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Lest We Not Forget! by LeeAnna Waldrop

Lest we not forget, in the heat of the moment,

Our logical minds and common sense,

Lest we not embrace, in those times of

Uncertainty, our unfounded fears and… 79 more words


Under the Mistletoe!

 Why do we kiss each other under bunches of the devious, toxic Mistletoe every Christmas?  Well, its a complicated story. Many mythical stories surround the Mistletoe. 476 more words


Raphael, The Runaway Winter Rabbit (A Short Story in Two Parts - Part One)

 Raphael was always dreaming about the world beyond the warren where he lived. Raphael’s brown nose was always sniffing the tantalizing scents and wondrous sounds coming for outside the warren. 589 more words



Some time ago, I befriended an adorable winter mouse, I named Bella, who wandered into my yard one day and became my friend for one long lonely winter.  1,010 more words

Karen Dowdall

The story so far...

I feel like all I do these days is write, read books about writing- and as much as I love to write and learn how to write better, I need another hobby. 1,120 more words


Writing Life Back Into The World

In the wake of her father’s death, a Malaysian author discovers the writer within and ends up writing herself into her country’s narrative.  http://www.worldliteraturetoday.org/2016/may/writing-life-back-world-bernice-chauly

My father’s untimely and tragic death when I was four made me a writer. 742 more words


Written on the Body by Zsolt Láng translated by Erika Mihálycsa

Beginning with the Voyager space launch and moving through explorations of touch, Hungarian writer Zsolt Láng examines his relationships to music, books, and art.   Reblogged from World Literature Today.com… 1,321 more words

Karen Dowdall