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Mouth Piece Storytelling - The Danger Edition in Pictures!

Thank you to photographer Collin Meloche for capturing our incredible ‘Danger’ event at Villains Baestro! It truly was a wild evening -and we have the photos to prove it! 285 more words


The Decline and Fall of the Manufactured Consent Cartel

Although this documentary is about viral videos, there are some interesting undertones in its storytelling that illustrate how culture has undergone a massive shift in recent years as a result of the democratization of information sharing through social media technology. 69 more words


Tension-Killers: What to avoid to keep Tension alive in your writing

Simply put, tension is the only reason your reader will turn the page. It’s the only reason a viewer won’t switch the channel. Without tension, you lose the audience. 586 more words


Beautiful Young Women

There was a priest of a certain parish who had a habit of stopping to talk to beautiful young women. He would approach them in the streets and strike up conversations with them. 371 more words


Sekadar Menilik Online Presence Makhluk Unik Bernama BTS

Hai dear!

Artikel kali ini bisa dibilang hanya sebuah share opini mengenai acara Billboard Music Awards yang digelar di Las Vegas hari ini. Apalagi kalau bukan kemenangan BTS dalam kategori Top Social Artist. 801 more words

Digital Marketing

10 Ways To Be a Total Boss

What’s wrong with being confident? As Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, plus countless other #girlbosses prove: absolutely nothing.

Like the aforementioned women, we are surrounded by bold, successful and innovating women who are redefining what it means to be a leader. 640 more words


Say Its Name.

Language has so much power. While in college, I had to take a linguistic anthropology class, which was as boring as the name suggests and seemed like a tremendous waste of my time. 491 more words