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Working Mom

I have it made… I really do! I get to have my cake and eat it too. Not many people have it as good as I do when it comes to their jobs. 862 more words

Cud Chewing

‘Todah rabah, Shimon’: Obama offers passionate farewell to Peres - Arutz Sheva

Paulo Cohelo shared a story he had heard from simon Peres at Davos Economic Forum at Davos,
the winner of the Nobel prize for peace,Simon Peres,told the following story. 189 more words


Break the Chains that Bind

Her eyelids were heavy as she looked at the computer screen. Drama unfolded everywhere on it. She felt nothing. No anger, annoyance, or distress. She was just there, reading the words that produced only drama. 254 more words


Sarah & Charles ~ An Introduction

They sat together, close, a little too close some of the other passengers think. “Lovers”, scoffs Mrs. Hamilton, who is sitting the row behind. This just makes Sarah giggle, which in turns makes Charles grin and lean in even closer to her. 687 more words


Making Your Character Relatable

There are two types of writers: plot-centric and character-centric. No matter which you are, you still have to portray relatable characters, or else, why should I care as a reader? 1,081 more words

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Kismet II 

My soon to be ex wife hated my guts and she took Maddie with her to Connecticut when she moved in with my mother-in-law several months ago. 831 more words

Don't Let Them Tell You The Web is Isolating

Carnegie UK Trust has produced a great piece of work on Digital Participation and Social Justice in Scotland, you can find it here. It a fantastic report, not least because it is short and to the point. 174 more words

Digital Inclusion