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Toontastic and Puppet Pals: Digital Story(re)telling Made Easy

Any of you who have attended my trainings know I love using technology in the classroom, but I love using it for a purpose beyond just playing games. 211 more words


Tom Brady reacts to Rob Gronkowski's retirement announcement

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spotted Rob Gronkowski’s retirement announcement on Instagram on Sunday and showed his tight end some love on social media. 274 more words

New England Patriots

Practicing designing a book on Indesign

For this workshop, we were reminded of the process of using InDesign.  I wanted to lay out my images from my other test shot, to see how they worked together and practice using the tools of InDesign again as I’ve only used it once before.  227 more words


Overlapse Photobooks

Our visiting lecturer on Wednesday 13th March was the publisher Tiffany Jones, founder of Overlapse in 2015. She decides to collaborate with unique artists and photographers to publish books with subjects and stories that address social, cultural and environmental issues. 1,152 more words



     Great dancers make it look easy to move with grace and poise they bound across the stage. Professional musicians who’ve poured hours and hours into practicing their craft make their music sound effortlessly beautiful. 886 more words

From the Twilight

Ethereal beings known as the Alderad dwelt in the Twilight in the times before the Sunrise, when Sinar emerged.

The Alderad planted the Trees after their discovery of Sinar’s ascension, in an effort to spread his light throughout the worlds. 67 more words


Last exploration


Little curious being,

Opens up the door.

Gently, swaying, peeping.

Knows not, what brings to fore.

A prying scream creaking,

The cries of Nevermore. 44 more words