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When a Story Takes Off

When I was little, I wanted to be an artist. Well, I quickly realized that I couldn’t draw or paint, and I’m not very good at crafts, though I wish I was. 325 more words



When the day ended and you felt dreary
I wish the songbird could sing a song of joy for you
When the dawn came everything was misty… 125 more words


Sailing through it all...

(This is my attempt to write using a style called ‘Fragmented Writing’. In this particular style, the writer merges (creatively copy pastes) parts of various different stories, to form a single piece of writing that is like a jigsaw puzzle – One big picture with small different pieces but  all fit into each other. 304 more words


Names Matter II...

‘Born to life, in vain,
Opinions, those or these,
Unalter’d to retain,
The obstinate mind decrees…’
Empedocles on Etna

…“My… my…my…but how that ol’ double five do stick in the craw.” 552 more words


"PHAMTOMS OF TRUTH" by Swara Shukla

It feels as if a percussion band is playing inside my head. I grunt and try to force my eyes open. I can make out a faint silhouette looming over me, but can’t do much more than squint. 2,766 more words

Indian Writers

Losing Fiends 

It seems that under the circumstances of not knowing your going to have a baby until late in the pregnancy produce a lot of doubt within the group of people that care about you the most. 466 more words


My Story - Ptsd From Military Operations

I have been asked on several ocasions about my story and I guess it s about time for me to do this. I have attached it for any and all to read. 61 more words