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Too Soon to Quit

Maybe you are one of those chipper, optimistic moms. You may have a sunny outlook on your future and that of your family while you glitter glue toilet paper rolls with your toddler while wearing a baby on your back and designer heels on your feet. 575 more words


These things...

I’ve been in somewhat of a transition lately.  I feel like I’ve definitely hit pause on my blog for the past month or so. I’m still trying to figure this out. 56 more words


A Rainy Day

I used a tripod to capture this image of us.

Try putting your camera on the interval timer setting in order to take a bunch of images without having to run back to your camera to take another picture! 8 more words

Creative Travel Photos

A Poor Way to Live a Life

I love music, but not at 6 am.

At 6 am, I don’t want to hear anything, not a sound. Not a voice, not a door slam, not water running, and definitely not the soulful singing of a sacred choir calling me to prayer. 872 more words


Loving One Another

Whenever he became as gruff

as a wild mustang on the run

gently she would smile

brush back his hair and say

make me sing like the strings of a fiddle… 171 more words


Taking Time to Heal

I have broken my left wrist twice. That’s exceptional, but to a musician, it’s notable. I  vividly recall the second time I broke it. For a preteen who took piano and violin seriously (and whose parents took it… 921 more words


Lay It All Out

So if you’re running on empty ~ it’s time out ~ Time out for some R & R with the One who has you in the palm of His scarred hand. 187 more words