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The Things He Could Never Tell Her

The morning faded in with a tender kiss on the cheek and her hair draped across my eyelids. Through the auburn strands I could make out the curled lashes and the glisten of chap stick on her lips. 495 more words



When I was four years old my family came to Rio from Salvador. My family is a mix of São Luis do Maranhão from my mother’s side, and Salvador, Bahia from my father’s side. 1,404 more words


Jimmy the Wrist

Prompt: Beach

Bernard’s mother was a musician in an ethnic folk band. They called themselves the Charlie Manson Quartet, and played for dances and weddings in Legion and Elk halls up and down the valley. 915 more words

Writing Prompts

A Sister's Promise

“Of course I’ll keep you safe, I promise,” the words the six year old me said rang in my ears as my feet pounded on the forest path the words. 340 more words


Tall Tree Testimonial – The Saunders Cup Experience

This Tall Tree Testimonial has been brought to you by Matt Saunders! Want to share your story? Email Emmalee at emmalee@talltreemusicfestival.com!

I’ve had the pleasure of participating at Tall Tree as both a volunteer and as an artist, and it’s been a joyful experience each time. 438 more words

Tall Tree Music Festival

The Hardest Word to Say

This week I’ve been racking my brain about what to write about for my very first blog post, and I thought, why not start off with a super awkward story? 1,139 more words

High School

A Matter of Perception

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” — Wayne Dyer

“A Matter of Perception”

There was an elderly married couple, who would sit at their kitchen table every morning, and talk over coffee. 264 more words