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Three of a Kind (or, Who Is the Crimson Fury?)

Last time I presented one of my original fiction story ideas, it was about three adult siblings who gained amazing powers. So, this is (almost) deja vu :) , except that, besides the “three adult siblings” protagonists, everything else about this idea is very different. 1,164 more words

Story Ideas

Great Stories Are Magic

I’ve been reflecting lately on what makes a story great. There are good, well-written stories that connect with many readers, and then there are great… 499 more words


Five Things I've Always Wanted to See

***A Story Prompts Aside – One***

Have you been to the Grand Canyon in the USA?

Who has visited the Egyptian pyramids?

Has anyone seen Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, USA? 383 more words

Story Prompts

Writing and waiting

It’s been a hard summer for me as far as writing goes. I’ve been in a funk, a writing depression, a walled-in place of little inspiration. 357 more words

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Picture Board Series: Fleeting Moments

Picture Credit: I do not own any of these pictures, nor do I know who took them. They have been found through Pinterest and Google searches.




Maria was born with the ability to heal others.  This power first manifested itself around the age of 9.  She doesn’t know why she has this power or what even triggered it.   149 more words

Writing Prompt

Love is an Alcoholic

Love–Romantic Love, its true name–is a dumb alkie, maybe with some worn out rouge stuck to its bottom lip. It has a sweet tooth and menaces around, looking for some sort of caffeine high. 150 more words