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My Second Most Embarrassing Moment

As penance for not going through with my daily posts I’ve decided to add this more personal one. If I miss any forthcoming days I’ll post my most embarrassing moment to date. 565 more words


Land of Humanity and The Black Bird Disease!

‘Once upon a time there was a land called humanity’, Grandma narrates the story to Rose, her youngest grandchild. The land was ruled by a noble King. 585 more words

The Meaning of the Phoenix (5 min read)

This post may be slightly out of the ordinary. It isn’t about a US city, or a sports team, I can promise you that.  I suppose the flow of my life recently and my love for Harry Potter justified the need to write a post like this for you, and by-golly, you best enjoy this. 793 more words

Advice And Thoughts

TSW: Chapter 26 - Like Ants

Chapter Twenty-Six – Like Ants

“Remember what I said. I’m not going to say it again. Actually, there’s no need for any words. I’m being trusted with a job, and I intend to impress,” Deena said.

2,069 more words

Mind Games Part 5 

Another day in bed, watching something on TV. Flashes of yesterday keep making me smile and I really want to text Lerato. I get a call from one of my boys to go chill with some girls at some party, no solid information is confirmed expect that I should bring the camera with. 468 more words