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Kidisms: Mixed Drinks and Beer?!

You know those times were your kid makes up an inappropriate name for something? Yeah, my toddler did that recently! Here is a story from my childhood and one from his! 23 more words


Rebecca Rants: Labels, Church, and Hypocrisy

This is my first rant video. It was prompted by an article I read in the car this afternoon while my husband was driving. He wanted to record it but couldn’t get things ready since I was driving so I whipped out my phone and pressed play. 28 more words

What It Is Like To Be A Dancer

I’ve been dancing on and off for over ten years now. I didn’t start out wanting to dance, I kind of got sucked into it after my sister expressed interested in Irish tap. 65 more words


Think No One Will Read Your Blog?

Have you thought about starting a blog but keep telling yourself it isn’t worth it because no one will read what you write? I’ve heard this A LOT, from both strangers and friends. 90 more words


Why it's absolutely okay to take a break

What’s a surefire way to make blogging feel new again? Take a break for 3 months or a while! I could stress that I haven’t ticked off every. 377 more words

5 Things I Admire About My Toddler

There is so much negativity with motherhood, especially if you make the mistake (like I did) of hanging out with mothers who like to complain and take their blessings for granted when your child is young. 15 more words