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WATCH: Hillary’s Crazy Eyes Are Just Plain FREAKY – She Looks INSANE

Published on September 21, 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://clashdaily.com/2016/09/watch-hillarys-crazy-eyes-just-plain-freaky-looks-insane/

Hillary’s policies are pretty crazy, and now even her body can’t handle it. Watch as her eyes rebel against her words. 354 more words


Hillary's Health

Originally published as “Stroke?” on 09/18/16

UPDATED 09/20/16 & 09/21/16

Not long ago I listed some potentially election-changing events. Among them: Hillary Clinton might suffer a stroke. 259 more words


Never Play to the Gallery

Words of wisdom from a man who maximized his unusual eyes:

David Bowie’s unique appearance was the result of an accidental injury to his left eye during a tussle with a friend as a teen. 263 more words

Stereo Blindness

Thinking about seeing in stereo

A thing which people who’ve never met me in person don’t know: I have strabismus. That’s the medical term (synonym: heterotropia), but most people would better know this as being cross-eyed, or having a lazy eye. 765 more words


Eyes Contact Redux (or what happened in the optometrist's office, part 1)

During my vision therapy hiatus, I would from time to time succeed at looking at both my eyes in the mirror in the way most people make eye contact, “the act of looking directly into one another’s eyes.” … 646 more words


Going Back to Work Post-Surgery

Monday (it is currently 2:45 am on Sunday) I’m going back to work after a little over a week off for surgery. I am worried because I’ve gained a few pounds and I’m self-conscious about that. 145 more words

Mental Illness

The Flashbulb Chronicles / 1: Strands of Words

At two, my mother noticed, while I was in the bathtub, that my right eye did not move in unison with its neighbor-conspirator. Rather, it sank and struggled when I looked upward to my mother or drooped and veered when my gaze returned downward to the collection of Tupperware containers in the tub – from one to the next, I took such joy in transferring the bathwater. 1,319 more words