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From Storytelling to Storyboarding

Storytelling is probably the oldest form of communication. John Hench, Disney Legend and former Senior VP of Creative Development, used to insist that storytelling was ‘in our genes.’ – Tom Fitzgerald, The Imagineering Workout…

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Using Sequential Art for Narrative Therapy

Charles Sutton

Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Level 7 Learning

When writing the reflection for the topic of using narrative therapy with gifted students, the question arose that, if creating an narrative that externalizes one’s problems could allow the student/client to rewrite his/her own story to help determine a path to bypass the child’s problems, then perhaps, is it also possible to do the same thing through art using graphic novels or comics, which are highly narrative forms of sequential art? 1,406 more words


Assignment 3: storyboarding

I’m not sure if ‘storyboarding’ is exactly the right word for a non-narrative work, but it’s the closest I could think of for what I’ve been doing – visually planning each shot, including sketching out proposed compositions. 1,045 more words


HBR: Getting More-Granular Data on Customer Journeys

Does your company have customer journey maps (CJM)? Are you following the Yellow Brick Road to the finish line?  Below is a blog from the… 1,019 more words


Two Storyboards

Both storyboards are done for SCAD class with Benjamin Phillips.

The pdf link is called Robotics Competition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload it as video.

The second storyboards are  part of the Freedom – Eleutherophobia story, “Inside the Temple”. 20 more words


Freedom - Storyboards

Storyboards for the Eleutherophobia – Freedom story. A project I did for storyboarding class with Ben Phillips.

==== Shmaze ====

Our brain is the most expensive organ in the animal kingdom. 11 more words


Personal Project

Currently working on a personal project. I decided to show step by step my process for creating characters and stories. They are not great but it is still a work in progress! 115 more words