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003: Podcast with Changu Changezi

003: Podcast with Changu Changezi

Changu Changezi is an ordinary guy with an inspiring story about learning and landscapes. He is a traveling Bikram yoga teacher who lives his life with integrity, authenticity, and an unshakeable sense of self. 271 more words

Living From The Inside Out


“I feel strong because of where I am with my artwork right now, but I did not always feel this way. I spent a long and confusing time after completing my degree trying to figure out where I fit in the field of photography. 491 more words

Women's Empowerment

too long; didn't write

Today was a blasted nightmare hellscape of a day, and when I got home my wife still managed to one-up me within less than a minute of me walking in the door.   472 more words


The Cult of Harry Potter

Like I said, Harry Potter isn’t something I actually read other than knowing it secondhand and watching snippets of it though I do have a copy of one Harry Potter book in my house. 197 more words


Snow. I’m over it for now. Since yesterday was the metrological first day of spring here in Germany, and it started snowing quite hard this morning, I’m really over it. 204 more words


What is and isn't ours...

We’ve learned that we gain ownership over things and many of those things do belong to us and there are things that don’t. We don’t own everything we come across and just because we have it, that doesn’t necessarily mean, it is ours. 750 more words

Aboriginal & Culture

Swipe on (part 4)

“Dude, just don’t respond to her,” Tim said, bringing a new round from the bar.

“I can’t do that,” Nelson replied texting back rapidly. “She’s a good person, and I led her on… way too far.” 130 more words