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The End of Summer Final Party

On August 11th we had our End of the Summer Party and the kids had a ton of fun with the different actives. We ate pizza, had floats and cookies to eat and then it was time to draw for all the wonderful prizes that we had to give away. 38 more words


Flying 8.4.16

On August 4th we enjoyed the theme of Flying. The weather was pretty cool and damp so we held our activities inside. After a few stories the kids flew rockets threw some hoops to win sundaes and then it was time for the main event. 24 more words


Jeff Quinn - Magician

We had another fabulous Storytime on July 28th when Jeff Quinn from Omaha NE came to amaze us with magic tricks!!! I am still wondering how he pulled off some of his tricks.   25 more words


Shoo Fly

We had another fabulous Storytime when we started back up again on July 21st!!! We read a couple classic books including the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. 109 more words


Michael Gallo - Storyteller

On June 30th we had had an amazing storyteller, Michael Gallo, join us!!! The kids made up for the cloudy skies with their contagious laughter. A huge thank you to our volunteers Pastor Barb and Marian S.


Dress Up and Show Up

In the thick of my anxiety in 2015, I let myself go. I didn’t realize it until New Year’s Eve, and boy did I realize it.I’d gained about 30 pounds in one calendar year. 418 more words


The CUBE-Queen Berry: The Pie is a Lie #1

Howdy, so this new type of post is just some of the short stories I’ve found in my notebooks, they’re in parts but don’t worry I will try my best to put the complete story up for your enjoyment here is part one of “ 303 more words

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