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Story Time: Antics of a High School Fast Food Worker

Story 1: Custard Catastrophe

It’s 8 pm. 2 hours to closing, but no customers in sight. Most staff is sent home early and a bare bones crew is left: a front person (desserts, register, drive thru), a closer (front responsibilities plus extra cleaning and the sense of existential crisis know you will be working later than everyone else, but comfort in the free soda consolation prize), two kitchen crew, and a manager. 1,680 more words

Fast Food

A Bear For My Bday

Story Time With the Grumpy Nerd Dad: Birthday Edition

Well, it’s official. I’m another year older and wiser…or something like that. Truth be told, the older you get the less distinctive birthdays get. 1,394 more words

Grumpy Nerd Dad

I Actually Liked The Courses That Had Nothing To Do With my Major

I know you’re probably reading this post with either a look of disgust or furrowed eyebrows. It’s okay I get it. However, I genuinely enjoyed the courses that had nothing to do with my major. 824 more words

Story Time

A free freedom


A friend of mine ones gave me an option. To choose between freedom and rules. And I jumped to freedom without even thinking about it. 554 more words


Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints

Happy Friday.  How was your week?

Mine was quite productive, despite losing a day and a half to a business trip.

Today was “Cleanup Day” at work – a day set aside for folks to get rid of unnecessary files – both of the paper and the electronic variety. 354 more words

Writing Sprints

Swiping right on someone on Tinder and realizing he's not your type after you match has the same energy as adding a song you like into your playlist but not liking it anymore once it's in.

I’ve been spending too much time on Tinder and Spotify.

At least I find joy in Spotify.

I never actually meetup with any of the Tinder boys…

Story Time-First Time I Drank Espresso

My second trip to Romania in 1998 introduced to a new friend- Espresso :)

I have never been able to sleep on planes and that trip was no exception. 360 more words