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Doya Ever...?

Writing like crazy….

Well, actually thinking like crazy and developing background information to help me advance my understanding of what the hell’s going on in ‘my’ novel. 249 more words


Did you hear the story...

I’m fascinated by what draws people to brands and why. What’s even more fascinating is how a new brand is able to gather such a strong following and keep it’s followers. 352 more words


10 Questions to Ask Before Signing with a Small Press Publisher (Part One)

Small press publishing has become a significant cottage industry. Self-publishing changed the book industry’s dynamics, and as many of the large traditional publishers struggled to make profits and maintain relevance, many entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to fill a void. 1,181 more words

Story Telling

Don't Blame Me - I Had No Choice!

An irresponsible splurge recently had me picking up one of those HTC Vives and so I’ve been lost in a wonderland of Virtual Reality. I’ll write up an article some time about my experiences with VR but for now I’d like to write about one particular game, the recently-released… 2,159 more words


B2B: Your Best Customer is a Successful Business

by Hassan del Campo

Business-to-business (B2B): only approach businesses that are profitable. Businesses that are not performing cannot necessarily be assisted by your service or product (there are some exceptions, such as a business consultant who specializes in generating profits for other businesses). 456 more words


Quick Rundown on: The 1oo-Year Wind

Hello folks, today we’re going to talk about “The 100-Year Wind.” I know what you’re thinking, what’s The 100 Year Who and Why Should I care?   408 more words

Repeat Offenders and New Inventors

The other day I was listening to my (perfectly) curated “Fall Fall Fall” seasonal playlist made by yours truly on Spotify and as one of my favourite tunes came on I had this unexpected epiphany about the song that sent me into a spiral of random and interconnected thoughts about repetition. 1,648 more words