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"Influence? No. I'm thinking 'dictate.'"

Over green tea and cookies, the Simpletons were discussing the role fairy tales play in theater.

Simplia continued: “If a play has anything like broad public appeal, I think it owes that appeal to archetypes and themes you’ll encounter in fairy tales. 804 more words

Fairy Tales

Fast Facts Friday

I’ve considered calling this “Fun Facts Friday,” but when I’ve worked in marketing and when I read marketing materials, I don’t like when adjectives like “fun,” “awesome,” “super-neato” are used. 788 more words

Tell Me Something Good

May is approaching, and may I take a moment to address the first third of the Year of Positivity?  It’s played out much like this.  Give, give, give, give, rise, fall, dance, cry, go for it, get it, lose it, find it right next to me, question it, give, give, give, give, give.  762 more words

Xaern - A to Z Blog Challenge

Versión en Español se puede encontrar a continuación o haga clic aquí para ir allí. Haga clic en mí para saltar a la parte española. 1,063 more words

Life happens!

Oh dear, it has been far too long since I last wrote on here!

I know about Hootsuite, and the conventional wisdom about posting regularly but maybe just posting when I have time and also something to say is a more genuine way of working? 175 more words


'A Way Back To Then' words and music by Jeff Bowen

The Friday Poem this week comes from the one act musical, , which ran on Broadway for 102 performances in 2008. ‘A Way Back To Then’ was written by… 291 more words

Work Thoughts

Why Is Life About Fiction?

Life is about fiction.  It’s just something I’ve come to believe.  You could say that there’s some self-justification in that: throughout my experience of life, I’ve often found fictional worlds to be more vivid than the real one that I apparently live in; tragedies in made-up stories often hit me harder than the real ones you hear about on the news, and I’ve often felt guilty about that. 1,460 more words