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Prologue to The Silent Angels

To be honest, I have no idea what to write in this prologue, so I’ll just wing it and hope for the best. In some ways the events of Summer 2014 are still as fresh and vivid to me as what happened to me at work yesterday or what film I watched last weekend, especially now when I read my diary of the time, scrawled and almost illegible. 534 more words


Writing365 #13 - A game of chance

Today’s 365 days of writing prompt suggests parodying an article, blog post or other item. As the last writing101 assignment was being inspired by tweets, I’ve been stuck in that frame of mind (and looking forward to receiving the next brief). 739 more words


Olga and the Bell (quick outline)

This is a quick rough story outline I made as another response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival challenge using the Bell prompt. A new challenge is due to be posted and having tweeted two previous early responses I realise how I’ve not posted those either. 21 more words



Finally inspiration is beginning to flow for the sequel to Pagan Flames. It’s impossible for a writer to write if they can’t get excited and passionate about what they’re writing. 248 more words

Romantic Love

Like a River

Time in a story world is a funny thing. It is essential to putting together any string of events, regardless of the order. Do a pair of scenes happen simultaneously or years apart, even if the second one shown happens first? 330 more words

Creative Writing

Attachment: Applying mindfulness to creativity

I love when seemingly disparate, or at least loosely connected, parts of my life finally sync up.

Last night, in a workshop on cultivating and activating a deeper mindful daily awareness (of self, of the Universe, of ego…all that good stuff), I jotted down this word: attachment. 956 more words

A Neat Little Box

Imagination feeds on subtle detail and is capable of spawning an entire universe from the slightest inspiration. The most finite spark can yield a host of gripping stories. 263 more words

Creative Writing