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The basic story structure - why it's kinda like a sneeze, and why it's (really) kinda important

We all know what a sneeze feels like. You start with the itch, you take a deep breath, say (or shout at the top of your lungs, if you’re like my dad) “achoo!”, then sigh with relief and say “phew, that felt good.” The most basic story structure is pretty similar, and no matter what stage of the writing process you’re at, it’s  922 more words

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My Thoughts on Attack on Titan (non-spoilers) Season 1.

After watching that poorly executed show Hunter X Hunter  a year ago I finally decided to give Attack on Titan a try. I’ve heard good things about it and it also helps to not watch any of the trailers or read any articles about it. 361 more words


My thoughts on Hunter X Hunter (Spoilers).

I have loved and watched anime for many years. My first one being Sailor Moon, but funny enough I didn’t know it was an anime or what that even was at the time. 705 more words


Something To Write About

I’ve been taking some family time off this summer and posting a little less frequently.  My newest book is taking almost all my free time and it’s amazing how much fun I’m having writing it. 634 more words

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Warda: Curiosities Episode 10

Warda: Curiosities Episode 10

Broadcast Date: 8.1.17

Players: Frank, Justin, Alexis, Nathan

GM: Drew


Podcast: "What Is a Story Arc?"

“In this episode of the Editor’s Corner Podcast, we’re digging through all the bits and pieces that make up the story arc, including how to create an outline to help you see what’s missing from your book.” 10 more words


Beat Sheets

I recently discovered beat sheets, and they have been a complete revelation for me in terms of plotting. Here’s a bit about what they are, what they’re not , and what they can do for you. 525 more words