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Guest Blog. It meant I could have a drink.

This month we are focusing on the needs of people who need help or equipment to stand up from the toilet.

Find out more about our topic and… 472 more words


Extra credit: Three cups of (Somali) tea

This week was a great triumph of learning and meeting people, as I went for Somali tea three times in addition to my standard daily flash cards ( 906 more words



Many cultures have a person whose task is to tell stories. These are not just any stories but stories that teach something important. All of us have many stories, some funny, some sad, some private–but some of the stories stand out for a variety of meanings. 750 more words


A TED Talk on Stories

There are many gems in this TED talk on story telling, Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story. Listen to it all the way to Stanton’s words at the end; “Use what you know and capture a truth from your experience…deep down in your core.”


He Loves Us- Oh, How He Loves Us!

Rick and Lori Lampen are missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. When trouble struck two people in their church, faith, grace, and healing took place. Hear the amazing story of how God uses the hard things in life to teach lessons to those going through the suffering as well as to those supporting them from their church community. 526 more words


Eating is a means to an end for me...

 'I'd run for 50 days and 50 nights to free the dog that is being savagely neglected.'

Live to Eat-Word Press Daily Prompt

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