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translated cough

He set up the sound manually. It seemed like more work, but it cut down on him stressing out during the program of whether the bots had done it correctly. 26 more words

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terror profile theory

Every time we sat down to discuss the guardianship my adrenaline got going. My negotiator had to tweak the discussion to the point it seemed to me to be about something else, but we were able to cover all the points and then apply them later. 10 more words

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“I take as my example the forces of nature,” she said. “They act without conscience. So will I.”

“You misinterpret. Inherent within nature is balance, which you lack.” 12 more words

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adultery detergent

The aim of the program was to solubilize desire into a more general care, and then refine it to a merit-generating empathy. The problem was finding the right emotional solvent and catalyst. 8 more words

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buddy stores

The two jewelry stores shared an arrangement that dated back two generations to when the original owner split his inheritance between two sons. Both stores had been sold since then, but the arrangement remained, although it was never formalized. 38 more words

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You are nosing around in my affairs like a sow rooting in the dirt. You think my disdain for your concerns is egoism. Can’t you see that a celestial puzzle is worth more than patriotism?

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The Ketchup Gloryhole

by:   Keith M.

No, no . . . don’t start reading the rest of this post just yet.  First, let’s marvel at that amazing fucking title. 627 more words

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