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Kat: New York Story

Like the other 8 Ladies I’m still decompressing from my trip to NYC. My writing has definitely benefited from a shot of conference adrenaline, and my imagination is still buzzing with the sights and sounds I experienced on my first trip to NY. 444 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

dark I side I thursday I two

It’s Thursday, so it’s the dark side…..

Below you will find part two of my story The Invited, a story that has grown out of some collaborative writing started by Margaret and Helen. 669 more words

Story Telling

Please let me introduce...

Alright, alright, alright…It is about time I introduced you to the king of my flat and heart (trust me I certainly do not own anything it’s all his)…JAGGER (or Jags, Agger, Eggs, Jack The Ripper lol…he’s got many names). 342 more words


July 29: Flash Fiction Challenge

A bear walks into a bar and orders a Rainier beer…

The start of corny joke? Not exactly. It’s based on the observation that bears in Washington state prefer Rainier over Busch. 758 more words


Summer Sun Is Rainy

Hi peeps,

For the last two days, it has been pouring rain and freezing cold. #cheerfulopening

Which means, as all my Swiss readers will know, that summer probably isn’t coming back. 123 more words

Daily Tmi

A New Book

The cover shines with no marks to marr the surface. The pages are crisp with bold printed words flowing across them. Page one pulls you like an old lover, showing you a world you’ve never known.