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The Power of Popsicles


When I first arrived here, the seasoned people who had been here for 7 months or so immediately took myself and my three flight companions under their wing. 500 more words

Chinese Food

Chinese Barbeque

This week has gone fantastically well; a staff field trip was planned for today, my students relatively understood what I’m trying to teach them, I still haven’t gotten sick, the week went by quite quick, and two of my awesome, close friends got ENGAGED! 1,493 more words


End of the Sixth

As the end of the 6th week ends and a new one begins, I find myself marveling at how fast the time has gone. The days go by slowly, and yet it has already been six weeks and I barely feel like I’ve left home. 1,250 more words


"Sandwich rice ball"? We give convenience store chain's new concoction a taste

Rice balls, called onigiri or omusubi in Japanese, are a quintessential staple of Japanese lunches for people of any age. Convenience store shelves are always stocked full of… 457 more words


Every Last Mouthful

What is one of your most remarkable memories? Those ones which you hold on to and remember every sense of.

The one I’m about to share with you is what started off the whole concept behind this blog. 246 more words


I Can Feed Myself!!

March 5th, 3/5/15 5pm China/3am USA

Before I even landed in China, from time to time a thought kept nagging at me, almost like a conversation with myself (it’s not weird, I know you all do it).   754 more words