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Book Review-The Devil's Paintbox

I have to admit something. I had been waiting for this book for quite some time. Having read snippets of it a while back, I knew it was going to be good, and I wanted to hold it in my hand. 751 more words

There Was Room: A Short Story

The door whispered on its hinges as her fingers gently pushed it open, her stomach leaping as the light from the window washed over the scene inside the room.  819 more words


Undelivered mail

“I know you expected your first assignment to be a bit more glamorous,” Barry says, “But chin up! At least we are out the office.” 356 more words

Story Behind My Project

In todays society, everyone has a stereotype or is labelled in some way. People believe that femininity and masculinity are socially constructed, that we are planted with this ideology about men should be masculine and women should be femininity. 264 more words

Story Telling

Shoot 3

For my last shoot for the book, I wanted the model to dress in oversized clothing and She wore a mens polo and baggy trousers. I would consider this to be masculine clothing as it is not fitted which manly all male clothing is like. 124 more words

Story Telling

Shoot 2

For my second shoot, I decided to shoot in the studio as I wanted to mix my book up and have both studio and location. On this day I had three models in the studio at different times and bought them different clothing. 207 more words

Story Telling

Shoot 1

For my first shoot for the book, I decided to take two models to Holland Park as for my theme i wanted to incorporate flowers and nature for my locations shots. 205 more words

Story Telling