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It’s so cold today. Too cold I don’t dare to go out at all. I can already imagine how the wind could leave prints on my skin, and make every inch of my body long for some place warm. 276 more words


Letter To Father Christmas

We are now in the month of December. Its the build up for the ‘BIG DAY’ – Christmas Day.

Today’ children experience the activities a little different than of when I was a child. 648 more words


Complications of DLC/Main Game Relationships

Minor spoilers for Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC, Blood Ties


Ok, started Blood Ties. Got to the great hall, heard the ghosty “Stay out of the West Wing!” bit, stopped cuz Mrs. 1,330 more words

Unh Unh Unh Whaddaya

Unh, Unh, Unh, Whaddaya Whaddaya Wha?

Hey mister you got one of them mint joolips?

Nah kid, I aint got nothing of the sort, got a cigarette if you wanna bum one… 323 more words



I count the days the hours the seconds

Until I’m in your arms again
Everything feels so slow, life is meaningless when im not home… 272 more words


Astelle, Keeper of the Tomes

Here we are at last for another installment of the Leaves of Hellebore series, I’m still building a plot and this particular character’s introduction is integral to the main story which will begin to unfold soon. 206 more words