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Windows on the past

For some reason, The Hessian Renegades put me in mind of William Shakespeare Burton’s The Wounded Cavalier.

Burton, who bore the names he bore because of the Bard, was an English painter in the XIXth Century, and the Wounded Cavalier is perhaps his most famous work. 249 more words



My grandfather, fondly known in our family as Pappa, would have turned 98 today if he was still alive. I thought it was fitting to share a blog about him (and what better topic to resurrect my blog with!) 583 more words

That Grey Corner..

He kept staring at the grey wall in the corner of Boulangerie Chaud, a french bakery located in St. Bernard street–a unique area with lots of cafe and vintage shop, used to be his favorite place with Jessy. 2,270 more words



Introducing the up-and-coming fashion designer behind “Seka Designs.”

We caught up with her to learn more about the young brand. We hope that this short profile video below inspires you. 27 more words

African Designer


Hey guys, I’ve been gone for a little while and I have been wanting to write again, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say. 348 more words


A blessed sprinkle

Ibn Abdul Barr tells a story, in his book al-Isteyab, of the time when the Prophet sprinkled some water on the face of Zaynab; the daughter of Umm Salamah (one of the Mothers of the Believers); Zaynab was the daughter of Umm Salamah from a previous marriage. 84 more words



Supergirl is set to become the most controversial superhero programme to date if it weren’t for substitutng Kal-El for Kon-El and the latter turning out to be James Olsen’s long-lost brother. 77 more words

The Flash