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Storied Orlando - Chapter 47: Ceiling

Storied Orlando
Chapter 47: Ceiling

Chris’ Android read 3:42 AM and he was wide awake. He laid in bed watching the scene play out like a movie on the ceiling. 106 more words

Storied Orlando

And the Earth Took a Breath

This past weekend, my dad brought Malachi and I out of the city to look at the stars. I sipped on my peppermint tea and stared up at the sky, getting my eyes used to the darkness. 521 more words


So one of my challenges was to write a story that was either a prequel or a sequel to a book or a film that i enjoyed. 103 more words

Even Snowflakes Follow the Rules

Snowflakes and Heroes

by Lars Emmerich

Fifteen years ago, during my first career as an F-16 pilot, I worked with a guy who had one of the worst jobs in the world. 989 more words

The Craft Of Writing

Women, we need to take up more space

In a world where 1 in 3 women is a victim of violence …

A world where too many women are victimized by predatory gatekeepers (Harvey Weinstein, cough. 139 more words

Identity & Self

Reading books is so overrated

First of all, I know only a couple of happy people, and most of those are definitely not readers.

Second of all, the person I know who’s read the most books, is a very unpleasant person. 392 more words

Anything To Help You #thrive