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bent fin

The trawling expedition was being financed by a monthly publication. When they couldn’t complete it they had to seek more funding. “We need a second hook on the net,” was what the publisher said. 35 more words

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I dreamed last night

Last night, I dreamed.

What happened? I had been abducted and abused but I escaped.

Who were you? Someone else: a woman without a name. 60 more words


Want Story Ideas? Go to the Hospital

Dear reader,

Last week, I spent a morning in the Cardiac Procedures Unit at Kaiser Hospital with my 93-year-old father, who was getting his pacemaker replaced. 900 more words

napping promise

The interchangings that he had utilized had elapsed in sick, exposed rumblings. The payments in multiple units could not hide the cheapness, in fact they demonstrated it. 22 more words

Story Ideas

Let's Go To Italy for Our Writing Warm-Up! - Wednesday Prompts and Inspirations

Photographs make great jump-off places for story inspirations and writer warm-ups.  

Pour yourself a cappuccino and let’s get started!

Your setting is Venice, Italy. Your main character could be a native Italian, an American traveling through Venice on business, or a young girl visiting her aunt for the first time. 232 more words

Wednesday Prompts & Inspirations

smooth strangle emission

When the lights in the ward were turned off, the boils and cankers sparkled. She had found it both frightening and exciting at first, but now she was desensitized. 57 more words

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traveller's checks

“Your girl,” he told them, “has perpetrated deficiencies. She has mangled the percentages in the air-condition detection. We have found a deficit in the accounts not reconcilable with the documents we can locate.” 60 more words

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