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I: Where are you in the process of I AM THAT?

Joy: I am three months out until day 1 of production. And I am more than half way done with storyboarding. 1,205 more words


#LeapAheadWritingMarathon Day 11: Storyboarding with Kaye in 2011 (#TBT!)

How did your word-count challenge go yesterday?

True confession time: I didn’t do ANY writing at all yesterday. I’d planned to participate in a writing sprint in the evening with my grad-school writing group, but after watching… 228 more words


Storyboarding Notebook

I have been really enjoying doing storyboards, so much in fact I’ve bought myself a book filled with blank storyboards. That way I don’t need to spend half the time drawing up the boxes, I can just start planning immediately. 40 more words


Exercises - Visulisation

Find a quiet moment or two and try to imagine the situation described below. Think what you would¬†see¬†if you were there. Once you’ve conjured up the images go back to each and sketch out basic impressions of what you see (yay more drawing :) ) 1,534 more words


Week 5 Assignment - Krull Redux

Based on notes you took during our class discussion (You did take notes, right?) you will re-storyboard the first part of last week’s Krull script. 50 more words


Exercise - Building a Story

  • Choose a picture (either find or create one of your own or choose one from the website)
  • Identity a series of smaller frames within the picture that you can use to create a new story…
  • 816 more words

Exercise - Telling A Story

My course arrived this morning. I was so excited I think the delivery man had never had such a welcome as I flew across the kitchen. 1,733 more words