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Johnny and the Quest for The Perfect Tools

Meet Johnny Man.

Johnny Man lives in a very small town nestled in the woods of Scandinavia. In this small town,  the sole purpose in life is to build a chair. 1,140 more words


Ch. 4: Coping

After the trio had showered in the barrack’s public showers, they returned to their room. Millet immediately began preparing for his night out. Ruffling the towel over his short hair, the lengthy elf looked towards Allium, who was sitting on his bed staring off into the distance. 1,845 more words


Short storY: CÔ-HẢI

Sẽ chẳng bao giờ có được giữa lòng tay

Chút ấm áp hương người thương nhớ(*)

Hai bàn chân nhỏ lạnh quá, chúng tự chà vào nhau để nhóm lên chút gì ấm áp. 631 more words


Genre-Fiction: Plot-Driven versus Character-Driven

I recently read that genre fiction (e.g., fantasy, horror, romance) is plot-driven rather than character-driven. However, what exactly is a plot-driven story? Does such a story even exist? 403 more words


Dear Rose Bousamra,

I felt STAR STRUCK reading…

(because your comic’s setting is “the Realm of the Seven Stars. Ahem. Anyways.) I am so excited to read more and more of your comic! 263 more words

Eleven NAB Churches Form Partnerships with ZZ Serbia or MEK Hungary

MEK Hungary and ZZ Serbia and Ron and Jeannie Seck are rejoicing greatly this week in the middle of January!  Seven North American Baptist churches have pledged to become supporters of Laci and Eszter Daroczi-Csuhai and MEK Hungary.  311 more words



17 ~ The Storm Of Pain

It hurts my heart felt like it was ablaze, I could feel my heart throb with the rest of my body, I clenched my lids wishing the horrible memory away, how could he? 1,613 more words