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Rough Draft: When You're Older

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Lisa S.

I cannot look to you without reminding myself of all the pain and confusion I’ve caused you. I know that it isn’t your fault that you are here but…just, dammit I wish you wasn’t. 1,132 more words

3 reasons why every brand should let the influencers tell their story

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to stories and learning about experiences? Everyone wants to know about what others bought and if it was worth it, what they liked, what went wrong and so on. 339 more words

Statistical Uncertainty In Legendary Tales of Days of Yore

One mustn’t forget the deeds of the thirteen young men who strove for this goal. On their way, they sweat such sweat that we, the selfish, ordinary creatures, only sweat in a lifetime, or perhaps half a lifetime, or more, for I am not sure. 187 more words

Truth Within 17 - [Your Heart Will Lead You Home]_END

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Friendship, Romance, A Slice of life, Travel

Main Cast: Jang Eunbi & Cho Kyuhyun

Other Cast: Jang Eunbyeol 5,094 more words



When you eat, sleep and breathe prose, and have sentences dripping from your fingertips, when your mind goes blank just as you find the right words to say, and metaphors hang on the tip of your tongue, when the alphabet runs a race through your head trying to figure out who goes first-second-third, and vocabulary climbs the rungs on an endless ladder, and you have the ability to create entire worlds and destroy them with the stroke of a pen, when you dream in soliloquies and speak only through the pages you’ve carefully stained with ink, all while never leaving the comfort of a warm wool blanket, then you will truly be able to call yourself a writer. 16 more words