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Nomad Previs and Maybe More?

Near the conclusion of my Storyboarding class we were left with a more open-ended assignment and encouraged to think more about bigger, thesis-like projects. This was the first time I had given serious thought to the content of my graduate film. 250 more words


Writing Desk- Using Pinterest to Storyboard Your Book

I’ve often wondered how we managed to survive without Pinterest. *Grins*

As far as social media goes, it’s one of my favorites? Why? Because I’m a visually driven person. 670 more words

Storyboarding - getting the hang of animatics

Tiny snippet of an animatic for the storyboard I did for the workshop. AfterEffects isn’t too hard to pick up, thankfully, esp with youtube tutorials to refer to. 27 more words


Storyboarding - review and resources

We drew out storyboards for our story outlines and went over them in the session. I received some useful criticism for mine, including to keep in mind information that is important for the audience to know and make sure it is communicated to them, and it was pointed out to me some areas which needed more ‘setup’ in order to help later points become more effective. 88 more words


Storyboarding - language of storyboards

We covered the terms used in storyboarding and the effects of different kinds of shot:


Wide shot, establishing shot, etc.: Shot from a distance. Useful for establishing a setting, making the viewer feel ‘distant’ from characters, etc. 284 more words