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Sarah (Fra) Latcho Drom; tape (1997)


Sarah’, from Rennes, are Bretons “fighting for their future, their language”. Their address stated “Breizh via France”. Breizh is the Breton name for Brittany (Bretagne, a region in the North-West of France). 228 more words


Straight Edge Subculture Within Democratist Dogma

This is an article about straight edge theory and practice and its relation with Democratism.

Please read the link below to better understand the subculture of straight edge living. 929 more words


Islam and Hardcore

X 2.28.18

I am happy to finally share this group interview with several members of the hardcore music community who ascribe to the Islamic faith. Most of the interviews were conducted between July and September of 2017, but as I mentioned in a… 108 more words


A Sonic History of Straight Edge in Canada

Hardcore has a strange fascination with place.

The first question many of us will ask when introduced to a new band is, “where are they from?” Bands, labels, fests, and people in hardcore strongly identify with the place  they are from and the music that has been created there. 2,319 more words



Compilation of two EPs by Minor Threat, American hardcore punk icons.


Minor Threat is ferocious. When I’d first put this record on, sitting on my bed in my room, the fastest thing I’d heard to date was Wart Hog by The Ramones.

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Episode 200: Our “Poultry” Imitation of an Oppressive Institution

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on Stitcher 259 more words

“Just one drink”

“Oh you’re no fun”

“Aw come on”

“It won’t hurt”

I haven’t drunk alcohol in almost 2 years. A snap decision, (just like I do with my other lifestyle choices), I decided to go straight edge. 54 more words