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The soil was dug up, loaded on trains and sent off to the mountains for treatment, then shipped back a few weeks later. “Why not treat it here?” asked one of the hands. 10 more words

Story Ideas

longing to see

Marty and Pat worked together on the morning shift, guarding the prisoners as they planted in the fields. Pat was being transferred to afternoons at the forge. 69 more words

Story Ideas

Writing Psychology

by:   Keith M.

Sometimes I feel like writing is something I can understand.  Like, not just . . . read written words and understand them . 408 more words

Writing Struggles

The outtakes where characters reveal themselves

I feel like I haven’t written much about my writing recently.

Right now, I am working on scraping together the details for my next story, which is a sci-fi detective adventure. 849 more words

Writing About Writing

Inspiration Behind 'Nothing Stays the Same', Book 2 in the Soul Mates series

NOTHING STAY THE SAME, Book 2 in my young adult rock ‘n’ roll time travel series will be coming out at the end of this year, so I thought today I’d do a little montage of the inspiration behind the story. 199 more words


reworked for the open sea

It all started when I heard a rustle within the pile of cut off branches. I didn’t get a good look at what bit me, and a test of the saliva was not conclusive. 41 more words

Story Ideas

Six Bullets

The gun has six bullets.

There are only a handful of these guns in the world. Theoretically there was one on each continent at one point, but they could be anywhere now. 60 more words