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Environmental Storytelling

Environmental storytelling is a technique that isn’t just unique to video games. In fact, its use is found prominently in films and books. Using a certain frame or object to tell a visual story and having a character interact with the environment to tell the story is common practice is the realm of storytelling. 388 more words


The Demise of the Kitty Cat

A short story, as written by Joe, Sherry, Amanda, Amy, Troy, Moby, Gretchen, Aryn, Hillary, and Maris.

Gretchen drew the first picture, then Hillary captioned it and drew the next picture for someone else to caption and so on. 354 more words

Happily Ever Never (Part 3)

It was very easy for my friends to locate the badge number #30 on the University’s football roster. “It’s just obvious he plays football” one of my friends yelled out after I described this mystery boy’s physique. 275 more words

How to End Your Story

Have you ever seen the movie The Party with Peter Sellers? The first scene is priceless. Sellers plays an actor who is shot in a war scene; he subverts the script by refusing to die. 555 more words


Review: The Butterfly Crest by Eva Vanrell


I absolutely adored this book from start to finish. I’ve read a lot of different writing styles lately and this has to be one of my favourites. 799 more words


Light is Magical: A Talk With Li Hui — Medium

Photography is not only an act of documentation or communication, it is also a way of seeing the world. The camera opens our eyes and lets… 10 more words

Human Life

Easier than Truth by Kate Holly-Clark

Easier Than Truth

You know of course
that all the
fairy tales
are simply love
gone terribly wrong.
Who knew
what might have come
of it… 360 more words