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A Neat Little Box

Imagination feeds on subtle detail and is capable of spawning an entire universe from the slightest inspiration. The most finite spark can yield a host of gripping stories. 263 more words

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Moment of Impact

Great stories start by telling the reader how everything will end. That message may be cloaked in metaphor, disguised by double-speak or called out by overt narration. 311 more words

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Update concerning my new Science Fiction screenplay.

I finished the main story outline for my new screenplay yesterday. Whether the story is going to have any subplots or not, I don’t know. For now, I’m going to write the first draft. 151 more words

Story Outline

Beorn is about to begin his revenge on the Orcs.

“To be the last skin-changer comes with the great responsibility. I am the last of my kind, after me, there’d be no one.   384 more words

Story Outline


Scenes are a fundamental story unit, essential to advancing the plot. Each scene is its own entity, not containing any others and existing as part of a sequence with one predecessor and one successor. 420 more words

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Mini Me Project story outline

My Mini Me project will start off be me falling asleep on a park bench and when I wake up I’ll be in a dimly lit room.  68 more words

Mini Me

#1WkNoTech story outline


6 a.m. I wake up, apprehensive but excited to begin my week without technology.

9 a.m. It feels good to get away, but I find myself still reaching for my phone and laptop. 307 more words

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