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Just let it rain down over me

It’s freezing cold outside and the cruel wind reminds me of winter. What I feel is a bitter-sweet nostalgia. I promised myself that I wont slip back again into that black hole of depression, but I wont deny that this emotion becomes more intense with every day… 296 more words


It's bringing me to my knees...

I’ll use my imagination now…let’s pretend that no one is reading this. So I can talk about the dark side. Depression. Masked depression. My dark side. 383 more words


Right out of the blue

“I’m going to every world you’re coming from…” 

Sometimes, certain lyrics, maybe a melody or a refrain keeps repeating in my mind, like a message or an inner voice. 383 more words


Twitchy Twilight's Frustrating FURiday 

Hey there peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here – boy, yesterday was so frustrating for me and Shrimp! (But worse for me)!

It started out great at first – the humans were both off and human #2 left early for a doctor appointment, and I knew when I saw human #1 sleeping past 5:00 am that it had to mean she was going to stay home with us today, and I was right! 344 more words


IT'S A JOYFUL DAY (Song Lyrics)

The birds sing heaven’s melody
The crisp air, it beckons praise
Nature’s cups, they open slowly
Ready to reflect His gaze

Listen to the love they’re singing… 187 more words