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This must be love[ to love myself again ]

At one point in time in my life I was vegan and straight edge. Since having a child I’ve contemplated the implications of going vegan again. 132 more words

Grant Castelluzzo Interview

DA: How long have you been straight edge?

I guess I made the conscious decision to abstain from drugs and alcohol when I was 14 years old. 1,978 more words


Streetcleaner - Demo CS

Streetcleaner – Demo CS (self-released, 1997):  STREETCLEANER present you with a swirling, mosh-worthy metal attack right off the bat.  There are six tracks and they rarely provide a break in the action.   95 more words


It’s important to be able to change and adapt in order to get the best from your workout plans and planning sometimes doesn’t quite happen the way we expect so it’s always very important to get a plan B and maybe even C in line ready for the unexpected changes that may occur to your daily plans. 236 more words

As the World Turns/the Spirit Remains: xNICx's Demo-Ecke (5)

Mein Nachbar war lange in Guatemala und hat mir letztens guatemaltekischen Hip-Hop gezeigt. Als ich ihn nach Hardcore fragte, konnte er mir leider keine Antwort geben. 122 more words

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Violent groups like Straight Edge and the Juggalos are present in every public and private school in the U.S. They attract teens from all walks of life both males and females. 39 more words


Curt Canales - Chain Of Strength

By Ed

I did this interview with Curt just before christmas but literally haven’t had chance to lay it out.

So its still relatively new Enjoy..Ed… 1,025 more words