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Story#26: Growing Up Different

Age 3

“Mom, why does that kid have a patch on his eye?”  It was a question Alan heard dozens of times, but it was parent’s answer that always bothered him. 1,190 more words

The Devil's Eye

These three advertisements appeared in the back pages of the Swaziland Observer this week.

Mama Meli & Koffi Specialist offers an array of powders to help you achieve your wishes. 840 more words


Strabismus- The Disorder that is both Obvious and Hidden

Whenever I hear or read the words strabismus or infantile esotropia, my heart stops and a pervasive feeling of numbness runs through my entire body.  Immediately I know I am different in a way that is not good. 762 more words


By Way of Introduction

I’m a 29 years old with amblyopia and strabismus in the right eye. Specifically exotropia.

I did a little patching when I was younger but didn’t really comply. 134 more words


Ocular nerve palsy, CVA, tumour, aneurysm, DM, arteritis, trauma, migrain, MS
Muscle – orbital floor fracture, Myasthenia gravis, Grave’s disease

test each eye – uniocular vs binocular. 13 more words



ocular – retinoblastoma, cataract, glaucoma
Muscular weakness, neurological.

Constant,  Alternating – could focus with either eye – refer
Transient (short period), latent (when fatigued) 13 more words