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My Favorite Book

My favorite book is called, ‘The Black Rock’.

The main characters in the story are June and Julie, the Black Rock, Mom and  Julie’s cousins. 108 more words


Just stop writing if you hate it that much.

I met her by the lake when she had bougainvillea in her hair that time when April showers didn’t bring May flowers. 279 more words

My Truth

This is a piece that I wrote around nine months ago.

My accomplishments up to this point have surpassed my expectations in such a small frame of time. 592 more words


1160 - unikornis tél

KM: Lassan, de biztosan fokozatosan hűl le a külső hőmérséklet. Mindenki tudja, hogy hamarosan vége van az utazásra alkalmas időjárásnak.
Néhányan a diákok közül ezért készülődnek, hogy télire oda ékezhessenek, ahova a szüleik kijelölték nekik. 2,295 more words


Temptation - a drabble

A short humorous drabble I wrote a while ago.

“Go on then, have a bite,” said the Serpent.

Eve looked down at the fruit. Contrary to the popular paintings, it was a tangerine. 77 more words


Trust Fund Baby ~ 10 A Satire

Chapter 10

I tried to wrap my head around working with a bunch of criminals. I’ve two problems, I don’t anything about work. And, I’ve only met white collar criminals who have expensive lawyers like Pettibone who get them off. 1,790 more words


Thursday Pedagogy 21.6.18

Summer nights

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summer nights come wrapped in jasmine scent
late at night a soft sigh rises… 35 more words

Sharmishtha Basu