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How to make heroes and heroines from stuff there on your desk

The oldest plot of all could be the one where a monster torments everybody until someone steps from the crowd, faces up to the monster in an unfair fight and slays it. 1,801 more words

I LOVE sharing my story

I LOVE sharing my story! I LOVE opening up about my life! I LOVE seeing the impact telling my story has on others! It feels my life with joy. 605 more words

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How Storytelling Functions in Video Games (Part 2): Defining Video Games, Stories and Play

For this second entry of the series, I define some essential terms such as games, video games, and stories. It is surprisingly complicated to define these terms and I do so in order to ensure future reference to the gameplay in a video game, for instance, cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted. 1,806 more words

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Why I interviewed myself / A post different from the usual

Dear readers

So a while a go I was writing back and forth with folkmagazine and it looked liked they might publish some of my work respectively a short story about me. 2,566 more words


Blake Bortles says it's a dream come true to re-sign with the Jags

As a kid and Florida native from Oviedo, Blake Bortles used to attend Jacksonville Jaguars games with his father which likely explains why signing his contract extension Wednesday felt surreal. 209 more words

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Chapter 48: Teen Angst

Amelia Sprigg had got very used to odd things lately. Having Death as her tenant had really opened her mind to the possibility that nothing was impossible. 3,594 more words



What does, “home” mean to you??? Translated…

After my father’s car turned, he drove straight toward Taipei, and my home that’s next to the river, was back behind me. 893 more words

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