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Past is past and future is future but the future is belongs to the present

In my story I designed my future and the present is destroyed.

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Duet for a Small Porpoise's Extinction

Kimi Eisele | Longreads | December 2018 | 22 minutes (5,477 words)

Were we ever to arrive at knowing the other as the same pulsing compassion would break the most orthodox heart. 5,666 more words



हळव्या प्रेमावर विश्वास असणाऱ्या प्रत्येकासाठी …

हिंदोळा (मराठी कथा संग्रह) (भाग ९)



             एखादयाबद्दल निरागस भावना निर्माण होणं म्हणजे आयुष्यातील एक गोड स्वप्नच. ती भावना तुम्हाला एक स्वर्गीय विश्वाची सफर घडवून आणते.

Poetry And Strories

Camouflage Techniques in the Wild

Look what Little Monkey and I found just down the road; a little family of Spotted Dikkops.

They are amazing birds, with bright yellow legs and knobbly knees, giving rise to their other name of… 386 more words


Tip 2 of 7 Fiction Writing Tips by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Make a detailed outline of your story.

Invent a system Zolaesque…but buy a file. On the first page of the file put down an outline of a novel of your times enormous in scale (don’t worry, it will contract by itself) and work on the plan for two months. 42 more words


Vinnie Gets A Special Message From His Mom


“When are we leaving, Mom? Mom? Mom? Are you still mad at Rupert for breaking the angel? He didn’t mean it,” says Vinnie watching his mom make the bed. 462 more words