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Drawing Workshop P.1

All right, first of all, I believe it’s important I mention how insecure I feel about my drawing skills, and how much I really don’t enjoy drawing, especially when you are surrounded by illustration students. 1,129 more words

Essential Skill Sets

Core 1 - Straight lines 2

Today we will look at more complex straight line questions. Have a go at the two questions below, watching the videos where you need to. The questions involve a knowledge of parallel and perpendicular lines as well as how to find intersections using simultaneous equations. 20 more words

Core 1

Core 1 - straight lines 1

Today’s post will look at revising the basics of straight lines.

  1. midpoint
  2. length
  3. gradient
  4. equation of lines

Have a go at the two questions below, watching the videos where you need to. 28 more words

Core 1

Edge & Alignment

Photography 101, Day Eighteen

Here are a few of the straight lines and edges I found around town …

Power lines …

Fences …

Concrete walls … 11 more words

Let Me Get This Straight

Life is hard in Thailand. I’m not talking hard as in difficult or arduous, although at times it is. I’m talking hard as in rigid, firm, even unyielding. 983 more words

Repaint - and Thin No More!

We have the ceiling and the trim done, so today we did the walls. We intend to put up wainscoting, so I measured 43 inches from the floor and drew a line. 265 more words

Phoenix Trace

How many hours did I spend on this? Several.

Click through to see the original! 11 more words