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Romantic Baseball

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

Everybody has their own story of how or why they came to love the game. For many, it was when they went to their first game in a huge stadium and for others, it was whenever they got to play catch with loved ones. 1,176 more words


No Reply

I knock on your window from outside
And I’m crazy because it’s on the 2nd floor
And I’m dangling from the tree next to your house… 105 more words


Spain In Name Only

Sambal opened his eyes and glanced around the compound. It was a reflexive space, with almost an absence of presence. Like the vacuum-facing bay of one of those lifters he’d been stuck on. 1,085 more words


red sweater

behind her walls is a terrified girl. she does not know how to be strong, so she hides herself by wearing her red knitted sweater. she does not like being seen, so she hides within the shadows. 172 more words


Switching time periods

The Olden Days

So, you may not be aware, but anyone who knows me knows that I am into history.

I love classic films and novels. 272 more words


NieR - An Emotional Journey

Back in 2017 when NieR Automata released, I’ve never heard about NieR or Drakengard. I played trough NieR Automata, finished Route A-D in 3 Days. On the fourth day, I finished Ending Y. 720 more words