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Chapter One


Father used to read us stories before bed. Stories that spoke about how mere holes could transport you to somewhere new, how a voice could make you bleed out from your ears and a tale about a selfish witch who devoured the souls of a whole town to look for Jove’s sup – Immortality.

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সমসাময়িক আমেরিকার দুষ্টু গল্প

নির্বাহী বিভাগের নিয়ন্ত্রক ও মালিক হলো সে দেশের পরাক্রমশালী প্রেসিডেন্ট যে নাকি
সারা পৃথিবীর উপর প্রভাব প্রতিপত্তি খাটাবার ক্ষমতা রাখে (এমনকি মঙ্গলেও!) । তিনি

True Crime and the Trash Balance

Soraya Roberts | Longreads | January 2019 | 9 minutes (2,514 words)

In his satirical 1827 essay, “On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts,” Thomas de Quincey called himself a connoisseur of murder before ensuring us he hadn’t actually committed one himself. 2,508 more words


The Fall

You can find this story and others here

He had been falling for quite a long time. He did not remember how he had slipped. He had watched all his steps. 667 more words

Short Story

Friday Short: Fire

This micro-story was written for this picture prompt (click on the image to read the original post):


She was kept in a cold, dark prison for eons; now the light beckons her to take flight once more, to freedom, to the fiery death of all who stand in her way. 10 more words


Wattpad story

Hey guys I started writing a new story and posted in Wattpad, Please give it a read.

Let me know how was it, m waiting eagerly <3 <3



Dear Wen: Scions...

Dear Wen…

Oh, there you are… ah, the old ‘Tree-Beard’ with ‘Hobbit’ on shoulder shot from the wall painting at Pickering church if memory serves. 305 more words