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Do you love him as much as I love her?

Do you love him? Are you happy…as happy as I was with her? Do you fall asleep with a smile? A smile I knew so well… 264 more words

A Look Into My Soul

Would you die? For the one you love?

Sitting on the edge of my bed, he took my hand and looked into my eyes. With love, a love I wouldn’t expected. Anger, resentment, harsh words…I was ready to face them all. 446 more words


I want to be where no memories mar...*

Our eyes met and I knew deep inside my heart…this is destiny…We needed no words, but he wanted me to know, to hear and to remember his voice… 380 more words

Stormy Days

When all I wanted was to hold you tight...

Go on, talk to her…she already knows your deepest secrets. Your anger, your pain, your anguish and sorrows. And the tears…see, you cannot fool her…no wave could ever wash away your crying. 528 more words


Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Imagine standing on a railroad track. You’re not alone. A loved one is with you. You’re here because she spends a lot of their life on the tracks. 722 more words

Stormy Days

Homeless, hopeless, restless...(Why can't you see that I'm in love?)

She’s listening to his songs again and again.

She needs to be cradled, she dreams to be held. She imagines that he’s singing for her and she cries because of the song’s sad notes. 224 more words


I wont always be there...

The cruel sound of the alarm along with the hottest and the brightest sun rays should be enough…

-I’m going…I’m leaving now…right now…Is it 7 already? 472 more words

A Look Into My Soul