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Story-Boarding in a D3.js dashboard using Intro.js

Greeting folks,

I am back with another article. Today we will see how to add a guided step by step story-line to our D3 dashboard… 1,127 more words


Twenty- Twenty- Twenty-Four Scenes to Go-o-oh

I wanna be sedated

I suppose I should have said chapters, not scenes (but, of course, “chapters” would not suit the rhythm of the Ramones). I think the actual scene count is more like 30, and a soft 30 at that – inevitably I will find gaps that need to be bridged, pushing that number higher – but I think 24 is a fairly safe estimate for number of chapters remaining. 413 more words


Writer's Sludge

I don’t get writer’s block. I get writer’s sludge.

Okay, sequence four scene six. Sharon postulates on Bert’s death and Hannah must pretend she’s not insane. 720 more words


Meet Sophia

Sophia is modeled after my own cat. She happens to be Betty’s little pet. Though Sophia is always trying to steer Betty the right way they always tend to be found as┬ápartners in crime. 29 more words


Meet Betty

Sometimes I create characters to help tell a story. Betty is one of these characters, she is great to use in storyboards or any of your design needs. 84 more words



When working as a freelancer, you never know what your next job will be!

This time not only translations, but even storyboarding!



Today I am storyboarding for a children’s book for my mother-in-law… we’ll hand the pictures off to a real artist when I’m done.

“It was a dark, rainy day.”

Picture Books