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Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 10

The garrison knows that they are in danger. They are scrambling now to prepare for evacuation.

Luke learns the truth about Tylo-Ko.

Jeet Syllba and the Marauders make a move.

Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 10

Star Wars

Star Wars and Citizenship!

USCIS, the @501stLegion & @rebellegion, gave 11 kids from 6 countries an out of this world naturalization ceremony #RevengeOfTheFifth pic.twitter.com/WFSeLXu5Kk

— Arwen FitzGerald (@USCISmediaTX) …

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#0003 - May 4th Be With You

The May 4 marks “May the Fourth be with you,” which was used back in 1979.  Also , Star Wars turns 40 on 25 May 2017. Hooray!!

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Skin Care: Expensive, but apparently necessary

Unlike some people, I wasn’t born with like, super good skin. My own grandmother has never had so much of a zit in her whole entire 83 years of life, and my mother didn’t have pimple until she had kids. 821 more words


The Gestapo Has No Sense of Humor - Düsseldorf 1933

The National Socialists took control of the German government on January 30, 1933 and consolidated their power with great speed.  Political street violence had been part of German life for a long time, but the Nazis escalated that pattern rapidly and brutally, using terrorist tactics to wipe out political opposition in a matter of weeks.   821 more words