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a creation story 🌟 001

At the beginning of the universe, there was only darkness. For miles upon miles, an empty coldness stretched through endless space. From the void, a goddess was born: Os the Goddess of Darkness. 327 more words

Creation Story

Drabble/Short Story

Title: Variations on a Theme of You
Characters: Vaeramae, misc
Plot: Vaera doesn’t remember all of the people she meets, but some leave a bigger impression than others. 2,455 more words


The Disappointing Princess

What little girl doesn’t love princesses?

When I was little, I resented the fact that I wasn’t born one or two hundred years earlier so I could live in a luxurious castle and wear giant frocks. 447 more words


Today while doing the dishes I overheard a commercial for some kind of prescription medication. As usual, following the glowing qualities of this miracle cure, the announcer began listing the many dangers, and it began with “Do not take ___ if you are allergic to it.” 345 more words


Last Write (#sol17 31/31)

We made it to day 31. Wow. And it was actually much easier to accomplish this year, I think.

How has this month shaped me as a writer, you ask? 382 more words


What a Weekend (#sol17 26/31)

Well y’all, we have had an incredible weekend in Lexington.  We’ve eaten delicious food and watched spectacular horsewoman accomplish some amazing feats.

I’m just going to recap the highlights. 696 more words


The Remuda: A haiku (#sol17)

It’s the Remuda:

horses in all directions;

I am in Heaven.

As you may or may not know, I am at Road to the Horse in Lexington, Kentucky. 111 more words