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Things Have Changed

Yesterday morning I woke up to a missed call from one of my best/childhood friends. The message simply said, call me when you get this. Naturally, I was a little worried considering the call came so early and the message was so brief. 294 more words


Our Lady of Spiders

Jenn and I are currently living with our best friend, Maddie, while we finish renovating our house and selling it. We live together in beautiful Sparkle Star Manor–a turn-of-the-century house the color of gold, full of inspiration and stories and happiness. 745 more words

Do You Miss Me Darlin'?: Chapter Eighteen

Over the week that followed the incident, Susie came by and helped Natalia as much as she could. When she was not around, Tabby, Trent’s mother, did her best to help Natalia rise above what had happened. 999 more words

Writer's Blog

ZACA - The Adventure Begins 1


 Chapter 1- The Great News (Zara)

“Zara!” my mom called, up the stairs. “Yes?” I asked back. Adeline, my magical pet dog ran upstairs and told me to go down to my parents. 1,453 more words

Silver Wolf

Random Friday Ramblings: Satisfied

Today’s word is:  Satisfied

He tossed left and right until he could find a comfortable spot on his bed.  He was tired and felt sleep beckoning but each time he closed his eyes, he would find himself with his eyes open.   1,405 more words