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Tailgate Beer, Nashville, TN

I stopped in at Tailgate Beer in Nashville, Tennessee and enjoyed a flight of beers.  Their Watermelon Wheat was tasty but I was hoping for more watermelon flavor.  86 more words


My 5-Star Beer

I started tracking my craft beer consumption using the Untappd app back in 2012. Now, I definitely don’t log every beer that I have, but I do log every “new” beer that I have. 891 more words

Craft Beer

Black Plague Stout

A world class stout from Storm Brewing and so much better than the well-known global brand. Cheers!


Five local stouts you should drink, and why you should drink them

Despite nearly five years writing fairly regular “top beers for ” posts for blogTO, I’m actually not a huge believer in the idea that you need to change your drinking habits based on the seasons. 1,023 more words


Grand Rapids Brewing Co.: Grand Rapids, MI

This was my first experience at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and I loved it. One of my favorite things about Grand Rapids Brewing Co. is that it everything they offer is high quality for an affordable price (which is important for a poor college student on a budget.) 454 more words


Viking (Iceland) - Stout Review

I’m currently in Iceland and picked up an assortment of Icelandic beer. The first one we popped open is Viking’s Stout. Viking appears to be the main beer producer in the country and this is one of a few from their “craft” selection. 69 more words


Little Creatures Hotchkiss Six Domestic Stout

Hotchkiss Six offers thin layers of dark chocolate and gentle roast mixed with a hint of fruity hops, while oats round out the palate, softening the beer and making it seem bigger than it is. 393 more words

Little Creatures