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Stimulating memories - dealing with dementia

This morning I was in the kitchen with Radio 4 on, and happened to catch an episode of this week’s Book of the Week, which is “Gold Fever” by Steve Boggan. 281 more words

Digital Inclusion

Book - Chapter 1 

Summer thought to herself this can’t be real. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, there led on the ground was what can only be described as a big man with short brown hair, the remains of a pair of Ray-Bans covering his eyes, dressed in casual clothes but with an ear piece in his ear. 147 more words


The World of Story

Beneath the entertainment and diversion of narrative and art lies a great power – the power to tell a truth or truths. Many of us would watch a film or read a book for an escape from the real world, but there are in fact much greater and deeper purpose to story and art. 168 more words

The Art Of Narrative

web of iron.

Inside the blacksmith shop at Newlin Mills, Pennsylvania.


All or nothing

All or nothing

I sat near the window pane, when the much needed breeze kissed across my face and I closed my eyes as my heart ached. 2,015 more words

Writers Space

The End is Nigh...

I’ve been watching a lot of Doomsday Preppers and now I want to write an Apocalypse story. What seems more likely/worrisome: aliens, robots, or a plague?

What's the best angle for playing historic games?

This week I have mainly been playing Mount & Blade; a game series that attempts to straddle the gap between first-person combat, and broader third-person strategy. 292 more words