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After the Storm

I posted an earlier shot of the rocks of Pismo Beach.  This was taken from on the same spot but facing south into the sun.  It cried out to be in Black and White.


The Highs and the Lows

I have recently come to the realization that I am very emotional.

I know, right? Shocking, but true.

There’s an upside as well as a downside to being a high-strung, sensitive, Type-A melancholy. 606 more words


Advent's Dark Days

Courtesy NSSA Lab

So much of life in the world, for so many people, looks like a long dark road. We are in grief for one more mass shooting; for refugees fleeing terror; for families torn apart; for broken countries and broken people; for angry politics; and for the changes big and small in our lives. 271 more words

Short Posts

Why We Don't Believe We're Extraordinary

The other day, I posted the below image on facebook as a personal reminder to focus on what matters.

What matters?


Because Ordinary Is Extraordinary. 654 more words


Your Book is Already Written

Crying into your chili fries across from a friend can be so therapeutic.

I had forgotten just how therapeutic until I did it this past weekend. 786 more words


A Most Tuneful Wind

Sweet whistling

like the sound

as the wind

passes through organ pipes

games with the whistling wind

on windy days

it softly whistles

through tree tops… 217 more words


Batten Down The Hatches

So you know the journey ahead might be challenging. The summer is over and Autumn is approaching just as it always does. After the fall ~ the winter and the struggles and the cold, forked roads and if it’s not colds and flues to get you down, it’s the winter of life and the hard times and the long, ‘n lonely stretches of ‘more than difficult’ things to endure. 532 more words