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THE FALL OF ROME ~ GOLD, Les Compositions Parfumees by Lalique

Gold, she was completely covered in gold….

She hardly noticed the fingers flitting from her collar to her cleavage as Irene’s hands plucked and pulled at her golden Isis winged cape adjusting it so it hung just so.   1,380 more words

Fragrance For Men


It’s tough to be on stage, either half-hearted or earnest. So they say, neither gives a fuck about reward. That’s what makes it so dangerous. Sliding along the thinning ice. 83 more words

Okello's Shoes

Okello’s shoes spoke a plethora of languages. Elegance was one of them, he was from the lakeside. The shoes had a youthfulness of manner that yet betrayed their age, during hot Njoro afternoons, sent satiric thrusts of foul odor into the air. 826 more words


Runa and Tove

The men who came to the shores of Helluland were not the marauding invaders that history would paint them to be.  They were strong and cunning, having bested the wild seas and kept their heading with skillful knowledge of the stars.   1,362 more words


Beaches and Shells

Beaches and Shells

My sister and I love the sea.  The salty spray makes our hair and skin dry and brittle.  The wind whips our hair into unmanageable chaos.   813 more words


A Ball of Light

At first, my back became stiff.  I was sitting cross-legged on a mat I had brought to the circle.  I had rested my hands on my knees palms up feeling it was a properly spiritual gesture. 562 more words


Thesis: Broughton Street

Continuing with my plan to write out my thesis paper for my nighttime projection show in a series of blog posts, as well as my plan to approach the project from the point of view of working with different clients, this post will take a deeper look at Broughton Street and real estate developer Ben Carter. 2,528 more words