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Not all good stories are of the players

When tennis writers write about pro tennis, their subjects are usually the players. After all, players play the matches and are what most readers care about. 266 more words


entanglement herald

Before he could lose his temper it was diffracted through several emotional prisms he wore strung on a necklace. They channelled all of his insults into a feed that he could review later with a therapist or with his friends over a beer. 26 more words

Story Ideas

SHORT STORY: "Not Paid To Like You"

The prompt for this story was the title. It conjured a couple of vignettes that I then stitched into this story. One or two points aren’t realistic, including the part with the main prompt! 697 more words


Writing Prompt: The Angry Neighbor

Your neighbor shows up at your door and immediately begins screaming at you…for something you didn’t do. How do you handle it? Does it get physical…comical? 33 more words


strong force

The prison’s rusty bars demonstrated the disdain the hegemony had for us. By the time we arrived we were too dehumanized, too neurotic to think of escape.

Story Ideas

Pattern Me A Book

There are some quick and easy patterns to use when writing children’s books. They can provide a jump start for getting your book going.  I’ve written a half dozen books for my grandson since he was born using photos I’ve taken of him and easy to follow patterns that provided a framework for the stories.  427 more words

Story Ideas

Tell a fairy tale day (is tomorrow)

Tomorrow, February 26th, is annual Tell a Fairy Tale Day so I have set myself a challenge to write a fairy tale story on that day. 374 more words