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How to be sober at parties

As a student, there can be a lot of pressure to go clubbing and partying. But if you don’t drink, it can be hard to meet people and get involved with stuff.  639 more words


Where It Went -Mike Judge.

By Ed

One of the bands I never thought I’d be interviewing would be Judge.

This is another special interview for me and I was stoked when Mike said he’d be up for doing it. 1,100 more words

I Don't Get People.

I never really have and sometimes I wonder if I actually don’t get people or i’m just a horrible person, either way people fascinate me. Some of this is going to make me come across like a militant straight edge dick but I don’t care this is just me opinions. 244 more words

Opinion: Clear Mind, Open Mind

“If you break straight edge, you were never straight edge in the first place.”

I get why people say that. If straight edge is to be a movement about going against the grain, establishing oneself as an autonomous agent in a society that urges us to adhere to chemical sedation, the last thing the movement needs is to be looked at as lacking commitment. 685 more words


Mindset farewell tour @ Juz Mannheim 13/02/2016

By Tieuma

It’s weird how the only other live report I did was for a gone band. And this one is certainly outdated, but I wasn’t sure if I had to do it or not. 1,005 more words

Sepulchral Saturday (with Mini-Interview): Tourniquet - "Anatomy Of Obsession"

Tourniquet is a metalcore band from New Jersey and on their first EP Anatomy Of Obsession they effectively squash all preconceived notions of the genre flat as a pancake. 898 more words

Daily Heresy

lerderderg state park. 🏞

“country roads swerving, singing along to the roustabouts, i’ll never forget where I came from”….. fast becoming my daughters favourite road trip track, oklahoma’s red city radio, “spinning in circles is a gateway drug”, pretty much sums it up. 99 more words