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How Straight is Straight

I’ve owned my jointer plane for about 6 years now. It was second hand from an auction site, and I restored it as best as I could, and starting learning how to use it. 245 more words


Movie Review: 10,000 Saints

Since when did straight-edge become a Krishna-consciousness movement among hardcore musicians and fans? In the early 80’s, straight edge was a moniker for asshole neo-Nazi bastards who got their kicks stomping gays and kicking the shit out of normal punks.  502 more words

This Is The Moment That We Lived For - GhostxShip Farewell Show!

In the midst of the hot August sun, there were a number of events happening in Syracuse. The New York State Fair was well into its 4th day and Hank Williams, Jr. 585 more words

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The Sober Revolution: Straight Edge.

Written by Renee Reardon (20132780)

When you remove something that you rely on, or are used to, it opens up space to do something else or reflect on that things place in your life.

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Broken Promises : Azario Lopez - Crush

By Tieuma

When I discuss with people about the negative side of internet, many of them tell me it’s easier today to find bands and you don’t have to search that much to find something new. 1,245 more words