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Story ideas, from whence they come

The Goblin Reservation by Clifford D. Simak

“Peter Maxwell was a respected faculty member of the College of Supernatural Phenomena—until the day he was murdered. Imagine his chagrin when he turns up at a Wisconsin matter transmission station weeks later and discovers… 196 more words


Fun Friday: Another Ransome Spin-Off Story Idea

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on story ideas for the “next generation” of characters as a spin-off/sequel series from the Ransome Trilogy. You may not have seen others yet, so here’s what I’ve come up with so far: 1,330 more words


Writing Projects

I have over a dozen ideas for stories in progress.  Deciding which to work on next is my next challenge.  The stories range from pure romance, to suspense with the occasional trip over to the dark side thriller.   41 more words

Story Ideas

Writing short to write long...

You know the feeling you get when you learn how to do something you’ve tried to master since you were a kid? I have these files in my room – manila folders full of yellowed notebook paper, stories I’d written as a teenager. 499 more words


In the city

I just pushed my way in.

That’s the first sentence I heard as I strode across the bridge over the Yarra on my way to a watercolour class. 187 more words

Swinging in California

A story idea…

In California, a woman falls in love in love with a man fifteen years younger. What do they talk about when they go swing dancing together, and how does he persuade her that he’s not too young for her? 94 more words

Story Ideas

Moody Reveal

A simple story idea…

A young entrepreneur creates an app that can detect a person’s mood and broadcast it online. Why did the entrepreneur create such an app, and what is he feeling as his father slowly dies from pancreatic cancer? 61 more words

Story Ideas