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Post from an old blog: Role Models Part Three, Mom

I was told by several people in all stages of life, that you will be who your parents are.  Which made me an alcoholic drug addict schizophrenic. 692 more words

About Me

Always Halloween

Blaire Donovan adjusted the black pointy witch hat on her head in the body mirror in front of her. With her green eyes, she examined her pale skin and her long black straight hair that curled at the ends. 541 more words

Short Story

The Adventure of the Second Stain [Annotated]

The Adventure of the Second Stain

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Annotated by Amy Danielowich

I had intended “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange”[1] to be the last of those exploits of my friend, Mr. 10,462 more words

Tiger, Tiger - Part seventy six

Magda’s sobs became hysterical. “They’re dead. He killed them. It’s my fault.” She tried to escape Lilavati’s grip but Lilavati held onto her.

“Sweet child, they are not dead,” Lilavati said. 857 more words


Mustard Seeds Vol. 25

Dead Skin. Part 4

“Unbeing dead isn’t being alive.” – e.e. cummings

When is it Time to Let Go?

People who have not experienced the living dead cannot understand the phenomenon. 144 more words

Dying to be thin

I stare at my naked reflection and I choke back a sob. Why am I still so fat? I pinch my skin as a tear slides down my cheek. 152 more words