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“It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

Everyone knows that the standard of greatness against which all great things are measured is sliced bread.

What you probably didn’t know (unless you live in Northwest Missouri) is that Missouri is the home of sliced bread. 172 more words

Romance Writing

Why we should all explore traditional tales....

Little Red Riding is a shocking tale. It’s more than the simplified children’s tale of doing what your told (Sticking to the path) and not talking to strangers (the Big, Bad Wolf). 378 more words



Ik ben een beetje aangeschoten. Aangeschoten sinds de eerste dag dat ik van jouw liefde heb mogen proeven. Ik was nooit een fan van slechte openingszinnen en chique afspraakjes in de (voor mij) net iets té dure bistro’s. 216 more words

The power of Citizen Journalism

When I joined Facebook a few years ago, it was the place to share a few photos, check out what your friends were up to and follow a few famous fashionistas. 808 more words


Telling the Victim Goodbye

~ Written by Viki Rife

“This shouldn’t be happening to me!” How many times does that thought, in some version, go through our heads? I shouldn’t be stuck with a broken-down car in heavy traffic. 224 more words

Multi-generational resilience

Whatever struggle we have gone through remains, at heart, a human struggle. When we see our struggles in the stories of those who have gone before us, we feel less alone. 280 more words

Dennis Sparks

Class 8 are going to tell you a Story...

Since Christmas, Class 8 have been focussing on stories and storytelling. We have read African folktales, Norse mythology and even listened to some oral storytelling by the great Australian comedian, … 98 more words