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Storyboarding. And my first attempts at everything, really.

I have been completely immersed in the skills of storyboarding as of late. I feel like it combines everything I have learned in my arts education, and then some: dimensional visualization, staging, sequential cinematics (which are complex in of themselves)! 457 more words

Animated Short

Project 4: Storyboarding - 2

We were given a task to create a story in a desert which involved conflict. In our group we brainstormed some ideas, such as a giant snake monster, someone trying to steal treasure and Egyptians betraying a group of cowboys. 125 more words

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Project 4: Storyboarding -Little Red Riding Hood

Today we learnt more about storyboarding and graphic novels. We had to draw either Red Riding hood as a storyboard or to make our own story. 11 more words

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Storyboarding explains your product,app or service and in what situations can it benefit users in the real world. It can be used at an early stage of product development and design to share with the team, key stakeholders to explain how the product will be used & what are the key tasks it is expected to perform. 246 more words

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Sunday Storyboard Completion

Redid my storyboard. And while not the best, it’s concise, full of snippets rather than elongated animation sequences, and I can more likely finish it. 112 more words


A rough storyboard of the project. All the timings have been kept broad to keep some leeway in acting and recording issues that may occur.