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There's an OR

I could feel myself slipping, as is so often the case after sharing stories of victory and speaking truth to others who may be experiencing the same kind of struggles. 531 more words


Some Filth - Midnight Intruder

She sighed and threw her vibrator in the drawer. Five orgasms and she wasn’t even close to satisfied. She needed cock. With her husband out of town for another ten days, that wasn’t going to happen. 2,172 more words


Game of thrones

Now that we are done with the finale of the show, i cannot help but feel bittersweet about it all. Season 8 has been the worst season yet and while I do not think Bran is the right choice as King of the Seven Kingdoms (or 6 since Sansa is an independent bitch who don’t need no man, or king in this case, in Winterfell) , I am still very much in awe of everything i have seen. 421 more words

Golden Plains - Chapter I

I was never good with goodbyes.

I always felt a bitter taste on my mouth when I saw someone of whom I liked leaving. Not because of the fact that I would miss them, I actually was always a lingering for a little bit of sorrow from time to time. 1,131 more words


Modern Magic - School classes [2]

With a sigh Maika walked through the front door of the school. It was a rather modern building with new technology and newest apparatures to tackles the newest problems the world had encountered. 304 more words


Trials of Gudain (Prologue)

Ashka watched the young baby princess gurgle in the crib, wagging it’s tiny fingers at her parents.

A pang of hurt shot through her heart, making tears come to her eyes. 217 more words

Ms. Brie

Brie gave one last and longing look towards the complex where she had spent most of her life. Time had not spared those walls.

A market and residential complex which Brie had inherited from her parents and her parents had inherited it from her grandparents and so on. 284 more words