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So, How's Work?

A writer draws inspiration from everywhere. You cannot experience everything that everyone is experiencing all alone in the limited time you have on our magnificent planet, but you can be nosy and annoy people who have explored and experimented till you can fake their experience when you share their experience with those more ignorant than you. 328 more words


Have Fun Storming The Castle!

Princeton University informed recent graduates they will be banning a popular costume during their Star Wars. Doesn’t a costume ban mean Princeton is no better then the Empire? 244 more words


U.G. Krishnamurti pt4 U.G. vs Stormtroopers

We get a lot of requests here at egoDEATH films. Sacks of letters, believe it or not. Such little beauties too, it must be the egoDEATH decadent aesthetic, as in the meaning why you make your letters so elegant… 248 more words

How Tyranny Begins

The following account is based on documents I recently received from the Schleswig-Holstein State Archives in Schleswig, Germany.  I am indebted to my friend, archivist Dagmar Bickelmann, who  has been endlessly helpful in locating records relating to my grandfather’s time at the University of Kiel. 975 more words