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Shadows in the Dark

Part 15: Creatures and Insects and People.. Oh My

Moaning whilst clutching his injured leg, Krazt spots the Yeti. Sariel runs over to the lip (having heard the cry) and immediately alerts the others to the presence of the beast. 2,324 more words



let’s enjoy the SILENCE for a while… 

There is something in you…, some kind of spark that can light up the entire universe yet… you just are unaware..about it… you found yourself hurt , unwanted and alone.. 452 more words


Perjuangan Bazaar Pertama di Tumpah Ruah

Tanggal 4 Desember yang lalu aku memberanikan diri buat ikutan ngelapak di Tumpah Ruah. Ini adalah pertama kalinya Angky’s Handicraft ikutan bazaar, seneng bangeeet!! Biasanya cuma bisa share karya-karya ku di socmed, sekarang dapet kesempatan buat majangin semuanya di bazaar yang diadain sama Gudang Sarinah. 644 more words


50-Words Story #1: Lottery Ticket

Every year, old Billy would buy a lottery ticket. This year, old Billy bought two tickets instead.

He happily sold one to his neighbour at double the price. 25 more words



Chapter-30 :

(A/N : Please Comment. it will help me to keep my motivation to write this novel.)

Adventure level: H

Name: Kola                                                            Age: 22 years…

180 more words


Chapter-29 : Foxy

(A/N : Please Comment. it will help me to keep my motivation to write this novel.)

I was very beautiful and majestic animal to see, if not the fact that it is bound to the dungeon and will kill others i would have loved to have such animals to be tamed. 2,218 more words

God Will Provide

One of the components of the Worldview course I teach is a study of comparative religions.  It’s important to know what other people believe, especially in this shrinking world of ours.   761 more words