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array instrument

A woman mistakenly stabs a person she had recently become allied to by marriage, and has to flee before being sentences to forced sterilization.

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sequel to Romeo and Juliet

Sweet aphrodisiac flowers grow around the mausoleum. A debauched Friar Laurence rapes and kills a page in the Prince’s household and blames it on one of the Capulet servants, which sets the Prince against them. 12 more words

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Midnight Meanderings

Have you ever had a knotty problem you just couldn’t sort out? One of those issues you need to solve, but just can’t seem to find the answer until you awaken in the middle of the night with the solution completely clear? 452 more words

recording artists

Recording artists, or artists of record, drew pictures during the negotiations of contracts and treaties. Each side would have its own artists sketching during the discussion, then they would trade sketches at the end of each round. 121 more words

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Resource Rec: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

As you can probably tell from our blog name, the way we think, and the way we write, we are big believers that there is a lot of magic that goes into what we do. 1,146 more words

heartwood contents

In the documents bearing his posthumous name his interpretations are speckled with extrapolations. Either his later copiers felt free to insert their own speculations, or they were incorporating views from some other papers of his that either have yet to be found, or that he wrote under a different name.

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tendencies of diffusion

When we speak of different tendencies to diffuse, do we mean different effects, or different causes? For some examples of what we might mean by different effects: different rates of diffusion, or the diffused compound being different than the original concentrate. 95 more words

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