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Top 3 Structural Editing Questions For Fiction Writers

After completing my first two novels, I knew to become a better writer, I needed to learn to edit my own story. 737 more words

Helping Authors Create Stories That Work

You know I love to write, but I also love to edit. I’m thrilled to announce Fictionary’s Story Editing Course. Try it, and maybe you’ll love to edit too! 442 more words

Washington Post story on Roy Moore is real news

Last week, The Washington Post published a blockbuster story on Roy Moore, a Republican running to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate. In the story, four women say that Moore pursued relationships with them when he was in his 30s and they were teenagers. 286 more words

Story Editing

Take Your Story up Several Levels by Editor Jodie Renner - Fictionary

Today it is our pleasure to welcome editor & author Jodie Renner to share expert editing advice. Jodie is generously sharing her wisdom on how to improve your story before you share it with others. 41 more words

Kristina Stanley

Let’s Get Real

Regardless of what you write, there must be an element of truth to it.  Even in fantasy or science fiction, you can’t simply write anything you want that involves humans without any regard to the facts of life.  794 more words


Fictionary: Online Story Editing Tool + Online Course

I’ve found a lot of joy over the years helping authors promote their books online. Now, I’ve expanded that to help authors learn how to do their own story edit.  300 more words

Seven Drafts by Editor Allison K Williams - Fictionary

At Fictionary our mission is: To help writers become successful authors.

We think one way to do this is to bring in experts in the field of editing to share their knowledge. 59 more words

Kristina Stanley