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The science of curiosity

Know naught but for naught but knowing.

I came up with this phrase when writing Agony’s Fire. Apart from its pleasing symmetry, I felt a strong connection to its message. 719 more words


Bleach Is Ending

Bleach is the name of a manga / anime which I began watching (for I started with the anime) at around the age of 14 or 15. 712 more words


“What I did on my summer vacation,” aka How to Craft a Compelling Travelogue

By Carla King

Most travelogues, whether in short story or book form, follow the narrative archetype defined by Joseph Campbell as the Hero’s Journey or Quest. 1,239 more words


Article: "Writing Children’s Books"

“Why should books for children require any less attention to the craft of writing than books for adults? The answer is that they shouldn’t.”

Source: … 7 more words


Finding that novel novel idea

“That sounds like a book I once read.” You’ve all heard it and it puts a damper on any enthusiasm you’ve grown for your literary creation. 1,153 more words