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My Encounter with a Stormtrooper

Last week, I talked about my encounter with Kylo Ren at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. In this post, I recount my experience with the one of the stormtroopers that patrols the Star Wars Launch Bay area. 616 more words

Kylo Ren

Anson Trask Kills Darth Maleval

If Jedi could be caught unawares and shot in the back during Order 66, I don’t see why the Sith should be immune.

From – Star Wars: Legacy #4

Star Wars

Star Wars Legion: What I'm hoping for!

Instead of just regurgitating what’s already been posted on what we know about the upcoming Star Wars Legion, I’m going to focus on what I would love to see come out for this game! 765 more words

Imperial Assault - More Empire Reinforcements!

This week I’ve been hard at work trying t add more reinforcements to the Empire see of my Imperial Assault set, still on that quest to providing a fully painted mission to my campaign players. 173 more words

Fantasy Flight Games

Stormtrooper Transport - Build progress

The shuttle is coming together nicely. I feel like I’m making good progress at a decent clip, even considering all of the changes I’ve made or had to make. 377 more words


Stormtrooper Transport

It’s still very much a WiP, but I thought why not share the hilarity so far:

After building and modifying that Nexo Knights Tech Infection spider-mech-thing, I was sure that I wanted this monster to attack a squad of Stormtroopers, but I wasn’t totally certain… 102 more words