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"What's wrong with your eye?"

Unfortunately, that’s a question I get asked waaaaaaay too much, especially when I was a kid. And I never had an answer, because I never thought anything was wrong, but everyone else did. 818 more words

Esotropia & My Daughter 👀

Esotropia is a form of strabismus in which one or both eyes turns inward. The condition can be constantly present, or occur intermittently, and can give the affected individual a “cross-eyed” appearance.

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What I'm Researching - June 10

The first time I went to the doctor to find out why I was seeing double, my GP sent me to a neurologist. In 2010, the initial tests were for neurological disorders. 415 more words

100 Posts In 100 Days

Duane Syndrome

What is Duane Syndrome? Duane syndrome is a congenital strabismus eye movement disorder. Duane syndrome is characterized by horizontal eye The post Duane Syndrome appeared first on SyndromesPedia – Medical Syndromes Information Portal.

My Travelin' Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Jenny Sue was born with a lazy eye or what she likes to call her “travelin’ eye”. Kids at school make fun of her but she thinks her eye is kind of cool. 115 more words

Children Books

Vision Therapy - Liam's Story

While waiting for Liam’s appointment with the Pediatric Neurologist, we thought we would continue with the other steps recommended by the Educational Psychologist, and so we took Liam to a Behavioral Optometrist. 984 more words

Does my child need surgery?

Some of you may have seen that Ben has been wearing an eye patch recently, this is because we  noticed a mild squint last year. Because his eye turns when he looks in the distance or is tired, his vision has weakened in the less frequently used eye, this is what the patch is correcting. 179 more words