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Buried Emotions

Gather ’round everyone! I got a story to tell!

Listen up boys and girls, this may be a lesson; may you learn it well.

Down by the river is a sycamore tree with a gorgeous grave underneath, 300 more words


Where are my friends?...

Introverts are not exactly known for their great social lives. Having to ride this line between wanting to be someone I wasn’t and needing my space has taken a lot out of me. 1,365 more words

Story Time: Mind Your Business

It’s honestly ridiculous that people still don’t know how to mind their own business. What happens in the lives of others for the most part does not have an impact on your life; their life decisions or life events do not impact you. 344 more words


What if Your Heart Was Contained in a Box?

As I was journaling yesterday, I came up with an interesting metaphor. What if you could put all your hopes and dreams, feelings, including your defining moments, what you feel makes you you into a box? 283 more words


why is my body breaking?

please stop this. i don’t deserve to deteriorate like spider-man.

you’re all going to make fun of me when i tell you what i did so in that case, i’m so sorry. 347 more words


This is fashion?

Now, I don’t claim to be a fashionista or even necessarily follow the latest fashions, I wear what I think looks nice and, more importantly, what I FEEL good in. 453 more words


Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Book Tour Coming To 4 Canadian Cities

Former United States first lady Michelle Obama will be speaking in four Canadian cities next year, as part of her Becoming book tour being extended into 2019. 570 more words