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Summertime Hair color Advice

When summertime rolls around it is easy to get caught up in the toasty warmth of the sun and forget to adequately protect your hair. Here’s how you can take care of your hair even on the sunniest of the spring and summer days! 337 more words

Haircare Advice

Best Reissue: Michael Head Introducing The Strands – The Magical World of The Strands

Every decade has its overlooked classic and The Magical World of The Strands is definitely a 1990s contender. Largely accoustic and very mid-60s San Francisco in sound it somehow manages to take the Haight Ashbury ethos and drop it smack bang in the middle of drug/gang ravaged mid-90s Liverpool without losing its sunny disposition. 601 more words

Dance Umbrella Festival

Dance Umbrella is London’s international dance festival,    celebrating 21st century choreography across the capital. Founded in  1978, Dance Umbrella is internationally recognised for its annual  festival which… 259 more words


We Are All Stardust

A second tattoo by my amazing friend.

We Are All Stardust




Pulled apart,
Stretched beyond their limits,
Past barriers and boundaries,
Binding together,
The bits and pieces
Of you and I;
Intertwined, entangled,
Akin to an eternal knot, 96 more words


Strands of Moonlight

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my Horror Made original poems:

Strands of Moonlight

Hanging in the corner of the dusty window… 107 more words



I am tethered to the earth by knots that bind me. They make sure I can’t go far.
I know these ropes. I know the strands by name. 144 more words

Tyler Strittmatter