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blossom somewhere

I found it charming that the court documents I received were on lilac-perfumed paper, with a light purple floral watermark. I decided to go down to the courthouse to find out who was responsible and give them a box of chocolates. 69 more words

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counting out

To prove the increase possible in farm output, we grew a modified crop on a miniature plot in the corner of the lab. This strain conserved space by not growing larger past a certain point. 44 more words

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Another Mass Shooting in Georgia

Right after a loser in Oregon shot up a community college, another one killed his family and himself here in exurban Atlanta:

“No, nothing’s going on,” Rebecca Manning told Forsyth County deputies Tuesday night.

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Atlanta Crime

lying in wait

She inquired for lessons at what was advertised as a combination dance/photography studio. She became an apprentice in what her teacher called the art of bodily devising, which encompassed not only dance and photography but also massage, hypnosis, and manufacture. 20 more words

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An acoustic engineer was hired to make sure that the patient could hear the doctor or technician’s instructions, since there could be no metal and no magnets, no speakers. 16 more words

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sampling difficulty

He was conducting research into the phenomenon of death throes. A search for past examples was difficult, since most home movies of family death scenes were destroyed after passage of the privacy act twenty years ago. 33 more words

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Five ideas from Nathaniel Hawthorne's Note-Books

Some man of powerful character to command a person, morally subjected to him, to perform some act. The commanding person suddenly to die; and, for all the rest of his life, the subjected one continues to perform that act.

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