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I Sleep-Off Syphilis. I Walk-Off Amputation

You’ve got to feel pity for crabs.

Naturally I’m referring to the wee-itty-bitty pubic habitants.

They’re on the way out – fucked to a degree even they’ve never seen before. 703 more words


5 weird foods to try in Morocco

Morocco, a country located in North Africa and considered to be the bridge between Europe and Africa, has some of the best cuisines in the world. 286 more words


Video: Eating Strange Food in Cambodia.

We are going to try some of the more strange (to a western palate) foods available here, so here we go with fried chicken’s feet. 15 more words


Authors Answer 86 - Authors Eat Weird Food

Everyone has their favourite foods. But sometimes, there are some unusual foods that we like, but most people would never touch. Authors are no different, of course. 764 more words


Stop! You've got poop in your food!

There is one undeniable fact about me that most people who know me would definitely agree with. I am one big, overgrown kid!

I am 42, with a massive appetite and a round belly that keeps pace with my eating, a rounder head which I shave everyday and the mental IQ of a second grade kid. 734 more words


It started out as an elaborate joke.

In 2010, my friend Christy and I, both editors in different cities for the same nationwide parenting website, had been on the phone discussing search engine optimization and the search queries people use to find information on the Internet. 601 more words

Eating fish eyes...an amusing tale of foolish pride

Story time!

Good afternoon, fellow acquaintances. Today is the day I share my tale of eating fish eyes. Deep fried, crackling fish eyes.

Now, fish eyes are not the first thing that come to mind when considering a snack. 954 more words