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I'm Jealous.

I’m jealous.

I’ll never have that story.

I’ll never know what it was like to carry them for nine months.

I’ll never be a part of their birth story. 251 more words


Pine Cones

What if I told you it was a pine cone that shaped the future of an All-American?  That sometimes life lessons are more often learned off the field rather than on it.  236 more words


New Story: Untitled - Chapter Four

[ Just a warning, things edge into more mature territory. Some language and questionable content ahead!]

“This seems like a bad idea.” Krill muttered those words for the third time in the many hours of their trip as they rode hastily by Tusk’s small rattling wooden cart. 1,885 more words

Written my first Sonnet! Why has it taken so long?

Delighted to actually write my first ever sonnet, yesterday, after being introduced to it by Phil Pidluznyj at the Monday Night Creative Writing and Self-Publishing class. 478 more words



Kids these days. They have it pretty easy, don’t they? The Internet is everywhere, there’s no shortage of cable channels to choose from, and videogames are so embedded into daily life we barely even notice them. 1,967 more words



By Clark Ashton Smith

For Ubbo-Sathla is the source and the end. Before the coming of Zhothaqquah or Yok-Zothoth or Kthulhut from the stars, Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the steaming fens of the newmade Earth: a mass without head or members, spawning the grey, formless efts of the prime and the grisly prototypes of terrene life  . 2,939 more words