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When Life is the Writing Prompt

People tell me they often struggle to ‘find the story'; to ‘have an idea’. Some novels are high concept and require an idea that makes you say, wish I’d thought of that.  754 more words



Author Ellis Nelson writes as one who knows of being in the land of snows, of being with the Himalayas, Sherpas, Monks, Lamas, and hence the beginning of an amazing life changing experience for Blake McCormack, Ellis Nelson’s main character in this fascinating novel. 171 more words


Just where should I begin... ?

Around Chapter 6 of my-adventure-in-writing-my-first-novel, it became clear I had not started my story in the right place and time.  My MC  (main character) has developed quite a bit, thanks to lessons I have learned along the way, and I can see I have made a miss-step or two…or three… okay, way north of a dozen… in introducing the reader to my little world. 784 more words

Writing The Book

Deciphering Book Descriptions

How interesting and telling are most book descriptions?  Most, are not very at all. Maybe there should be professional book description writers.  Reading a book description should not be a word puzzle to try and figure it out. 212 more words


When should you write your "elevator pitch?"

Developing an “elevator pitch”  for your novel  makes a lot of sense. The “elevator pitch,” also called a one-line or log line, is a one to two sentence statement that describes EXACTLY what your book is about. 820 more words

Writing The Book

How to structure a premise for stronger stories

Before an author writes a word, or thinks of scenes or characters, an idea sparks the imagination and a story is born. Or is it? 2,673 more words

Writing Tips

The Why Chain

There are six fundamental questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Of these, none are as important and potent as why. Asking “Why?” yields more relevant clarity than any other question. 368 more words

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