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The Growing Season

“Hey there dark cloud,

why did you take my sun away?

I don’t want to see you,

I don’t want to see you today.” 93 more words


Storm days!

This past week, Sydney had some ridiculous thunderstorms.

Thanks to a perfect storm (heh) of weather conditions, our region went through a cavalcade of weather fun–gale force winds, hail, floods, and even snow in parts of the Blue Mountains. 284 more words


The Storm Had Passed

It was so dark and cold outside,
Without Your grace and guidance,
Without You, amidst the storm,
I would not have stood a chance.

Gales would have taken me away, 52 more words

Prose And Poetry

Mystic thoughts

The mystic thoughts I get of us, are just that. Mystic loosely defined in my head means, wonder or mystery. Day dreaming constantly about what could be or what could have been. 187 more words

Lazy Day and Dinner

Cool and cloudy reigned today.  Now tornado warnings west of here glide across the TV screen I’ve turned on mute.  About now, the severe thunderstorms are supposed to start.   300 more words

It was a dark and stormy night.

It’s a lovely rainy day today.

Couldn’t live with it year round, but love it here in Houston when it happens. It reminds me of home. 241 more words

Other Stuff

stormy days

Today there is quite the storm raging outside, but inside it is warm and peaceful.
In the wise words of my favourite alternative rock band, some days feel like razor blades. 295 more words