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Today's Writing Tip

Need a story idea? Fill in the blanks using the formula for the classic “What if?” premise. What if a ____ and a ____ went to _____ and ______. 31 more words

From yours truly: The Memory Mug

I don’t know how it happened. Actually, I do know how the sequence of events unfolded. But what I cannot figure out is how I could have allowed things to happen as they did.

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Premise 3: Death Comes to Play

“So, how do you think we should go about it?”

I’d barely closed the door and entered my own home when that question was addressed to me in the playful voice I’d come to associate with joy and pleasure.

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From yours truly: Autumn/Home

​Take me out tonight, sings Morrisey and Johnny Marr weaves magical carpets out of his guitar strings while I smell the autumn in Noida, and it begins to get cold in my room in Bandra, telling me that i need to switch off the AC and open a window so I can light up a cigarette and stare back at the grey tortoise-shell(ish?) cat that stares at me, in the dark of the night, avoiding the light of a moon that looks like it might be trying too hard to recreate for me a sense of home, which is actually irreplacable and hard to get back now because once you’ve been chipped off like a corner of the table, no amount of glue can make it look or feel the same, and I need a new table, as Morrisey and Marr remind me that I don’t have a home.

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Premise 2: Words and Salads

The man with the faraway look in his eyes did not walk through the crowd on the street. Rather, he moved as though he was swimming through it.

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Premise 1: Jane and the End of the Lane

Jane woke up with the relaxed demeanour of someone at peace with her surroundings. She’d understood and accepted something about herself the night before; she was at the end of her ninth life.

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Thematic Concepts in Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy for children and teens, especially now with the fear of being shot at school, is especially important during heart rendering and traumatic events in a child’s life. 289 more words