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Element One: A Captivating Plot

Hello my fellow creatives!

Today we are going to focus on how to develop a truly mind-blowing plot. There are so many sources on the internet and in various print resources that it’s hard to know exactly how to lay out your story. 1,005 more words


The Setting of a Novel

The setting of your novel is a critical element that needs careful consideration and planning. It is the backdrop to your story, and requires as much thought as you give to the characters and storyline. 813 more words


Fiction Genres

Defining Genres

Fiction is normally divided into a range of categories that are referred to as genres. It will be the first way for readers and publishers to judge your novel, and every writer needs to select the genre of their own work. 924 more words


The Role of Chapters

Chapters are a wonderful invention that help to compartmentalise a novel, breaking it up into sections that are easily read in one sitting. 911 more words


The Length of a Novel

Standard Word Counts

You are about to embark on a long and challenging journey and so far you have only stared at a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen in the search for inspiration. 783 more words


Author Blog Challenge - MotivationTechniques


 Motivation techniques are a popular life skill for everyone, not just writers

To achieve something, having the motivation to get there is a given.  42 more words


Next Steps in Writing a Novel: The Table of Contents

I finally hammered out the Table of Contents (TOC) for my proposed science fiction novel (I’m stuck on giving the book a title at the moment). 514 more words

Science Fiction