Tags » Stormy Days

There's an ocean between us...

They were fighting every night and you heard every word of hate and anger…

-Yes, I did. But I pretended that I’m sleeping in a deep deep and peaceful sleep. 348 more words

A Look Into My Soul

It's just the weight of the world

And you’re carrying it through storms and rain, fire and wild winds…

I heard his voice but I still couldn’t open my eyes. It was almost like hearing him from another world, another time…And I was lost there, in this magic sensation. 424 more words


Praying for the desperate hearts...tonight

Just like mine. And just like yours.

Desperate to love and to feel loved. In a deep need of hearing the words. Searching for certitude, for a reassuring that the words mean more than a beautiful empty shell.  191 more words



I’ve been dying for a rainy day during my time off. Why? Because there are few things better than waking up to a torrential downpour and feeling that warm, slow, smug realisation of “Hey – I don’t have to go anywhere or do shit today.” 552 more words

Things I Love

If I could have just one more dance...

Remember to focus. The sensation seems real, but it’s just an illusion…you’re not really suffocating…

I kept repeating the words like a mantra, praying that it wont happen again. 486 more words


If you can't love me...lie to me

“White roses in her hair and her childlike smile, she looked like an angel…”

He had a melancholic smile and his blue eyes were filled with tears. 555 more words


I need to see!

Real emotions. Feelings. Real love in people’s eyes.

I need it to be a certitude: love still exists. It will appear like a light in lovers eyes, in their smiles or in their voices. 423 more words