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Paying for being a Girl !!

She was just 17 and the pain she was put through was far more frightful than her worst nightmare. So weak to remove the painful scars those pleasure seekers left on her body and soul. 130 more words


A Joke

I pulled the cart out of the swinging double doors and prayed that nothing would fall off. Soft Christmas music was playing from the speakers that were scattered ineffectively above. 967 more words

Anthropology & Coconut

Here I am, in the dusty planes of the Australian outback. As a professor in anthropology I sort of knew I’d be travelling all over the world, sifting through the remains of older civilizations in the hopes of understanding their communities. 79 more words

Monday Much?

If there is one word that you could relate your Mondays with, what would that be? If there is one thing you would love your Mondays to be, what might that sound like? 287 more words

Monday Blues

dance dance dance dance

when you are alone

know it could be worse

for you could be

a lone

the suffocating space in between

not knowing you could compound… 129 more words

Spaghetti Knots

My Diary: Homage To A Gorilla God

A very early start to the day‭; ‬I even got up before the alarm spoke‭ (‬it speaks every day but I don’t always listen‭) ‬and went to the bathroom with a plaster cast on my head‭ ‬-‭ ‬I would paint it with black and white squares later and then wait for a king or queen.‭ ‬I caught the bus moments before a young girl with a desert landscape on her chest‭; ‬the other passengers sat like cactus waiting for the cool of the night to photosynthesise‭ (‬counterintuitive I know‭)‬.‭ ‬Sometime after this I met the chess master and we talked as we ate,‭ ‬I checked the colour of plants in his garden and then came home before he had called checkmate.‭ ‬I got off in town,‭ ‬which was suspended from a hot air balloon,‭ ‬and walked home under its slowly migrating shadow‭; ‬once there I immediately proclaimed the shadow our house’s own.


Third chapter up of Decode up on Channillo

Afternoon guys! Just a quick post to say that the third chapter of my series Decode is now up on Channillo. I’m sorry, I know it’s been a while, but I’m getting back to it, promise! 11 more words