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Silence (continuing from A Kind Face With A Dark Story)

Persephone walked out of the doctor’s home with more nerves cracking in her brain. She didn’t speak to Sir Doouge the entire walk to the castle and even the birds has stopped chirping. 471 more words


Q & A: Finding community with a rare diagnosis

Jordyn Cleveland was born deaf. In 2013 her and her family found out why. At the age of 13, Jordyn was diagnosed with Usher syndrome a genetic condition that worsens over time and will further affect her vision. 1,213 more words

Who is teaching who?

There was about twenty more minutes until check-out time.  These last few minutes before leaving a hotel is always a bit stressful.  It was my sister and her man, me and mine, plus the kids.   994 more words

Famous for fifteen seconds: Tips to help you capture your group's stories on film.

Whether you like it or hate it, the ways in which we absorb and process information have changed irrevocably, and putting a message out into the world is easy as pie. 1,399 more words

Community Music


I watch her dip her toe into the water and yelp back like an excited piglet. Her smile is everlasting and ever growing, the curls only lifting higher as she laughs. 98 more words


Fairytale story elements

Last week I decided to research the fairytale as the story element of our upcoming craft, craft for adults that is.

I always see the most beautiful crafts in places like Instagram and Pinterest with the mention that children will have so much fun making it, but why can’t we just admit that us adults love making crafts as well. 193 more words


Hands In Mouth

 “I’m not touching that.”

“Why not.”

“Don’t know where it’s been.”

“It’s harmless. Come on,” holding out the ball. “You’ll win a prize.”

“Which’ll break before the nights out.” 71 more words

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