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Stand with the Stormtroopers in fan film Jakku: First Wave

Who cares about Stormtroopers? Aside from a certain traitor we’ll dare to mention from The Force Awakens, they’re just faceless soldiers with clumsy armour and even clumsier aim, right? 276 more words


A Day in the Life of Kylo Ren

A Kylo Ren fan comic we worked on together.

I came up with the story and wrote the letters. My mum did the drawings.

Warning much cartoon violence. 58 more words


Han Solo #3

Back again is the lovable rogue and his trustee co-pilot wookiee along with a rebel spy who needs to get to safety before becoming dead like many others in the Alliance network. 567 more words

Star Wars

Insomniac Yardsale 061

On this episode, I open some wonderful bootleg stormtroopers.



Rookie mistakes, a young witch and Stormtroopers

24hrs in – still alive! And yes, it is actually happening!

The leaving day was a bit more hectic than we anticipated… We ended up going for a tiny, “just around the corner” 4-mile-long stroll through the wilderness of Epsom Common. 785 more words


Riffing on Star Wars: #17 - The Aim of Stormtroopers

The Galactic Empire for nearly two decades slowly ground the galaxy underneath its proverbial jackboot heel.  Lead by the sinister Emperor Palpatine and terrorized by Darth Vader, the Empire’s capital ships became symbols of oppression, used as recently as the last… 855 more words

Star Wars

Star Wa-... what? ...sighs...#22...

If you hadn’t guessed by my lackluster title to this review I’ve not been  fan of the main Star Wars line for some time (say around the start of the Rebel Jail arc) however I gave them a chance to make Star Wars more then just fan-service drivel that’s only being written to show fanboy dreams that in their minds would sell more books… 1,422 more words

Star Wars