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The Meaning Of Eid

The Meaning Of Eid –

Eid – “recurring happiness” or “festivity”.

Two occurrence of Eid in Islam every year.

1. Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast Breaking, post Roja) 184 more words


Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 232

The countless voices of the fey were a dull background noise in my head compared with the turbulent thoughts concerning what I should do. Earlier tonight when I was told to wait with Jarod in the car, watching as others did battle, I wasn’t opposed. 2,083 more words

Interfaith, Intercultural, Interracial, Enter My World

A Catholic and a Muslim walk into a bar…

Sounds like the punchline for a joke, right?

But this is how my boyfriend and I met two years ago. 2,984 more words


Space3 (part seventeen)

Randy’s space suit was right where he had hung it up.  He pulled it on with little help from Mac.  He had one red light blinking on the suit’s screen which is attached to the right arm of the suit. 506 more words

Shattered Will and the Ancestor Hall; haunting and serpentine.

Let chaos become passed road markers. I’ll take my own route, thanks,”

stumbling through the first part.

Donovan had guessed they’d come here for him, but he wasn’t so sure now. 655 more words


Alice’s Wings Part Five

This part is dedicated to and sponsored exclusively by my best friend Miranda (yes she sings) who insisted I don’t give up on this little story series. 473 more words

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Where Did You Start?

This is me before my high school graduation.

The photos are fuzzy.

Yes, that’s a Marborlo light in my mouth. I started smoking when I was fourteen years old, and it… 315 more words

Public Speaking