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March 19, 2017

On March 19, 1954, Willie Mosconi set the world record by running 526 consecutive balls during a straight pool exhibition at East High Billiard Club in Springfield, Ohio, a record which remains unbroken. 109 more words

Straight Pool Score Card v1.5 now available

Version 1.5 is sort of a big deal! The app flow has been improved where safes and misses can now be tracked (Pro Edition). Please update now for the new and improved version.


Straight Pool Score Card v1.4 now available

Ever wanted to share with your friends how dominating you were on your last 14.1 game? With version 1.4 you can share game results in all the ways you’d set up on your iOS device: email, Facebook, Twitter, save as PDF, etc. 17 more words


Straight Pool Score Card v1.3 now available

Good news – we found the nasty bug that caused crashes and addressed it in version 1.3. Luckily Apple approved this update fairly quickly, just in time for your weekend 14.1 battles! 16 more words


Straight Pool Score Card v1.2 now available

Version 1.2 is live in the App Store now! This version has some nice updates and will now work on Apple devices running iOS 9 or above. 27 more words


Straight Pool Score Card v1.0 bugs

First, thanks to all who have tried v1.0 of the app! And even more thanks to those who have provided feedback and bug reports…

That being said, there are some immediate bugs we’re hoping to take care of soon, mainly tweaks to the UI. 85 more words


NOW AVAILABLE - Straight Pool Score Card v1.0

You can download it from the App Store today!

Hope you enjoy it and any feedback is welcome. Thank you!