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Star Wars - Painting Stormtroopers

Star Wars 40307 “Stormtroopers” (Lucasfilm, West End Games)

When my Gamma World game got going this year, I dug out my Star Wars minatures thinking that they would be of more use than most of my fantasy figures, since most of these figures held guns! 383 more words


Fiction: Ghosts of The Sith — Chapter 14

We are heading towards the end of this particular story which I have been posting periodically since 2015. Sorry for the delays, but we’re heading to the end. 31 more words

Star Wars

My Weekend at Rayleigh Festival 

Well, it’s not really a festival. But there was some music and food so I suppose that warrants the title.

Apparently, this weekend was the annual Rayleigh Festival (which is a town a few miles from me in the south east coast of England) which I had no idea about. 347 more words


STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI LEAKED Promo Art Gives Us A Look At The First Order Guards

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi promotional artwork has found its way online, and it provides a first glimpse of some updated First Order troopers, guards and vehicles. 19 more words


The Elven Padawan #1: Of Beginnings, Balrogs, and Bucketheads

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Elven Padawan podcast! In this episode, Shay introduces the show and what it’s all about. There’s a great segment on the Maiar of Middle-Earth. 243 more words

Star Wars

10 Ways to Be Creative

Now some of you might be thinking after that last post… Why is a writer posting about being active? I thought this was a writing blog. 867 more words