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Everyone Lives In A World He Deserves

One man was travelling and suddenly he got to the paradise.

He sat down under the desire tree (there is such tree in the paradise, sitting under which you can immediately fulfil any your desire, you just need to think about it) and thought: “I am hungry, so it would be nice to have a bite right now.” And when he just thought about this, a table full of different dishes that he was thinking about appeared right before him. 145 more words

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as they say on the story GAZAB KI LADKI THI WO

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170x170 day 28 28.5.15

Is not he that man, who you heard preaching the virtues
of love, kindness, forgiveness and all good things?
The man that is baying for the blood of the monster… 140 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

The Sunrise at the Grounds

This Sunrise was taken at the play ground of Indiranagar.
While people were busy with their cricket and Track run, I was the only one with a camera and the only one clicking away. 9 more words


no love 

I don’t know what love is. I know what it’s like to hear all the crazy stories of midnights spent with older guys, the ones that your friend tells you about the next morning as your drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in the parking lot before school. 293 more words

Spanish Lovers Giveaway! (Libro Espanol Gratis)

Or Lovers of Spanish, ra… ther!  :D

Starting tomorrow (25th May) and running through Friday (29th May) I will be giving away my short Spanish book, … 91 more words


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Kesadaran Memilih

Semua yang ada dalam hidup adalah pilihan, baik sadar maupun tidak sadar. Semua pilihan Anda kemarin, tahun lalu, sepuluh tahun yang lalu telah menghasilkan di mana Anda berada hari ini, apa yang Anda lakukan hari ini, apa yang Anda miliki di sekitar Anda saat ini. 155 more words