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Blowing in the Wind

Conditions were just right (on August 11) for this spiderweb to show from a distance.

I moved closer to better show its intricate details.

The web’s movement turned the “spokes” into narrow ribbons.


Beauty in Everything

We are surrounded by beauty.  Often times, we look at everything at the most superficial level.  We see a pretty face, a pretty dress, a beautiful landscape, a stunning sunset.  179 more words



So many thoughts, they pull me this way,
That way, every which way:
That customer, I should have said…
How do I make some friends? 340 more words

Pearls of Grace

Strands filled with pearls of grace
received one by one
my necklace grows full
with God’s generosity


Let the hair fall . . .

I love my hair.

Long. Short. Straight. Curly. In whatever form.

You see, I consider myself as one who doesn’t have the luxury of putting on anything fancy. 798 more words


An Inch of Progress

My desk project aka my Strands of Drunken Watermelon socks have grown slightly.

My progress keeper really does help me with observe the slightly more than glacial progress on these socks. 41 more words


Evening Light

The four following pictures were taken a little before sunset.

The sun reflected off the “ribbons” of the spider’s silk.

It also enhanced the colors, 49 more words