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[Short Story] Aerial Strike

Hell. It was like hell.

It was just another Friday afternoon, and like any other afternoons, I was at my friend’s house with the other neighborhood boys. 1,967 more words

How personal?

“How personal do I want to get?” I heard myself ask as I brainstormed story ideas in the coffee shop. How personal?

A good friend recently expressed his concern that I’m exposing myself to creeps and predators. 210 more words


Picture Board Series: Autumn Chill

Picture Credit: I do not own any of these pictures, nor do I know who took them. They have been found through Pinterest and Google searches. 6 more words


A World For Readers To Fall Into

As writers & readers I’m sure we can all appreciate that it’s in the details when it comes to creating a world. Whether that be a fantasy world, sci-fi or just an adaptation of our own – readers appreciate the details, as they make it authentic. 258 more words


Fictional research - yes, it does exist

All fiction, regardless of genre, requires some research. This may be choosing a spot in the middle of the Pacific to create your own island nation, discovering if it’s physically possible for a plane to fly five times the speed of sound, or finding a common Scottish name for your hero. 271 more words


Why Do Writers Write?

Why do we do it? Is it because, as the saying goes, everyone has a book in them?   While that may be true, getting that book to come out is really where all the trouble starts. 696 more words


A few things I've realized in order to make this whole journalism thing work

Which I realize are all things my profs told me about in school, but I didn’t fully accept or understand until now, when I’m in a real news environment. 362 more words