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Batten Down The Hatches

So you know the journey ahead might be challenging. The summer is over and Autumn is approaching just as it always does. After the fall ~ the winter and the struggles and the cold, forked roads and if it’s not colds and flues to get you down, it’s the winter of life and the hard times and the long, ‘n lonely stretches of ‘more than difficult’ things to endure. 532 more words


The Myth of the Perfect Day

I waste more days than I care to admit.

I never start out to waste a day, but it happens. Or rather, I let it happen. 484 more words


Too Soon to Quit

Maybe you are one of those chipper, optimistic moms. You may have a sunny outlook on your future and that of your family while you glitter glue toilet paper rolls with your toddler while wearing a baby on your back and designer heels on your feet. 575 more words


These things...

I’ve been in somewhat of a transition lately.  I feel like I’ve definitely hit pause on my blog for the past month or so. I’m still trying to figure this out. 56 more words


A Rainy Day

I used a tripod to capture this image of us.

Try putting your camera on the interval timer setting in order to take a bunch of images without having to run back to your camera to take another picture! 8 more words

Creative Travel Photos

A Poor Way to Live a Life

I love music, but not at 6 am.

At 6 am, I don’t want to hear anything, not a sound. Not a voice, not a door slam, not water running, and definitely not the soulful singing of a sacred choir calling me to prayer. 872 more words


Loving One Another

Whenever he became as gruff

as a wild mustang on the run

gently she would smile

brush back his hair and say

make me sing like the strings of a fiddle… 171 more words