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A brief overview of Botox & its use in cosmetology

Botox is a common procedure in the field of cosmetology to reduce various facial lines and wrinkles but the effect is temporary. It’s also used to treat diseases such as… 451 more words

Excessive Smartphone Use Caused Eye-Turn

Parents should find this next post interesting. A new study involving adolescents reported 12 cases of newly developed eye-turn due to excessive smartphone use. The study also reported a significant improvement in the eye-turn after decreasing smartphone use. 120 more words

Sugar Land


Strabismus. Merupakan salah satu alasan saya harus segera resign dari pekerjaan. Strabismus / mata juling merupakan keadaan kedua mata tampak tidak sejajar atau tidak tertuju pada satu obyek (posisi yang tidak sinkron pada kedua mata ini membuat pergerakan sepasang bola mata tersebut tidak harmonis). 648 more words


Strabismus surgery

I’m having eye surgery tomorrow. So what, you ask?

  1. Please pray for me and for my surgeon for a successful outcome.
  2. This is an opportunity for me to be a voice for the goodness of God, even when circumstances aren’t so good.
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Strabismus and sexuality

At the Winchester Centre for Gender Studies spring symposium, Professor William Gibson’s highly stimulating keynote on ‘Sex and the church in the 18th century’ (we look forward to the forthcoming book of the same title) threw up the fascinating face history nugget that having a squint (in men, it seems) – … 266 more words


Ten degrees of separation

… that’s ten prism diopters, to be precise. That’s the difference between the degree of Little’s ‘squint’ back in November last year and today. You see, today we went back to the Doc who’s diagnosis was so confusing that I practically walked out of his consulting room with a squint (and frown lines I fear Botox couldn’t rectify) and today we got clarity. 422 more words


Strabismus vs. Pseudo Strabismus

A couple of months back at LincE’s 1 year check up, his ped mentioned the possibility of strabismus, which is a $2 word for crossed eyes. 169 more words