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Vision Therapy - Liam's Story

While waiting for Liam’s appointment with the Pediatric Neurologist, we thought we would continue with the other steps recommended by the Educational Psychologist, and so we took Liam to a Behavioral Optometrist. 984 more words

Liam's Story

Does my child need surgery?

Some of you may have seen that Ben has been wearing an eye patch recently, this is because we  noticed a mild squint last year. Because his eye turns when he looks in the distance or is tired, his vision has weakened in the less frequently used eye, this is what the patch is correcting. 179 more words


Turns out the 1st cut wasn't the deepest

It’s been two three weeks since Little was wheeled into theatre for her second Bilateral Strabismus surgery and while I’d like to see it was smooth sailing unfortunately I can’t. 961 more words


Strabismus - Liam's Story

When Liam was just over a year old we started to notice that his eyes seemed to ‘cross’.  When I took him to the GP, she said that it was barely noticeable and didn’t think we had too much to worry about, unless they are still crossing when he’s 18 months old. 700 more words

Liam's Story

Here we go again...

What was that I said in a previous post about us not counting our post-op chickens? Well, there’s a second surgery on the cards for Little, in fact, it’s not just on the cards, it’s booked… 8am Monday 20 February. 521 more words


Look like a Wild Turkey

I want to look like a turkey. Don’t misread me. I want to look like one, not look like a turkey. The eyesight of wild turkeys is superior to every other inhabitant of eastern forests with the exception of raptors and vultures, and probably three times as acute as a human hunter with 20/20 vision. 868 more words


Eyes Behaving Badly

With each passing year, I find that I’m more and more grateful that I don’t know what future holds. If I did have foreknowledge, I’m sure I would spend more time worrying and being anxious. 1,136 more words