canada. LOL Granted, this is nothing compared to Texas – you can’t argue with that humidity. But wow, I never thought it’d be so toasty. 527 more words

Stories From My Life


On my regular Sunday morning, mornings don’t begin until my mom starts nagging and telling me how hundreds of people are jogging outside while I lie in my bed rolled up in the warm fuzzy blanket. 469 more words


Not writing again

Taking a break from writing never works, definitely not for me. I had scheduled myself to a routine, where I ended up writing for more than three times a week or on some blue days even more. 428 more words


Cat or dog: which is smarter?

I will confess my prejudice right off the bat – I think cats are smarter. I have met some well-trained dogs that gave every evidence of having a keen intelligence. 385 more words


Father's Day 2017

At 70 years of age both my fathers are gone. Yeah, both my fathers. 

I got lucky. I was adopted within my mother’s family. So at the age of 19 I learned I actually had two fathers instead of a father and an uncle. 147 more words


How many dreamless sleeps have you had?

“A hard day’s night. And, I’ve been sleeping like a log. – The Beatles”

So goes the song. If my memory serves me right. It’d be close to a handful.

325 more words
Stories From My Life