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10 Strange Delicacies from Around the World

As the old adage states, “Different strokes for different folks”.  All of us have different tastes when it comes to our culinary preferences.  Some are more different than others.  871 more words

Want To See A Few Celebrities Weird Eating Habits?

We all like strange combinations of certain foods, but we don’t always want the world to know about them.  Well, the world found out about a few and we want to make sure you knew about them! 81 more words


Kit Kat Sushi

In a bizarre twist of fate, Kit Kat, the American candy, has evolved into a whole brand of flavors and products in Japan. Flavors run the gamut… 42 more words

Things I Never Thought I Would Eat: China Edition

To celebrate the 50th (yes, it’s been that many) post of expedition expat I bring you a special topic near and dear to our hearts: food. 1,423 more words

10 strange foods to eat around the world (weird food is good food)

If the thought of eating the likes of black pudding or snails makes you queazy, you had better scroll through this list of strange food quickly! 424 more words


Blue Cheese Stuffed Green Olives

“The best part about it,” I told my Mom as we walked toward checkout, “is that even if they are awful, I’ll have a story for my blog.”  98 more words

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