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Comic Creators: Ryan Armand

 “With this comic I am pretending I am making a comic strip for a newspaper in the early 20th century.”

-Ryan Armand

It’s only recently that I’ve started reading webcomics.

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Strange Girls: Serika

This post contains spoilers and blood.

Choku! is the most ridiculous manga I have ever read. It’s not the strangest in terms of content, but it is in terms of context. 764 more words

Strange Girls

Short Story Review: On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning

Out of all of Murakami’s short stories, this one is my favourite. (Out of his novels, my favourite is Kafka on the Shore.) It’s been years since I’ve read it, and there’s many parts that I’ve forgotten, but its residue is there. 268 more words

13 songs about Alice

These are all songs about Alice. Or rather, these are all songs that could be about Alice. Whether or not the Alices they refer to are her or others of the same name is sometimes hard to tell. 371 more words

Drink Me

After falling down the rabbit-hole, Alice finds herself in a strange hallway. It’s one of my favourite scenes from the book. The atmosphere is perfectly dreamlike. 483 more words

Black-and-White Reviews: Itoshi No Kana

I’m usually not a big fan of, um…bedroom scenes. Even otherwise expert writers are inept at them. It’s like they suddenly lose all of their self-restraint, and for a chapter or two allow themselves to be as sleazy, explicit and exploitative as they want. 726 more words

Strange Girls

Strange Girls: Alice Mizuki

Please be warned: this post contains spoilers for those who have not yet seen Serial Experiments Lain.

I’ve noticed that many of the things I’m interested in end up intersecting in ways I never expected. 646 more words