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Starting Fresh

It’s nearly 12:00am. Not to my surprise I find myself awake again watching the blankness of my computer screen as I try to write a few first words. 225 more words


Why Pixar’s ‘Up’ is the Ultimate Testament to the Power of Human Storytelling

This isn’t going to be what you think.

Now, we’ve all seen ‘Up’, right? It’s the Disney/Pixar movie about the old man who loses his wife, then looks set to lose his house, till he launches a million balloons and floats of in that very house on a mission to go on the grand voyage that he and his beloved never got to go on. 885 more words


Learning how To Circle

At our (Indonesian Teachers Hub Group) last meeting, Annie mentioned that she is focusing on the skill of circling at the moment. Circling is an integral skill in TCI and I suddenly realized that it had not been a focus lately in my recent lessons. 1,510 more words


How Iron Came to Rust (a fairy tale)

Reblogged from Heaven, Hell, and All of Us

Stories like this one, where love is luminous yet enduring, glow in the darkness like pearls in the moonlight. 156 more words


The Tortoise Remembers

Howard grabbed a banana from his fruit basket and broke it in two. He had just bought a bunch from the farmer’s market on a whim, as he hadn’t had one in a while. 841 more words

Flash Fiction

Peace in the Storm

“There is peace even in the storm.” — Vincent van Gogh

A summer hailstorm kicked up yesterday afternoon, coming on quickly and with unexpected ferocity. As the hail grew larger, it fell faster, battering everything it touched.

254 more words

After The Thunder

Wet dog
Looking for something to eat
Pack hunter
Wild and cold in the street
He lunged her
Aim right for rib meat
Distinguished hunger… 60 more words