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Who is D.R.S ?

This is Desirae Riana Sanchez, she’s someone I can really trust and someone I can really get a good laugh with. I have really learned a lot about her this year and we happened to get really close over time; but I wanted to figure out who she really is. 455 more words

Life and that.

The easiest way to be,

Is straight-up and honest,

Don’t hide in the bushes,

Or you’ll get lost in the forest.

The hardest thing to do, 63 more words


This is probably going to be controversial but honestly I do not care. I am not gay, or lesbian but I feel the need and want to be apart of the fight.   141 more words

Straight Ahead

For this collection of photos I wanted to take a juxtaposed approach to my previous post. In the lat series I took the challenge to avoid capturing the facial expressions of my subjects. 182 more words


Multicultural and white Privilege

Straight white (Cis?) males are, arguably, the most blamed and downtrodden people in the world. We are loosing our countries, our identities, our civilization and everything we have achieved through Marxist-Feminism , political correctness (to Marxist political ideology), Globalism, Multiculturalism and Islamization (Issues, that would take hours and many thousands of words to explain in detail). 35 more words


I was writing my about me page and I realized that there was something that I have never really brought up in my blog and didn’t feel like it was something that needed to be on the About Me page.   390 more words