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Moving Experience

Last week, I packed the house and moved out in seven days! Sure, that does not compare to the creation story and all that God can do in seven days, but it was the biggest physical challenge of my life thus far. 561 more words


17 Signs You Work With My Under Shelf Basket Organizer Anti Rust

“With all the cooking areaundercabinet storage

available, there is no need to have chaos in the kitchen storage space locations. Instantly you will have storage for kitchen area products you seldom make use of. 680 more words

Your Worst Nightmare About under cabinet hidden spice rack Come to Life

“With all the under counter wire baskets readily available, there is no reason to have mayhem in the kitchen area storage areas. Unexpectedly you will certainly have storage for cooking area things you hardly ever use. 703 more words

Onion harvest

It was time to harvest the red onions we had been growing in a pot last week. Although they hadn’t grown particularly big, their leaves had fallen to one side and they were no longer putting up new centre leaf growth so they were as big as they were going to get! 36 more words

Dashed dreams of never-ending garlic…

Sowing Garlic

If someone were to ask me what veg I wouldn’t be able to live without (besides potatoes, as everyone knows they’re the best) it would be a toss-up between onion and garlic. 954 more words

Music Library Re-rip - Update

So I’ve changed the process I’m using, just to make my life simpler and because the previous process was far too complicated!

  • I now rip a bunch of CDs to a holding directory (\\Tower\rips\flac)
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Bliss describes itself as a tool to fix the metadata in you library:

“bliss performs all the hard work in organizing your music collection; making it consistent, correct and complete with little effort.” 420 more words

Hacking And Playing