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Treading Water

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. There are some fun and very privileged opportunities that I’ve been able to secure, and I’m very excited to share those here in the next coming weeks; but one of those things I can share right now is… 659 more words


Oral History: An Introduction

We often think of history as big events—think battles, coronations, explorations—that’s observed impartially, recorded faithfully, and carefully preserved in libraries and universities for later generations. But history is as much about the lives of every day people as so-called great events, and we all can play an important part in preserving our own, and our community’s, history. 716 more words

Current Events

365 Gratitude Project - Day 34: StoryCorps

February 3, 2017

I’m grateful for NPR’s StoryCorps project. Every Friday morning I listen to my local NPR station KUOW 94.9FM, and I also subscribe to their podcast, and they provide the means for people to tell… 100 more words


StoryCorps Interview Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed using the StoryCorps app!  The TED Talk and original StoryCorps project are both inspirational and helpful in evoking a deep sense of purpose to conversation.   246 more words


Dave Isay - StoryCorps

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is watching TED Talks, which is a great source of education and getting inspired by speakers with experience or stories. 296 more words


The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My visual self-reflection for this interview is:

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ms. Ime T. Akanke for my pilot English 101 course. She is an English professor at Morgan State University and is a strong activist for the success of African American and Black youth. 231 more words

Family Interview


A little while back, I was asked to interview a family member (the older the better) about some aspect of their past and upload it to a site called StoryCorps. 204 more words