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When a Story Strikes

Creativity is sneaky; it can strike at the most inopportune moments, and writers need to be prepared. Writers can find inspiration while showering, cooking biscotti, giving back rubs, performing open heart surgery, or in my case all of the above simultaneously, and creative ideas can whither if not recorded quickly enough. 299 more words


Pardoning Turkeys

I’ve always found the practice of pardoning turkeys to be really bizarre.  We don’t pardon any other animals.  Why do we pardon individuals of this one specific animal species that we eat out of dozens?   303 more words


Writing Prompt #87 - Desire

Today’s writing prompt is…

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Writing Challenge

drooling shards

I asked him about the grinning beetle with irregular fangs on the packages in the grocery. He explained about the particular beetle, which was a local delicacy but they had a poison a protecting poison that was extremely corrosive to the teeth. 126 more words

Story Ideas

load onboard

We had promised each other that we would only pull the lever when we had no other way out. While we were clearing the field of stones one of the younger boys pulled it with no one else there. 19 more words

Story Ideas


Standing by the post, cutting the fence at dawn, a frequent clamp provided a basic salary. Charming. Seamless. Parabolically chilling. These were his reviews.

Story Ideas

irresponsibility repaid

We walked along the esker, scooping up the nubbiest old weaves. When some of those that were approved turned out to be illegitimate, we couldn’t be brought to blame – that was the checkers’ mistake. 8 more words

Story Ideas