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The Beauty in 'Away'

Have you ever noticed how being ‘away’ allows contemplative space for contrasts and comparisons? Familiar things look different from afar.

Such was the case when I took a five hour plane trip to Perth, on the other side of our vast continent; then drove for three hours to the south west coast of Australia. 536 more words


Big Bad Banksia Men

I seem to be on a magical, mystical, memory tour lately. So when I came across a giant banksia tree during my neighbourhood perambulations, I was transported to the books of my early childhood. 555 more words



The stones that were part of my entry path have migrated. Recent downpours swept them up in watery torrents  and washed them away to colonise adjacent garden beds, exposing an underbelly of pipes and edgings and leaving deep runnels beside the stepping stones. 534 more words