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Day 13

Yesterday was such a good day. We spent the morning getting ready together and predrinking for Pride! It was just what I needed. A day of us having fun, being normal together and not talking about the bf. 323 more words


I Hit 173 Straight in New York Last Night (5-27-2016)

This is My 3rd Straight Hit This Month!

I will explain how I got this 173 Straight hit in Book-37, out tomorrow morning, Sunday May 29. 97 more words

New York

Review: Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss

Part II – 10:30pm, day 2 of reading Chelle Bliss’ “Throttle Me”

That’s me after finishing this book. Part one got me wanting to tear my hair out with the freakish portrayal of a woman in her late-20s. 159 more words


Lady in the street, but a freak in the bed

Part I – 8:30pm, day 1 of reading Chelle Bliss’ “Throttle Me”

Okay, I get it now. A pattern is emerging. Chelle Bliss seems to be specializing in insta-love type of stories. 466 more words


Day 11

We skipped training together today, both far too exhausted from work this week and really needing a night to catch up on everything. We cooked a nice dinner, did a load of washing, both got some work done and just generally chilled together. 360 more words


Review: The Gallos by Chelle Bliss

Excited. That’s what I am. I’m feeling, like, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship-in-books with Chelle Bliss, i.e., I follow every book she authors. 206 more words