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Tip for Storing Hand Tools in a Drawer - Today's Homeowner

Lining the drawer with a piece of carpet, lightly coated with spray lubricant, will keep them from rolling around and getting damaged.

How to prepare ginger garlic paste?

Ginger garlic paste is a mixture of ginger and garlic cloves. It is commonly used in curries and many vegetable dishes in India. Ever since I started cooking, it was that one time I bought ginger garlic paste and when I sniffed the bottle, I felt really bad for buying it. 143 more words


3 reasons why you still have mess in your room

You are a messy person, an artist…. and sometimes a slob. You never could keep your room clean no matter how hard you tried. You folded clothes, gathered things in boxes – nothing worked. 304 more words


Gardening without a Green Thumb

For those of you who do not know me well – I can NOTĀ keep plants alive. Gardening tends to be a fail due to this fact. 450 more words

Storing App

Our Storing App Is a storing app that you can add Users and Items and you canĀ Search!!!them

it builds with python, SQLite3, PyQt5


Dividing Dahlia Clumps in Spring

Last year I dug up my 175+ dahlias and stored them over the winter. Read about how I did that here. This spring I went to get them out of my cellar and found a lot of mold so I was very worried that I lost them… however, all are OK! 497 more words


Do You Know How to Store Potatoes?

By Dr. Mercola To most, it would seem as if storing certain veggies in a cool place, such as the garage, back porch or even the refrigerator, would be a good idea. 150 more words