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Bonus Story Idea: Through His Eyes

I came up with this while stuck in traffic, so be nice.

As always, if this story inspires you to write something (and I hope it does) or if you wish to develop this story further (and I hope you do), a small acknowledgement would be great! 438 more words


Monday Writing Prompts-Shoes

Today’s prompt features a character who goes shopping for a new pair of shoes. They try them on the store and nothing seems strange. However, when they get them home, someone’s put a note inside the right shoe. 30 more words


Thoughts after watching Divergent

Certain words and thoughts unlock the human psyche and play into the psychology of fear. Every news story and every piece of submission during election years and other times of change are attempted efforts at guiding the way others think. 188 more words

Why I Love This Book #1

It is a fairy-tale re-telling. I know, I know. Fairy tales have been told and re-told hundreds of thousands of times. But I think there are reasons for this. 260 more words


Bonus Story Idea: How to Live at the End of Time

Yeah, it’s been a while.

As always, if this story inspires you to write something, or if you wish to use this story and develop it further, a small acknowledgement would be great. 490 more words


Hyper Accident [Sorta WIP]


“Hey Mysteria, do you know what the heck happened to Asher?!” A frantic Airyan asked, video calling with the female athlete. In the background, Asher was obnoxiously and loudly singing a song he just made up, sounding like he’s running around. 751 more words

Random Posts And What Not

The old cottage looked deserted, so Mary pushed open the door...

The old cottage seems to have no one inside. The walls are covered in photographs and pieces of paper with numbers and addresses and pieces of information. 64 more words

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