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​It seems so funny how little we understand each other when we’re basically talking about the same thing. We sit together, talk the same language, talk the same talk and yet understand ourselves not; I find this quite confusing, when it leads to an argument and worse of it all, a fight and when asked it turns out to be that we were on the same the page. 464 more words

Story Arc

Habits Give Shape to the Day

(Second in a series on working from home.)

A day is precious; we can never get it back. Even if we live to be say, 80, we have less than 30,000 of them. 596 more words

You And God

Four Basic Ways To Recycle A Webcomic Story Arc

Well, although it won’t appear here until early June, I started making another webcomic mini series shortly after finishing the first draft of this article. … 573 more words


Out of the Maze

Conventional wisdom states that a book must open with a passage from the most current time period of a story, but that’s not my comfort level. 699 more words


Writing Tip

Easter as Inspiration

As a writer of Christian fiction, I can find endless themes in the Easter story: renewal, sacrifice, forgiveness, love, rebirth, and resurrection are just a few.   259 more words

Writing Tips

Static Vs. Dynamic

There are many facets to writing characters in a story. I like to make mine as layered and real as possible and use charts and lists to ensure I know who they are from their quirks right up to major character flaws that define them. 596 more words


Living A Better Story

If your life to this point was published as a novel, what would the title be?  Do you have regrets?  Things you are proud of?  Moments you treasure and that feed your soul when you need them?  355 more words