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Story Ideas from The Aisles Have Eyes

I just finished The Aisles Have Eyes: How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power by Joseph Turow. I recommend this book to anyone who shops in stores, shops online, or uses a smart phone, which is basically everyone. 375 more words



None of us Chicks, dedicated writers that we are, would ever knowingly eavesdrop, of course. That would be unforgivably rude. But sometimes we just can’t help but overhear some very interesting conversations. 830 more words

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Random page thesaurus prompt: Overshadow

This is a story about a world of trailers and the creatures that dwell there

and the day that this world was discovered was also my last day on earth. 898 more words

Story Ideas

Id struggle to call it a story idea, mostly just messing with words.

He stood on an open plane.

No, perhaps that is wrong, it was a levelled plane. Flattened and the plane was horizontally parallel to a grassy plain. 57 more words

Story Ideas

Sarah the cured vampire.

I ran as fast as my short legs would take me. He seemed slower than me. But I was wrong. Run, run. My dad’s voice rang in my head. 137 more words

Story Ideas

Book ideas.

I am going to be writing a book about Wicca. Trying to find good credible information isn’t that easy because there are so much information. When starting out it can be overwhelming. 49 more words

Story Ideas

An Old Depot


It’s a rather calm weekend here. Went on a short road trip to get pictures of an old train station that had been abandoned, salvaged, moved, and restored by a local Polo Club. 142 more words