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Philippines Dengvaxia Vaccine Scam

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In light of present issues involving the French drug maker Sanopi’s Dengvaxia vaccine , I made this sentiment analysis because I wanted to dig deeper into how different media outlets are choosing their words in best describing the incident. 3,340 more words

Story Telling

Writing A Story

So, here within the past few days, I’ve been posting more original stuff on my tumblr account and I had a thought a little while ago. 116 more words


There was an elegance to the way she poured coffee, a slight turn of her wrist that turned the stream just so as it finished filling the cup. 64 more words

Is Brexit really worth it?

Britain will not pay a penny to leave the European Union if there is no deal, Theresa May tells her MP’s

The prime minister said in a letter to her parliamentary party: “The government has said that we are a country that honours its obligations, and that is what we will do. 320 more words


Set in Stone

“Be buried with me” he asks.  As he explores for something more meaningful than a cliche’ and fail-safe question of will you marry me?  The judgement materialized from a request of a partner in a previous life, a kinship that did not quite end so affably.  157 more words


Advent Calendar, Day 11: Undead Template, Part One

Hello, welcome back to the Apprentice’s Guide. Today is day 11 of my Advent Calendar series. So this time, I’ll be giving you monster templates for the Zombie (Skeleton template tomorrow). 327 more words

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