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Special Event: Month-Long Halloween Extravaganza!

Hey there!  How are you doing?  It’s been a while, huh?  Well, the long silence is now officially broken!

Have you noticed my new theme?  It’s kinda creepy-cute, right?  143 more words

Relationship Crossroad

I’m at a sad juncture in my life right now. Because my illness has been unmanaged for some time, I may lose the most important relationship in my life. 103 more words

My Blog is Getting Ready for Halloween

So I changed my blog’s theme for Halloween. In case you are wondering what it’s called (especially if you are reading this after I change it again, which I will do after the holiday, although knowing what my schedule is supposed to be, probably won’t happen until the middle of November), it’s a WordPress theme and is called “Strange Little Town.” I really like this theme — the pink color and the sparkly stars — but the spooky houses and ghosts at the bottom make this more suitable for Halloween than other times of the year, at least for my kind of blog. 23 more words


WordPress Themes

Many of the wordpress themes are amazing! Some have very unique and vibrant colors that attract so much attention!

The “Strange Little Town” theme is a wonderful pink colored theme for the blog. 139 more words