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New FEMA floodplain maps bring changes to Morgan County -- The Fort Morgan Times

From The Fort Morgan Times (Stephanie Alderton):

If the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s latest floodplain maps go into effect in 2017, Morgan County’s flood risks will look a little different.

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Questions remain on use of rain barrels -- The #Colorado Springs Gazette #coleg

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Jim Flynn):

At the heart of this system, and protected by a section of the Colorado Constitution, is a concept called “prior appropriation.” The way this works is that some water users have priority over other water users, with the effect that, in times of scarcity, holders of senior water rights receive their water and holders of junior water rights do not.

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Proper Stormwater Management Proves Vital to Abating Water Pollution

Providing clean water to residents is a mandate every city and town must fulfill. This is why localities invest millions of dollars in their sewage and water treatment facilities, which require properly collected and treated water to ensure the public’s health and safety. 81 more words

Weir Equation for Yard Inlets

In most cases, if we’re interested in quickly solving the weir equation we’re focusing on a basic condition such as flow to a yard inlet or overland relief working to crest a barrier.   222 more words

Town of Jericho and CCRPC to develop Jericho Stormwater Master Plan

With funds provided by a DEC Clean Water Initiative grant and the Town of Jericho, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) has hired Watershed Consulting Associates of Burlington to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for the Town. 284 more words



Stormwater management is an important system that deals with ensuring that runoffs from stormwater will not adversely impact the local environment. In order to successfully carry this out, it is crucial to have the proper infrastructure for it. 83 more words

Simple actions to help restore Puget Sound

King County residents consistently rate water quality as the most important environmental issue to them.

This month, we’ll be taking a look at stormwater runoff – the leading source of pollution for Puget Sound – its impacts, the myths, and the pollution prevention actions we’re taking as well as actions you can take at home. 429 more words

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