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The Mother and Other Stories, Writing Utopia, & #100DaysOfStories, Day 40!?

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous” Aristotle, according to the little paper attached to my tea bag.

Two things conspired on me this morning: one was submitting a flash fiction to Flash Fiction Online (the staff is interesting, the work is solid, but dear g-d that has to be the dullest title of any magazine I’ve seen yet. 706 more words

Story Ideas

When Characters Speak Up

What happens when a character, who, when you originally wrote her, was one of the more elusive of the set, suddenly decides to speak up and demand her own story?   367 more words


What to Do When You Have Too Many Story Ideas

Are You Drowning in Story Ideas?

What’s the best problem a writer can have? Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS).

TMIS is the opposite of writer’s block. 799 more words


Why Writers Need Contracts

Hey Daydream Believers

As aspiring authors, we often dream about signing contracts. In our fantasies, first we sign a contract with an agent. Then comes the big one…we sign a contract with a publisher. 320 more words

Writing Prompt #8

Authors Note: This is part 2 of my previous writing prompt which you can find here.

I carefully caressed my bruises under the strange fluorescent lighting. 345 more words

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Going to the Dogs

I’m working on a few different short stories this week. The latest one is built off this simple plot line:

A dog lover is suspected of an unprovoked attack. 210 more words

Story Ideas

The Fireman and the Terrorist

Here’s another story idea I’m working on at the moment.

The Basic Plot

A fireman has 24 hours to track down a terrorist intent on mass destruction. 49 more words

Story Ideas