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Leviticus 10 - Aaron's Sons Sin 

Two of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu (Exodus 6:22), took their censers, and put fire in them, and put incense on them, and offered strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded them not to do. 583 more words


'The Gospel According to Paul' According to John MacArthur (book review)

John MacArthur continues to astound me. Maintaining an audience from those in many denominations, having the gift of writing clearly, and possessing an unyielding determination to convey the truth of Scripture, a book on Paul (from him) sounds like something we may need. 727 more words


Masterclass in Pseudotheology #1 - Dwayne Lemon

This is a long blog post. As such, some pointers as to where this is going:

  1. This blog post has been written by someone with a ferocious commitment to biblical-theological truth first and music second (and by music, we mean both the ‘academic’ side as well as performance practice in multiple genres).
  2. 5,384 more words

The ignorance of the joy thieves

Being blessed with the inexpressible joy, privilege and pleasure of being able to pray and sing in the spirit is one of the great benefits of being filled with the Spirit as disciples of Jesus. 1,081 more words


Strange Fire

Strange Fire
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Verse 1 Chords // ( Em D/F# G )
Strange fire we have offered up to Him… 175 more words

Strange fire: Man claims his cat can now 'laugh in the spirit'!

TEXXAS: A man left his television on and drifted off to sleep while watching a religious broadcast however when he woke up he realized strange happenings in his living room. 66 more words


Chookwatcher's betrayal of classical Pentecostals

Chookwatcher’s persistent dalliance with Calvinist cessationists has greatly diminished any theological credibility he may have had when he was connected with the Pentecostal church.

As a contemporary internet commentator, … 1,168 more words