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Two New Italian Idols

Giro d’Italia is almost two weeks airing. I do follow Giro, but there are days off due to final semester exams and important local events. I love Giro d’Italia so much and adore its races. 182 more words

Cycling Idoling

Sample chapter from Echo 4

Everyone who’s read Echo (or started reading it) knows that the story veers sharply away from pew pew shoot-em-up into psychedelic sci-fi.  I’ve posted a sample chapter (chapter 24) of Echo 4 that’ll give you a little taste of what happens later on in the saga.  275 more words


Don't Believe what You Hear in the Dark

I have always been a semi-anxious person. I have memories as a young child being up late into the night, listening to thunderstorms outside my bedroom window, breathing in deep hoping I would calm down. 607 more words


What To Do

We talked back and forth with Kylie to figure out what to do. Photo by Ehimetalor Unuabona on Unsplash

Kylie returned Mr. Divine’s call after 8 pm in the evening. 470 more words

New Life

Golden Plains - Chapter II

We ran so fast that my sneakers sole was starting to come out.

A cloud of dust was beginning to rise with our rushed steps. I remember looking back one time, once we were far enough for me to have the courage to do it. 1,412 more words




A nameless shadow flits across the face of Science.

The Theory of Evolution has not been proven.

The ‘missing links’ for each species have not come forth from the fossil record. 161 more words