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The Art of the Deal

1,300 years ago, a bedouin purchases a magnificent yet impractical camel coat. Soon he is seeking to sell it for a fortune, an epic quest along which he encounters such exotic beasties as a Buddhist monk and a fat Egyptian merchant. 1,485 more words

Original Artwork

1333. Serendipity

Cushla had always thought that the word “Serendipity” was something meaningless from some old song, sort of like “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!” or even “Chim chiminey chim chim cher-ee!” How wrong she was, as she was about to find out. 230 more words


Forgetful Love: Chapter 9

Read Forgetful Love: Chapter 8

Rudra was very confused. He didn’t know why did he started crying all of a sudden. He ran back to Aaruhi and said, ” I want you right now.” 197 more words


Scene 8: The Noble Town

Mr. Fuji and the town locals are celebrating Lyrik’s 5th birthday. It’s the start of the summer and the forest is warm, but everyone is still enjoying running around outside. 424 more words


Forever and Always

I feel the sand squish slowly through my toes as I walk down the Bali beach, I slide my fingers between her fingers. The fingers fit effortlessly as if they are meant to be together, forever and always. 541 more words



Our story is that we don’t have a story

Samana Syed



We never fight now,
but this doesn’t mean we don’t have a conflict. There are always opposing forces playing between us, love.

Samana Syed