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Björk Deconstructs a Television in 1988

The impish and magical Björk talks about the analogue wonders of TV in 1988. In her typical bewitching and charming way she manages to lull me into strange sort of melodious half-sleep. 67 more words


Creative Inspiration for Thanksgiving Break

Pollner Professor Kevin Van Valkenburg sent his students off on Thanksgiving break with a hard deadline for a reported long form story on the first Monday back, but also with a piece of inspirational reading to help them cross the finish line. 250 more words


"I Have This Friend"

by Amanda DeLalla (Moderator)

I have this friend, you see
Who, with a single smile,
Proves how lucky I am to be me
And brings me joy for a while. 80 more words

10 Non-Negotiable Qualities Of A Timeless Story

It seems that once certain stories appear on the literary radar the whole landscape changes and nearly everything that follows pales by comparison. What do these works offer readers that can help writers at all levels and styles better understand their own projects – and what’s missing? 1,750 more words


Dear Jack: 3 Funny Things You Said While Waiting to Find out You’re Having a Sister

5 years.

Dear Jack,

We made a family affair out of finding out whether we are having a boy or a girl.

The suspense was getting the best of both you and me as we waited a good 25 minutes’ worth of the nurse showing us all the signs of your sibling being a healthy baby before the mltechnician finally revealed to us that you are having a… sister! 288 more words


A touch of Jealousy

Hello MIM after our conversation this evening I was reminded that jealousy is not your thing. I don’t know if it’s just with me or part of your nature to never feel jealous? 222 more words


Public Speaking: Thank You Speeches

We love pop culture! And even if people claim otherwise, they’ve been swayed by its influence. One of the more dominant examples of this is the realm of… 151 more words

Public Speaking