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Storytime| I was arm candy to a preacher!! (I didn't know) + I quit a TV show

Back when I was 18, After high school, I was in need and desperate for a job. my family was struggling, with one employed momma, side hustle daddy, and four needy kids. 881 more words

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Paranormal Experiences 2: This Haunted Home (Pt 1)

A lot of my paranormal experiences happen where I live. Joy.

I moved around a lot when I was a kid, but we eventually settled down when I was around nine years old. 579 more words

Paranormal Experiences

Family ties

Over the weekend I travelled up to Townsville to surprise my Mum for her and my Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary.

My Dad organised the trip as his present for her, and managed to fly my brother up from Melbourne as well to give her all four children together for the weekend. 579 more words

How To Invite A Fluff

The school-day was over, and Yukine Chris was about to leave the grounds to go home. It had been an uneventful day, which suited her fine, but that was about to come to an end. 527 more words


Joining The Unit

Elizabeth Bathory, age 16, first-year student at Lydian Music Academy, was currently sitting in front of a desk. Not by choice, you have to understand. She had been brought to this strange… boat? 2,492 more words


Why do I love her...?

More and more, I see that keeping a regular post schedule is not easy as we thought before (my fault, not hers).

Anyways, we spent the beginning of the month together, after a month and a half of not seeing each other. 318 more words