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Three Ideas for Fulfilling Life

Values are only values when we are willing to sacrifice for them. So values require a sacrifice. Since values are so deep thing, it would be quite odd to let a day go by without sacrificing for your values. 486 more words


In Her Bedroom....

Eve was sitting on her bed, hyperventilating. It was her bedroom, her sanctuary. She could be alone here, have some Privacy. She raised her head slowly and looked around; they were everywhere. 684 more words



In the desolated house
Evening day
Nice day

D-day when I realize that I’m not in the fit space
Burdensome colleague
Bothersome sister

Cries until eyes near to drops… 89 more words


The Summer of 2010

In the summer of 2010, my youngest son was five years old. He was my miracle baby – I conceived him at age 40 after five plus years of not using birth control and having a miscarriage. 737 more words


Puzzle Piece Unity

Don’t apologize for being different; but don’t accept that compliment either: the world needs more people like you. The world needs more individuals, yes, individuals who are different yet collective; people who think differently and who teach differently so the minds of the young are diverse. 100 more words



Shodo bowed and scraped before his master. Lord Ilrot was not pleased, and as likely to take it out on Shodo as not. Still, there was nothing to be done but wait and hope that his master vented his temper on one truly deserving of it. 686 more words


Showing skin in Széchenyi

A little post detailing my first ever visit to the bathhouses in Budapest.

I sit on the second step hugging my knees. A plump figure wades past me sending a roll of water ashore, his rosy gut rippling with every stride. 414 more words