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You Don't Know Me

What I want

is to cut

to the gut

of it and read

through what reeks

and what leaks

and what puddles

near my sandals, 116 more words


Mother, Daughter, and the Bold Scout

Maba stared into the eyes of Dread Anna. He stood nearly on tip-paws, trying to bring himself to her height, his lip quivering as he stared into the eyes of the greatest hero and worst villain both in the history of the Peshga tribe, no in all the history of the Parua. 389 more words



It’s easy for me to do it

to unlove something,

with the carbon

it takes to make

up my soul.


And it’s easy for me… 95 more words


Feel Me

Anywhere inside of here

is reading bones like braille.

The pain, intense

inside of me,

the surge

when I exhale.

And do that thing

you always do, 93 more words


The Brothers and the Statues

Gellian dodged back as the giant stone mace of the statue collided with the ground where he had stood. Even with the shared strength of the Sun his brother had imparted to him he could do little but dance round, his kukri of little use against the stone guardians. 639 more words


Mother, Daughter, and the Bold Scout

“I asked what brought you here, youngling?” Annika stared at the male Parua. Taking in the way he clutched at the scimitar at his side, the subtle way he rocked from paw to paw and buried the sight of his eyes into the grey dirt beneath their feet to avoid their red eyes locking onto one another. 486 more words


NaNaWriMo Pitch: A Summoner's Chronicle

Today’s pitch comes in the form of an outline– no character names yet, just types, so here it is–

A Summoner’s Chronicle

A servant boy, one of three triplets works in castle held by a city state in “Italy” 509 more words