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Spin a Yarn

I can spin a yarn as good as any
but have trouble knitting a square

I prefer my yarns short and sharp
but I tend to drop too many stitches… 48 more words

Daily Prompt

Journey of an Engineer…

Let me paint you a picture… a real picture in fact


Age 15

Financial status:Rs 20/day pocket money.

Mental status: I am rich.

So when i was dreaming and praying that ” saala SSC khatam ho aur college start ho”; and the reason was so that i can get rid of school uniform and wear good cloths. 277 more words


While I am awake  when you are a sleep,

I remember when you saved the black sheep

Young, broken, and misunderstood,

you helped repair her broken wings… 40 more words

Snapchat journey - Day 2

I’m excited to dive into my second day of Snapchat Story-Telling. Surprisingly it didn’t feel odd, as I thought it would be. I took all of you on a moment by moment journey what it is like to be a New Yorker. 65 more words

New York City

A Bright Night Sky




Before I could give way my hands began to swim,

dancing with the tides of a sea sway.

Head watches heart play with rolling wrists and nimble fingers, 816 more words

Creative Writing

Crash Landing


Crash Landing


When I came in to this world,

I was born with a pair of wings.

These frilly feathers they

been flying ever since. 115 more words

Creative Writing

Absolutely Anything





– opening a window –


I can’t fly without wings, we all know that,

if I jump from a height I might go ka-splat! 771 more words

Creative Writing