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Shades of Purple

Deep shades of violet and purple
Cast their glow in the pale moonlight,
Hues of lavender and amethyst,
All brought my soul to flight.
Supposedly the color of royalty, 85 more words

Camille Wylde

New Paperback Now Available

I have thoroughly consumed the self-publishing kool-aid and I’m now offering a paperback version of my Footprints book. It’s available on Amazon by clicking here… 68 more words


3 Poems Challenge

I heard a good strategy for writing poetry is to write a poem, and then write another poem about the same idea, so I did just that. 71 more words


Overtime: A Basketball Parable (Chapter 27)

You can buy the book or read the recent reviews by clicking here.


As I faced the 1980-81 season and the lonely remnants of a team that had been put together to win last year, a team that had been built around Mark Sparks’ odd but accurate shooting, I made a decision. 1,171 more words

The lone witness

Finish the story begins with:  “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.”,  the shrivelled old man continued, “and those few are dead now. Only I remain…the lone witness to the grandeur that once existed. 216 more words

Short Story

Overtime: A Basketball Parable (Chapter 29)


On this, the last day with Kelso before tryouts begin I can barely push myself to keep up appearances. If I could do it myself, I would become invisible to him again. 2,798 more words


Ready Player Two (part Nine) 

“Rita, as in Rita Vrataski…cool i get it it ” I said, trying to wipe the sticky vomit from my tunic. Full metal frowned at me, swinging her shoulder satchel from around her side and opening its flap. 1,501 more words