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@Sims4MissWorld Season 5: Meet Miss Puerto Rico

Another @Sims4MissWorld wraps up with Miss South Africa taking the crown for her country for the second time! As everyone exchanged congratulations, the lovely host @Zita1966z took time to formally announce on twitter the commencement of season 5!News of a new opportunity at the title spread around the beauties of the world and reached the ears of Jessica Mis; a small town gal from Cayey in Puerto Rico. 405 more words


Levity at 10,000 feet


Stress and worry and ups and downs have begun to drag me down. It’s the dark season and my Dad has been in the hospital for five weeks now. 700 more words


Snow Days

Kids love snow days. Do you know who doesn’t love snow days? Me. Because of this silly white mess all over the roads, there is now a risk I won’t see my family on Christmas Day. 800 more words

Creative Writing

What the Old Woman Knows (Grey Heron Nights 1)

When we lose our traditions and are trying to recover them, there’s only one place to find them: in the land. In the land which birthed them in the first place. 1,725 more words


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2. A suburb's start

After fulfilling her first aspiration completely, Trinity instinctively decides family is what comes first.

What can go wrong, especially now that she’s gifted with the naturalist trait? 398 more words


The Third Pillar of a Story: Dialogue

A Dialogue is the unique conversations within our favorite works of fiction. The beauty of a well-written dialogue is that it brings life to the characters on the page. 896 more words