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Writer's Sludge

I don’t get writer’s block. I get writer’s sludge.

Okay, sequence four scene six. Sharon postulates on Bert’s death and Hannah must pretend she’s not insane. 720 more words


Meet Sophia

Sophia is modeled after my own cat. She happens to be Betty’s little pet. Though Sophia is always trying to steer Betty the right way they always tend to be found as partners in crime. 29 more words


Meet Betty

Sometimes I create characters to help tell a story. Betty is one of these characters, she is great to use in storyboards or any of your design needs. 84 more words



When working as a freelancer, you never know what your next job will be!

This time not only translations, but even storyboarding!



Today I am storyboarding for a children’s book for my mother-in-law… we’ll hand the pictures off to a real artist when I’m done.

“It was a dark, rainy day.”

Picture Books

Storyboarding for medical animation

So I’m currently working on a 3D animation project and I’ve reached the storyboard stage of development. At times I absolutely love doing this, especially when shot ideas are flowing out like a leaky faucet. 330 more words


Storyboarding for the first time? Here's what I've discovered...

The first time I ever wrote a story, I pretty much copied my favourite book and told rather than showed. But I had never been taught how to write  a story or how to be creative, I just tried to mimic what I read without realising how much I actually mimicked. 539 more words