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All the Kings are Mad-chap 7

Chapter 7- Brief Encounters

The thing Killeranne hated more than journalists, Democrats, actual christians, fashion models, Muslims, undercooked fish, constitutional historians, the poor, the catty housewives of her former neighborhood, the Truth, rice cakes, and spending a long evening listening to Ben Carpson, talk about his imaginary childhood, and his philosophy of life, was her mostly secret late-morning White House job of getting the president and, when in town, the members of his family up and out of their gilded coffins. 2,531 more words



by Rubén Darío

translated by Peter Robertson

You may already be aware that my father was John Leen, the famous London doctor and much-feted Member of the Royal Society of Psychic Research. 2,229 more words


don't be sorry

for the vulnerability in your life’s work

it’s your life work for a reason

some sort of grander purpose

to make life

more worth

its burning… 117 more words


Story Notes


Ryan suggested we create a 3D animatic, instead of going down the traditional hand drawn storyboard look, having never done a 3D Animatic before I decided to give it a go, it also meant the whole group could have input as some members are not as fond of drawing. 1,327 more words



If there are things that I loathe seeing in games, one of them is the strange and annoying design to steer the narrative by using a cutscene, then allowing the player to regain control of their character, take a couple of steps, and then play another cutscene. 381 more words

Black Lights Pt.2

…Fall apart

break the lights

what do you fight for 

there’s nothing to cry for

it always end with a cold soul…

I can’t walk on straight line no I’m not fine… 270 more words