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Puddles and Whiskers, Complete Arc

A few days of going over everything written to date, I am happy with the amount of “cat stuff” and to a point where if I look over this any more I will go blind making more edits and revision, thus I am done. 3,407 more words

Daily Thought

One Easy Way To Make Webcomic Story Arcs More Accessible To New Readers

In case you aren’t already familiar with webcomics, a “story arc” is a collection of separate comic strips that either tell a short story or revolve around a single situation. 528 more words


Bad Movies: A Great Way To Learn About Story

I love movies. I’ve loved them for a very long time. As a kid I can remember our first VHS player and watching Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Neverending Story… 633 more words


The science of curiosity

Know naught but for naught but knowing.

I came up with this phrase when writing Agony’s Fire. Apart from its pleasing symmetry, I felt a strong connection to its message. 719 more words


Bleach Is Ending

Bleach is the name of a manga / anime which I began watching (for I started with the anime) at around the age of 14 or 15. 712 more words