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The Calm Before The Storm (I) – 7

With heart stilled with fear I lied back on my bed recalling mom’s last words to me, she’d held my hand entwining our fingers “Your dad and I might look happy but things don’t always seem how they are” she’d began softly, “we do fight” she recalled, closing her eyes like she was warding off an ugly memory “but we resolve them before anyone gets a hint, you might love each other but marriage is built on a whole lot of patience, Sabr” she added chuckling as she shook her head, “be patient with each other, maintain the friendship you have make it stronger than it is now, having your friend for a companion is one of the keys to a successful relationship” I closed my eyes tightly, I felt like I was having an out of body experience all the advice I was given hitting me at the same time. 744 more words


My story with languages

I grew up speaking four different languages and I never thought of it as something extraordinary because I had two brothers who spoke and understood the same languages as me. 250 more words


Hopelessly Dreaming: Chapter One


        On the edge of the land, reaching out toward the sea was the port city known as Sayfe.  It was just nearing noon and the whole of the city was alive with action.   3,992 more words


The Condemnation of a House in my Dream

The other night I had the most visually stimulating and somewhat scary dream I’ve had in a while. As soon as I was awoken from my slumber by the dream’s end, I jotted down as much a I could remember, and decided to write it out and dedicate this next blog post to the scene. 746 more words


What Girls got to do with it?

As her mother said, she settled herself doing the ‘diyas’ by now. Mattresses were done and so were the bedsheets. Diyas were also arranged perfectly in clean diagonal lines. 882 more words


Total War: Warhammer Review

Build Your army! Build your settlement, birth your hero and lord to protect, conquer or destroy the land. Choose up to nine different races to start a campaign of agony and triumph! 403 more words