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NEWKIND festival has received backlash without understanding and its unfair. Newkind helped change my life.

For years I struggled. Festivals with drugs didn’t appeal to me. 702 more words


2 Minute Minor Review

About 2 weeks ago I came across this band. Checked em out and pre-ordered the latest release Blood On Our Front Stoop. It’s a friggin great album! 93 more words

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Breakin' It Down: "The only music with a pulse is music that’s a threat," An Essentials Guide to Chokehold

Of all of Southern Ontario’s legacy hardcore bands, perhaps none are as politically-driven and infamous as Hamilton’s Chokehold. In the 1990s, hardcore punk was a hotbed of politically-motivated and outspoken bands. 796 more words


When you're gone you're gone

There’s something sobering about reaching the same age that my Dad was when he died.
He passed aged 60 in 1986 of stomach cancer after being diagnosed just 6 months earlier. 322 more words


Minor Threat- Out of Step

I may be new to the DC area and not a native but these guys are. Minor Threat is a local DC punk band from the early 80s that was very short lived. 350 more words
Punk Vinyl

Selvedge Edge Needs To Be Trimmed Off By Hand

The wallpaper mentioned in my previous post had an unprinted selvedge edge that had to be trimmed off by hand. I used my heavy brass-bound straight edge (not shown) as a guide. 12 more words