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Celebratory Gunfire

Personally, I don’t associate the two; but plenty of people do, here in Atlanta and all over the world. New Year’s Eve? Someone gets shot in metro Atlanta almost every year, not because of the usual causes like small-scale robbery or a conflict over a parking space, but because somebody decides to ring in the new year by pointing their pistol up in the air and emptying the clip. 556 more words

Atlanta Crime

unpenned evening

The dread moon disjoints my hopes, as its rising reveals my delicate unfinished works to crepuscular scavengers. I had uncovered them after darkness fell to nourish in the night air, but had not calculated on the moon to bring a second twilight that the snuffling shambling creatures seemed to be waiting for.

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Living Dead Girl - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

At age six

Why, mommy, why? Why do you hate me, why does daddy hit me, why can’t I go and play outside like all the other little girls? 119 more words


Thanks for sharing, now please stop

The other day an older relative of mine came up to me and told me that he had an idea for a book.

I smiled politely, listened to the idea, and tried to give him the impression that I appreciated the idea and would certainly keep it in mind for the future. 423 more words

Artist Woes

bound by results

The training technique was not to find the best effort and reinforce what went right, but to start with the lowest swings and look for ways to add elevation. 87 more words

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The Boy in the Wheelchair

Here’s a Reddit thread that struck me, and here’s how to turn it into a short story.

The gist of the thread is that when he was two years old, the poster’s nephew pushed another two-year-old and the second kid fell down the stairs and was paralyzed. 544 more words

Atlanta Crime

structure of surrender

He decided to take on a coeditor, but he was careful to spell out the exact boundaries of privilege the new collaborator enjoyed. After a few months the new recruit complained the tyranny felt wrong, but he had to admit it wasn’t invalid. 43 more words

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