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Poem: Love of my Life

By: Katie Lewington

you are the eighth, seventh
sixth and fifth
forth, third
second and first
wonder of the world
the deep colour of your eyes… 31 more words


Book #10: Strands - Jean Sprackland

Strands describes a year’s worth of walking on the ultimate beach: inter-tidal and constantly turning up revelations: mermaid’s purses, lugworms, sea potatoes, messages in bottles, buried cars, beached whales and a perfect cup from a Cunard liner. 220 more words

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How to make a wig

How to make a wig

When making a wig you will need  foundation, tape cloth, hair for the wig, a wig block, and ventilating needle… 380 more words


Trippy Fan Game Transforms Donkey Kong Country Into Vaporwave

(Source: kotaku.com)

This jenky ode to a dead music genre lets you collect bananas while trampling through a glitched-out Jungle Hijinxs as a slowed-down, reverb-infested remix of the… 985 more words


(g) yesterday’s air show (5.5)

yesterday’s air show

bank swallow ballet
at the pond – invisible
strands weave Cat’s Cradle


Cat’s Cradle game

My other main blogs that my icon may or may not go to when I leave a comment: 9 more words


TUNES // Ben's Incessantly Streamed Tracks: #19 Steve Hauschildt - Strands

Photo and words by Ben Montemayor

With a sigh of relief and a curt nod, twilight relinquishes its governance to night. Looking to the left now, light flickers aimlessly on a white wall. 201 more words