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Big Bad Banksia Men

I seem to be on a magical, mystical, memory tour lately. So when I came across a giant banksia tree during my neighbourhood perambulations, I was transported to the books of my early childhood. 555 more words



The stones that were part of my entry path have migrated. Recent downpours swept them up in watery torrents  and washed them away to colonise adjacent garden beds, exposing an underbelly of pipes and edgings and leaving deep runnels beside the stepping stones. 534 more words



Beginning a new year is like unwrapping a gift, and there have been many gifts unwrapped in the last couple of weeks.

Not all of these were ‘store-bought’. 548 more words



Beneath us lay the origins of the new city; the undercity. I stood at its maw, a great round pit of cement and steel, that served as the main air shaft. 208 more words


Please Use Other Door

It was a room of bright light. All around was of the purest tone of white known to the children of man- illuminated in a pale yellow, the yellow of fluorescents. 6,156 more words


Soil Sisters

There is nothing quite as special as having a sibling to share one’s passion with. I am presently visiting one of my sisters in southern New South Wales. 512 more words


Get A Grip

When you think about it, you’d surely agree roots are amazing things. Yesterday, during my morning exercise, I contemplated roots while I walked. I allowed my thoughts to follow the path of least resistance, seeking the means to flourish – just like the roots I was thinking about. 457 more words