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I will take steps back to take leaps forward

My journey consists of a lot of backward and forward motions. It’s an endless cycle. To progress, I have to go backwards. I have to go backwards, revisit the tough times and the thoughts they brought and use them to influence the future. 509 more words


a cold beer, good for all occasions

Ready to go on a journey of discovery – as long as I can have a cold beer along the way.

I have a secret identity… 417 more words


This is the true story of one day when I went to a Starbucks coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee.

What happened leads me to say that Starbucks Sucks. 356 more words

Story Telling

Thoughts on my thoughts 

The end result I can never manage to create. I have a story, I begin to write but the words only create a long misunderstanding of what I want to say, what I want the reader to see, to understanding… it’s like having the image of the Mona Lisa in your head and drawing a stick figure upside down. 67 more words


William Shakespeare, as a nine year old boy, looks out of a small window from his school classroom and has a mystic vision for the English nation.. 897 more words

Story Telling

Story Telling based on the target audience!

When you translate your story in different languages. But be aware of your target audience as it needs more than just to translate your text. Imagine the following scene: 224 more words

Story Telling