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How Tyranny Begins

The following account is based on documents I recently received from the Schleswig-Holstein State Archives in Schleswig, Germany.  I am indebted to my friend, archivist Dagmar Bickelmann, who  has been endlessly helpful in locating records relating to my grandfather’s time at the University of Kiel. 975 more words

What Do You See?

So I was giving some thought to what my first blog post would be.  I had a few ideas, but then I got distracted looking at the image which I had picked for my  384 more words


Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 07

I just realized that I forgot to post this. All of this is crossposted at Fan-Fiction.net of course.

Luke welcomes the Voss Mystics to Vader’s Keep. 17 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars Clone Wars Continuity Correction

Previously I talked about how I didn’t understand how the Stormtroopers are not Clone Troopers. Cause I didn’t understand why the Empire would go from creating lots and lots of clones that are grown and are totally obedient to recruiting random people. 233 more words

Wolfson Children's Challenge

Hello everybody,

Well it been some time since I have put on the Armor and completed a much needed troop. Today I trooped with the great people of Squad 7 and the Wolfson Children Challenge. 76 more words