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Face Aggression : Ace - Break Away

By Tieuma

One of the piece of merch I want the most might be the Youth Crew 88 shirt by YOUTH OF TODAY. Aside how critical I can be about this kind of hardcore I love so much, well I do love it a lot, and all the sketchy side linked to it too. 2,471 more words

The Power To Change - The Peter J. Amdam Interview Part One - Sportswear.

By Ed

Man Were do I start ….Well Sportswear have always been a band I’ve been interested in and loved.

I remember being very interested in that whole Scandinavian Hardcore scene around. 2,127 more words

Straight Edge

double interview w/ Ben GUIDANCE and Nikolay UGLY & PROUD RECORDS

by Jean.

GUIDANCE first & only LP, posted on bandcamp last year, was one of my favorite 2014 releases. Unfortunately, the London based band broke up before putting out a material release of “Path Of Grace” LP. 3,394 more words


More Than Ever : Interview of Michael from Life.Lair.Regret. Records

By Tieuma

Did you know there’s approximatively 16.400 kilometers between Strasbourg and Clayton ? And the most famous (and maybe “dangerous”) spiders in the world lives in Australia? 2,464 more words

The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine – Collection, Part #6 Interview - 6 Kevinsted - INSTED.

By Ed

As most of the regular readers know I did a two part interview Rich from Insted last summer.

With Insted being one of my all time favourites id post stuff about this band forever. 4,492 more words

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