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A scattering of words heard in passing,

‘…well, y’know…’
‘…it’s like…’
‘…like, I dunno…’
‘…suppose. It’s like one way or another…’

Voices absorbed into the passing traffic, but still they seem to be talking, heads nodding, while they wait at the pedestrian crossing. 177 more words


JOY (o lode al capitalismo)

Cara Ciurma

C’è una scena particolare ne “Il diavolo veste Prada” dove Nigel (mitico Stanley Tucci) spiega a una giovane Anne Hathaway lo spettro di gesti che Miranda Priestley (onnipresente regina dello schermo, Meryl Streep) usa per dire quanto un vestito le piace, oppure no. 1,445 more words


My Journey Back to Writing...Part 1

Shit. Can’t believe I’m actually sitting here typing words on a keyboard that have nothing to do with work, Twitter or Facebook. The last time I sat down to do this was probably about 6-7 months ago. 1,390 more words


Blissful Tunnel

Love inspires oceans of creativity, capable of drowning mountains, and lifting solitude’s corpse.

I want to travel through the rainbow’s blissful tunnel with you, love, the key to a misplaced box at the bottom of the well, 16 more words

By Ori Aander

12 things you should know to avoid being brain-washed (Part 4)


Many attendees lose their own friends and family through the pressure to supply ‘friends’ as potential purchasers of the training or event, or to become followers of the cause. 2,065 more words



Head over to my ‘Extract‘ page for the beginning of this story and more.

Thursday went by fast even though I didn’t talk to Matt a lot. 2,272 more words


Every piece of music tells a story.

Now answer this honestly…

How many of you have actually thought about what the piece of music you are playing is trying the express?

I suspect many of you haven’t. 757 more words