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Look like a Wild Turkey

I want to look like a turkey. Don’t misread me. I want to look like one, not look like a turkey. The eyesight of wild turkeys is superior to every other inhabitant of eastern forests with the exception of raptors and vultures, and probably three times as acute as a human hunter with 20/20 vision. 868 more words


Eyes Behaving Badly

With each passing year, I find that I’m more and more grateful that I don’t know what future holds. If I did have foreknowledge, I’m sure I would spend more time worrying and being anxious. 1,136 more words


Yoga Relaxes My Gaze

I am still on self-imposed sabbatical from any DIY VT sessions. The red-green glasses, tubes, bird-on-a-stick and Brock String still reside in their basket on the hall stand, gathering dust. 316 more words


Homeopathic Remedies for the Symptoms of Strabismus

By Heather Caruso, Hom, RNCP

Homeopathic remedies have been a champion in my practice, showing very positive results. In my clinic, I practice homeopathy and holistic nutrition but whenever I witness an amazing healing result, it is always with homeopathy. 636 more words


No Better Than a Placebo

New research is tracking brain changes in patients who undergo binocular vision therapy. Combine objective fMRI data and the many blog posts by adult therapy patients, and you have exponential evidence that vision therapy works for adult patients, and is getting better and better at targeting each patient’s unique visual needs to generate success. 510 more words

Stereo Blindness

Beautiful Eyes

Two beautiful blue eyes stare back at me.  Two.  Not two for a few seconds until one drifts away.  But the whole time.  And any time!  492 more words


Hillary Clinton's "lazy Eye" "Brain Freeze" Shows Up Again In NBC News Segment


September 29, 2016

Hillary’s ‘lazy eye’ ‘Neurological Disorder’ strikes again

By Nick Chase

Hillary’s “lazy eye” (strabismus) has struck again, this time in an interview on her “Stronger Together” airplane on September 27, the day following the debate.   113 more words

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