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Writing Life Back Into The World

In the wake of her father’s death, a Malaysian author discovers the writer within and ends up writing herself into her country’s narrative.  http://www.worldliteraturetoday.org/2016/may/writing-life-back-world-bernice-chauly

My father’s untimely and tragic death when I was four made me a writer. 742 more words


Written on the Body by Zsolt Láng translated by Erika Mihálycsa

Beginning with the Voyager space launch and moving through explorations of touch, Hungarian writer Zsolt Láng examines his relationships to music, books, and art.   Reblogged from World Literature Today.com… 1,321 more words

Karen Dowdall


Some time ago, I befriended an adorable winter mouse, I named Bella, who wandered into my yard one day and became my friend for one long lonely winter.  991 more words

Karen Dowdall

The Owl-light Twilight

The Owl, Cailleach-Oidhache will come to you when day turns into night. It is the time of Owl-light, the shimmering time. The Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage into an advantage and this you will need as you wander through earth life. 63 more words

Karen Dowdall

A Review: A Veil of Time

A compelling tale of two Scotlands-one modern, one ancient-and the woman who parts the veil between them by  Claire R. McDougall

Imagine, if you can, 311 more words

Karen Dowdall

The Physiology of the Writer: The Bones


Welcome the second edition of the Physiology of the writer.  This week we will discuss a little about the inner workings of the bones as it pertains to the writer. 617 more words


Seeing Pain

I wonder what it would be like if our pain was visible on our skin like the physical scars of a terrible motorcycle crash. What if emotional, physical, and spiritual pain made our skin change colors or create lumps and rashes. 294 more words

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