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Painter's Tape/Masking Tape is your Friend

Good morning, lovelies!

I’ve been struggling with straight stitches. My machine, being vintage, doesn’t have measurements on the needle plate. So I’ve had to get creative. 161 more words


Cubes, tubes, spirals and no straight lines. The logic of the illogical. More abstract design Mazes.

Unlike many mazes, mine do not feature straight lines. I have an absolute revulsion toward rulers. Even my cubes and squares lack straight lines. They bend and twist in all directions without rhyme or reason. 235 more words


unfucking thyself 101.25




Homai to Aroha



One of my favourite things is minimalism. I love throwing shit out; organising shit; lining shit up … I’m one of those people that likes pretty much an empty room. 71 more words


Journal Entry: Straight Lines ... by Alice B. Clagett

This journal entry was written on 18 April 2012

Dear Ones,

I looked out the window of the hotel, at the trees along the stream bank. 198 more words


Carmen Herrera - Geometry - Visual Communication Supporting Work

“I never met a straight line I did not like,” said the painter of the straight line, Carmen Herrera.

I have decided to add Carmen Herrera into my Geometry research as I really appreciate her straight talking (no pun intended) and her attitude to life. 102 more words


One autumn colour ikebana,part II / Икебана одного цвета осени, часть II

Работа с цветом, особенно с сезонным, – это такая благодатная тема, что за один раз ей не успеваешь насладиться и прочувствовать. Сейчас, когда любые цветы можно достать в любое время, именно хрупкая красота сезонного материала доставляет нам истинное наслаждение и диктует цвета.