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cigarette daydream

“Cigarette daydream,

You were only seventeen.

So sweet with a mean streak,

Nearly brought me to my knees.”

i wish i knew what you were thinking.


The Opening To Stolen Hunt.

I don’t think I can share the opening for Shadow Strings with you (it’s book 3, the chance of spoilers are a pain). I can however share the opening of  1,282 more words

Urban Fantasy

The roads we travel

An unbusy street side by side with a busy one forgotten. Its way sits unused; lined with shops that look out onto it but never use it. 132 more words


Diagnosis: Love sick- part 3

Does everything happen for any reason? Why did I meet him that night? Why did we see each other? Why did we have an eye lock for such a long time? 1,401 more words


Saturday slices 22.8.15

No pix this time only words :)

My college days, well I joined college in 1995, 26 years old, so two persons from my college will always stay in my heart, one was a boy I really really believe he was genuinely in love with me, well he never said but always hovered around, I think he used to ask my friends about my whereabouts and then show up, his name was Bappa and yes, I can gladly share it because it is one of the most common names in Bengal :) 182 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

The Blackout

The blackout came at exactly 11:37pm. Roy knew, because he had an analog clock that plugged into the wall; an anachronism, to be sure, but one he loved to show off to any visitors who would listen. 396 more words

Short Story

From the Quill of Femme Sole 28.8.15

I think it is better to live together or not marry at all if you cant stay loyal to one partner and love that person enough to give both a happy life. 199 more words

Sharmishtha Basu