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We had a very peaceful Christmas holiday this year.

We went to a restaurant with reasonable price on Christmas Eve.  The longer time we have been together, the less materialistic we are. 210 more words

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I should do some revision for my Spanish class tomorrow morning instead of writing my journal. I had ditched Spanish for quite a few years. I picked Spanish because my friend recommended it so much and said this is a beautiful language. 79 more words

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I asked myself what my dreams are. I lived for over twenty years and it seems that I have lost myself. In my childhood I dreamed to work as a teacher, but that might due to the fact that teacher was one of the few occupations that I was familiar to. 189 more words

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My dad always wants me to take part in his business.  My elder brother and sister joined his company soon after their graduation and my dad wants me to follow suit. 225 more words

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Raymond did not come to pick me up this morning, he texted me last night and said he would come so I asked Mr. Ben not to wait for me and drive my sister to work. 219 more words

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a creation story 🌟 001

At the beginning of the universe, there was only darkness. For miles upon miles, an empty coldness stretched through endless space. From the void, a goddess was born: Os the Goddess of Darkness. 327 more words

Creation Story

Drabble/Short Story

Title: Variations on a Theme of You
Characters: Vaeramae, misc
Plot: Vaera doesn’t remember all of the people she meets, but some leave a bigger impression than others. 2,455 more words