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Mom Grey on my mind

Please enjoy this story again, which I first told 11 October 2010.

Everyone in the family called her Mom. She was my father’s father’s mother, my great grandmother, and her time overlapped mine by a handful of years. 449 more words

Stories Told

The butterfly effect: how we can't always know the importance of our choices as we make them

My job search continues. I’m a week into a four-week part-time consulting job, and a couple opportunities for which I’ve interviewed look very promising. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but best case, I could be back to work in a few weeks. 720 more words

Stories Told

The Friday, Currently 007: Big Week, Little Blog (Or, This One Really Has to Be Short)

The long and short of why this is going to be a big week(end):

Happening tonight.

Happening tomorrow night.

…and Sunday just happens to be my last ever… 964 more words

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Người lạ

Sài Gòn là một cô gái đang 21 tuổi. Tôi nghĩ vậy. Sau rất nhiều ngày phải bực dọc với cái nắng nóng khó chịu mồ hôi đến rít người và bất lực trong việc thay đổi cục diện hay cầu mưa, Sài Gòn bỗng mưa một trận mù mịt đất trời giữa buổi sáng ngày thứ sáu. 925 more words

Stories Told

Sài Gòn lướt qua ngoài cửa kính

Chiếc xe chạy chầm chậm trong trung tâm thành phố, tiếng nhạc nhè nhẹ trong xe “Most people would turn you away, I don’t listen to a word they say, they don’t see you as I do…” 1,005 more words

Stories Told

College Collision Update: Well that was anticlimactic...

So yesterday was supposed to be the final round for College Collision 8: Conquer, and by all accounts it was shaping up to be a big day for us. 694 more words

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The Friday, Currently 004: The Pre-Show (or, a very short update because College Collision is tomorrow)

I had a bunch of other blogs planned for this week, I swear.  

Unsurprisingly, though, life, lethargy, and a new pen haul got in the way and so here we are again, at the close of another work-week (It’s Payday Fri-yay!   1,532 more words

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