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Up Next: HOME, A Festival of Storytelling

I’m delighted to be directing an evening of storytelling for the side project‘s third annual Festival of Storytelling. I’ve had the pleasure to work with four tellers: Don Hall, Dana Jerman, Jack Schultz, and Evelyn Keolian.  188 more words

Life In The Theatre


Count your blessings, Leah. Cut the bullshit.

Lea Thau helped to found the Moth, a storytelling performance project with events in many cities and a podcast of its own, before going on to start… 43 more words


Fashion Storytelling at MoMA Ps1

Tomorrow, I’m venturing to the MoMA Ps1 in Long Island City. They have these cool interactive performances each Sunday, called the “Sunday Sessions” and I was invited to check it out. 163 more words

New York City

Humanitas and Humanities in the Digital Age

Philosophies, analyses, opinions… these are all part of Digital Arts and Humanities. The digital would have no reason to exist without human experience to drive it. 1,269 more words

Digital Humanities

[Video] Ginger Thoughts: Narrative Vs Mechanic Storytelling

In response to a pair of Videos from The team @ExtraCreditz and @IdeaChannel i quickly discuss what came to mind regarding the use of Narrative and Mechanical Story telling in games and how they have changed in J-RPG’s over the last 15/20 years Share and comment on the video if you would like to see more posts Like this. 41 more words


Day 87: I Don't Know Why (Belassi Stanza poem)

A Balassi stanza is a poem named after the Hungarian poet Balint Balassi, who is regarded as the first great lyricist of the Hungarian language. The stanza rhymes bbaccadda, with syllable counts 6-6-7-6-6-7-6-6-7. 83 more words

Poetic Soul

Greetings from Ragtime Tommy

Hi.  My name is Alexander Nowak.  If you’re wondering who or what Ragtime Tommy is, it’s my gaming moniker.  I came up with it on a lark after trying out various “cooler” sounding names like Cronos and Verdyn Belloq.   282 more words

Alexander Nowak