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Just like in movies...

She gently placed her hand on his chest. “I want to do it just like in movies.” Then, without a warning, her arms were around his neck, her head resting tenderly on his shoulder. 635 more words


How could this love be in danger...

Let’s give ourselves one year…

So that our story could be different and we’d fight this unfair fate that turned us into strangers. We’d break down all the walls we worked so hard to build. 493 more words


When there's no one left to blame...

Just hold me tight and forgive me. Please don’t tell me there’s nothing to forgive…I judged you in my mind. I offended you in thousand unspoken words. 467 more words


Knowing his heart is broken...

Would you hold him one more time? Knowing he’s dying inside, for someone else, for something above…you.

It’s the same old story, but today I’ll give it a new glamour. 403 more words


Does she look like me?

He took my hand and his touch was magical, erasing memories, restoring lost promises, creating hope. Just friends…these words, this barrier between us…was it me the one building walls? 733 more words

Stormy Days

So here I am, on bended knees

“I don’t remember how I got here, the paths I took, the dangers I ignored, the demons I fought…but here I am. To tell you how wrong I was, to hope and pray you’ll listen to the words that sound like damnation…” 554 more words


In a world without sound...

I called your name and it was sweet on my lips, like a prayer. As a little girl, I used to write it on little pink notes and pour rose perfume on it. 250 more words

Stormy Days