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Most travelers he met were like him: moving slowly to acclimatize themselves to each new place. In this world the local micro-biome made newcomers sick. Moving slowly, growing used to a place and letting the place grow used to him gave him time to learn the local customs. 66 more words

Story Ideas

The Thing About Writing

The thing about writing is, much like with everything in life, there’s more than one way to do it.
See I’m always coming across these posts giving advice on how to write (she said, ignoring the fact that she has made one of such posts). 408 more words

How to Write

This is an article on why I find it hard to write long articles. (I just used hard and long in the same sentence. I have to snicker. 962 more words

Story ideas

Looking for story ideas on how to cover mass shootings or active shooter scenarios? Try these:

  • Run, Hide, Fight training
    • Has your state, county, city, business, school, etc.
  • 446 more words
Mass Shootings

right angle

A territory was not considered legally settled until it met certain criteria, which included pavement. Certain factions wanted the benefits of settlement status, others preferred the freedom from obligations that went with remaining ‘unsettled’. 69 more words

Story Ideas


The filaments tangled the tangle of filaments twisted into one of the three shapes that would trigger an explosion. Usually capsules are segregated into groups of nor more than a dozen within a shielded container that any combined detonation, but this happened to be in transit.

Story Ideas

How Do I Get My Writing Ideas?

Any way possible, of course.

Which can mean anything, right?

Some of my stories come from dreams. I certainly have messed up dreams sometimes. Don’t we all? 914 more words