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Where wild horses run free...

That’s where you’ll find me. Because my heart is a wild horse too…

He looks into my eyes and I see shadows of guilt into his. 259 more words


Just breakaway (Out of the darkness!)

The stage was set and the little girl walked right to the microphone. All lights were on her and her hands were trembling. I thought she’ll drop the microphone. 512 more words



From the little fish bowl, the golden fish looks straight into the gates. Are they the gates to Heaven? The clear blue and the pure white…exactly the description he knew from the ancestors stories. 405 more words


You were all for me...

I took off my mask. “See? I’m being myself. Let’s pretend that you’re in love with me. Would you take my hand and lead me to the dance floor?” 433 more words


Will you love me 'till the end?

Here we are again, laying on the green, fresh grass, our fingers crossed, our eyes gazed at the blue skies above us. I’m smiling to the fluffy clouds and the sun, the moon with all the stars are smiling back at me… 503 more words


We destroy the love...

And we’re doing it so gracefully, so naturally, so easily…

He’s listening with a distant smile on his face and I know he’s thinking of something else. 372 more words

Stormy Days

After tonight, love will be Light

“Just hold me tight tonight…tighter than ever before…and don’t let go, even if I tell you to…just don’t let me go tonight…”

Vulnerable and scared, confused and lonely, lost and frightened… 307 more words