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Tip Tuesday - Outline Your Story

Hey writerly love-bugs,

Why is outlining so darn hard? I guess if you’re one of those super overly organized people outlining comes to you naturally. For me, outlining feels like I’m trying to perform emergency surgery yet I don’t have my medical degree. 201 more words

Writing Update

Chapter 1: The Writing

I have been told that I am the worst reader in the world. Why? Because I have this habit of reading the last two pages of a book first. 1,039 more words

Backstory Part I

Writing Tip: It is OK to Change Course


Sorry I’ve been off the radar for about a month. I was super busy with teaching and freelancing, and of course, writing. Despite my crazy schedule, I still find the time to write, even if it simple editing or a paragraph or two. 331 more words


Outline #03

I’m struggling to express this now. It seems that not only have I been killed by this paedophile f**k, but I’m also his wife! I mean, not now – obviously; I’m dead after all, but like, in a previous life. 502 more words


Spotlight on K.M. Weiland

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on story structure. Like I said in my previous post, I found a few structural issues in my first draft that needed fixing. 541 more words


Plot Outline: Project 2017-2018- Revision of the storyline

As a creative soul, I’m being tested. I want to write something set in the year 1952. Nothing much happened during that year. We, America, was the power force to beat with our military and economics. 978 more words

#author Set a time limit to write an outline for your story outline.

It doesn’t matter how many words you write. I wrote mine this morning in a supermarket cafe – which meant I couldn’t stay there all day – and produced an outline of 616 words for my third book (while stepping back from my second). 55 more words